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My first Final Fantasy game was about 2006 and its title was Final Fantasy X-2. After some time, 2008 if I recall correctly, there were two other games, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII. Then in the end of March 2010 I acquired Final Fantasy XIII.

Between October 18th, 2014, and April 3rd, 2017, I was a Moderator here on FFWiki. Since April 4th, 2017, I became an Admin.

I am also writing a Once Upon a Time and Final Fantasy XIII trilogy crossover fiction under the name Once Upon a Time Beyond the Void.

For Coolawits:
Vayne (Dissidia) | Vanille (Dissidia)


Notable Work

  1. Updated Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 character articles with Story information
  2. Improved Sphere Break Tournament article
  3. Overall maintenance over Lightning Saga articles (despite some dislike for XIII-2 and LR)
  4. Improved various Final Fantasy Dimensions articles (despite not having it)
  5. Updated Project:A history regarding missing information regarding 2012 and 2013 (22:10, August 17, 2013 (UTC))
  6. Cleaned up the (now deleted) Music Media category
  7. Contributed the PS2/PS3 (FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, FFXIII, and FFXIII-2) information for the Wikia's Guided Tour of Final Fantasy
  8. Somewhat consistent updating of Final Fantasy Record Keeper information regarding characters, much less dedicated to other articles for the game


  • I have created lucky 13,000th article, List of Final Fantasy Dimensions Enemies, on August 31st, 2012. Mr. Anon noticed that and Catuse167 informed me about this particular fact.
  • On userspace and talk pages I contribute in British English (Yet, some American English is unaVOIDable for me to use, though...), while on mainspace I contribute in American English. This is due to avoid edit-warring in the mainspace due to different English spelling between Great Britain and the United States.
  • My first ever Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy X-2 which I completed in about 122 hours. I was a complete newbie to jRPGs back then.
  • My first favourite Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy IX due of how complex the story is, and how great emphasis was put on Garnet showing how from a tender, young girl she matured into strong, collected woman, yet that wouldn't be possible without horrible events she had to suffer. My secound favourite Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy XIII due to its different approach to story and characters, as well as having superb playable females with Vanille on the top. My third favourite Final Fantasy is yet to be decided, but I think I can safely assume that Final Fantasy X would have this honour for now.
  • I'm currently struck between having nine favourite characters, but the current list is as follows:
    1. Mog from XIII-2.
    2. Vanille.
    3. Garnet.
    4. Tifa.
    5. Lulu.
    6. Yeul.
    7. Jihl.
    8. Serah.
    9. Rinoa.
  • I find it hard to switch from XIII-2 to XIII, than from X-2 to X.
  • Until XIII-2 came out, Rosso the Crimson was my favourite villain due to that she actually knew why she wanted to destroy the Planet as opposed to most villains. Caius Ballad changed that by the fact the he wanted to destroy the timeline to save Yeul from her never-ending deaths. Actually, it was Shuyin who had an actual motive, my bad.
  • If you're lucky, you can find me on IRC under one of these monikers: Noel_Kreiss, Chocolina, Mogitek (this one's the most common).
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton from Assassin's Creed III is the best character EVER. If you disagree, I'll come to your house at night and arrange a date with my hidden blade.
  • I found an excellent fandub of Final Fantasy Type-0 available here. However, it's only the opening. (Queen's voice actress reminds me of Jihl Nabaat.)
  • I also have a deviantArt account.

Found this the other day:

Lightning's fake Kingdom Hearts render


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