Character EX Ability Weapon Hit Spread Image
DFFOO Lightning Portrait.png
Army of One
Scene Drive
Overture (XIII)
DFFOO Overture (XIII).png
  • 1-hit BRV+HP attack.
  • 2-hit BRV+HP attack.
  • 2-hit BRV+HP attack.
DFFOO Army of One.png
  • Raises BRV potency if the target is broken.
  • Restores own HP based on total HP damage dealt for up to 10% Max HP.
  • If the healing amount exceeds Max HP, the excess is converted to BRV.
  • Doesn't consume ability use on the next turn.
  • If the Ravager stance is active, Army of One turns to Army of One+.
  • Delays the target by 1 turn.
    • Delay increases to 2 turns if Army of One+ is active.
  • Grants Knight of Etro for 3 turns.
    • Knight of Etro grants Thunder Enchant and raises Max BRV and Attack.
    • If Lightning breaks an enemy while Knight of Etro is active, nullifies action delay and grants a free turn that does not count towards the total turn count (except during Summon Phase/Friend Support).
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