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  • I live in North Carolina
  • My occupation is Linguist
  • I am female

KahliNevani is a long-time lurker who recently decided to express her gratitude to the Final Fantasy Wiki community by plaguing it with her presence. She has an enduring fondness for FF games, copy editing, and chocolate chip cookies.

Personal InformationEdit

Hello! I'm a university student majoring in linguistics and Japanese, which was my way of turning a love of translating into a proper university degree. When I'm not writing term papers or procrastinating with video games, I'm slowly working my way through the FFXII Scenario Ultimania, translating as I go. Outside the world of Square-Enix (yes, I go there sometimes) I enjoy baking, reading, programming, and all things Hello Kitty.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you around!


Because they're so darned cute.


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