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I am your King!

A.K.A Andy
Job Class Black Mage
Age 23
D.O.B February 24th, 1993
Hometown N/A
Height 5'9"
IQ I dont know
Weapons First Tsurugi, Masamune, Excalibur
Spells Fire, Fira, Firaga, Cure, Cura, Curaga
Summons Ramuh, Ifrit, Shiva

Welcome to my userpage. I am KHJEDIMASTER(actually, my real name is Andy). I joined Wikia a few months ago so im fairly new here. I am also a member of Bulbapedia, where I am known as Pokeman21. I also have a youtube account, which has the same username as my wikia account. I also have a deviantart account, also the same username as my wikia account. I am known as magma knight on neoseeker. I post alot on the forums at neoseeker. That is a little about my internet life. Please treat me well.

History with Final Fantasy seriesEdit

Although I have known about Final Fantasy for well over a decade, I didn't get into the series until late 2008.

I started playing the Kingdom Hearts series when I was 9, which gave me knowledge of the series, as there were around 10 from Final Fantasy in the game. I loved the Kingdom Hearts games. The original and II were awesome, however Chain of Memories sucked.

I didn't play Final Fantasy for 5 years. However, after hearing how good Final Fantasy VI was, I decided to download a ROM for my SNES emulator. I played the game, and I love it. I still have not beaten it though, as I have school. I also more recently downloaded the fan translation of V, and that game is also pretty good. I got Final Fantasy IX, Tactics: WotL, and III DS in the mail after ordering them online. I enjoy IX and Tactics, but I feel III is a little overchallenging.

Stuff I do other than Final FantasyEdit

Final Fantasy is not my Favorite game series. There are many series that I enjoy more than Final Fantasy. I continually switch focus on other game series every now and then.

I am a fan of the Megaman Franchise. My favorite megaman series would have to be Mega Man X. I have Megaman X collection on the Gamecube, which includes the first 6 Mega Man X games, as well as a racing game from the classic series. I also have the original Mega Man on the Virtual Console.

Im also a fan of the Zelda series. I currently own Minish Cap, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Twilight Princess, the NES titles, and A Link to the Past. The games are very challenging, and the only one I have beaten is Minish Cap.

My favorite series ever is the Super Mario Series. My favorite game in the classic Mario games would have to be the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3. This is because I like how the SNES made SMB3 more colorful, and the amazing power-ups. I have played the GBA version of SMB3, but the voice acting in that version gets annoying. My favorite newer Mario game would have to be Super Mario Galaxy. I just love the graphics of the game and the amazing gameplay. Also, I like the number of power-ups there are in the game, new ones like Bee Mushroom, Rainbow Star, and Ice Flower. I also like the return of the Fire flower.

My favorite of the Mario spinoffs would be the Mario Party series, and the Mario Kart series. My favorite of the Party series would be Mario Party 2. In the Kart series, Mario Kart Wii. My Favorite Maro character would have to be Luigi, followed by Donkey Kong.

I also play the Sonic games. My favorite would have to be either the original or Sonic Advance. My favorite 3D Sonic games are the Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Heroes. My Favorite character in the Sonic series would have to be Knuckles, second favorite being Shadow.

Other than video gamesEdit

Besides video games, I play basketball. I also am in choir at school, and I also like to draw. I also make sprites. Unfortunately, due to DA rules, all of my sprites were removed.


Note: I have not played all Final Fantasy games. These rankings are based on what games I have played and rankings are likely to change once more games are played.

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Battle System VI V IX III
Main Character Zidane Cecil Terra Luneth
Supporting Character Edgar Celes Kain Arc
Male Character Edgar Kain Bartz Arc
Female Character Celes Rosa Aerith Refia
Villain Kefka Kuja Golbez Zorn and Thorn
III character Luneth Desch Ingus Arc
IV character Kain Rosa Yang Edward
V character Galuf Faris Bartz Lenna
VI character Edgar Celes Sabin Strago
VII character Barret Aerith Tifa Cait Sith
IX character Vivi Steiner Zidane Zorn and Thorn
X character Auron Lulu Jecht Rikku
Tactics character Delita Ramza Gaffgarion Dycedarg
Summon Bahamut Odin Ramuh Leviathan
Battle Theme VII X VI none



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