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It's summer and I'm back on the wiki! I missed you all! I missed everything! the FFVI enemy pages, the fan-arts, the blackjack-thingy, the DNC, the silly fanboy-anons and grammar,spelling, vandal fixing!


I would've said "Welcome To my Page/Userpage" but since this is not a book/Userbook and calling it like that wouldn't make sense.Sorry.So I'll just call this ...err... place my UserKingdom. Anyways, before you read anything else (Yes I mean You)let's laugh.Kefka - Laugh.gif Kefka - Laugh.gif Kefka - Laugh.gif Now, I'm just new to this wiki (About 1 year ago) and this is the first wiki I joined. I'm a fan (not a fanboy) of Final Fantasy for a long long time.My first FF was VI (it was called III that time) and I enjoyed it so I looked for other Final Fantasy games and so i found IV, V(which I found out was japanese therefore didn't get to finish... yet.) and after a time VII and VIII and so on.
Then those Advance things came out I was so happy I could now play the English V as well as FF I&II.
Then I found this site Which Is Soooo KeWL!!!11!!!
Then I joined this site.
Then I did some edits.
Then I'm Hungry.
Then I/you think I'm weird/crazy/stupid.
Then I'll shut my mouth ....(for now.)

Kefka CGI artwork.jpg
Name Ask him Shadow (Final Fantasy VI) small.png
A.K.A JudgeMasterKefka
Job Class Mime Gogo (Final Fantasy VI) small.png
Hometown Earth
Date of Birth December 15, 19__
Age ??
Height No
IQ Yes
Weapon Ultima Weapon
Spells Ultima, Death, Meteor, Holy, Doom
Summons Click here.
Limit breaks My power has no limits

About Me[]

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FFT-enemy-Porky.gif This user doesn't have Swine Flu therefore he's not GOING TO DIE.
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This user is KO'ed due to the endless spamming of Homework, and Quiz Spell of the Boss enemy Teacher.
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This user is like the POPE of the Cult of Kefka
This user is has no idea why he keeps calling him user.
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AmanoSabin.jpg This User don't like have a world problem in his shoulder.
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Final Fantasy[]

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This user has completed Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
D This user has completed Dissidia Final Fantasy.... IN TEN DAYS!
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Likes FF way too much.PNG This user most definitely likes
Final Fantasy WAY too much

Other Games[]

Stupid Things[]

This is where I put some things I just want to (got a problem with that). Template loop detected: Template:Video
He's the real life Kefka why do you think I wouldn't put him here.
Template loop detected: Template:Video
Who wouldn't want that costume?
Since there is no userbox that tells about what game your playing I'll write it here:


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These are made out of pure boredom.....