Blue Dragoon.jpg
Name Blue Dragoon
A.K.A Jis
Job Class Blue Dragoon
Hometown Dragoonipolis
Date of Birth ?
Age 13
Height 4.1
IQ 320
Weapon Crystal Sword (custom)
Spells All (i'm out of MP)
Summons None
Limit breaks ...Oh ********
Race Blue Dragoonner

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Cactuar.gif This user spends WAY too much time here and really needs to get off the computer...after one more edit.
Userbox ff7-cloud.png This user is a WikiMercenary.
Userb male.gif This user is a male.
Userb windcrystal.gif This user is of the Wind element.
Userb watercrystal.gif This user is of the Water element.
Userb earthcrystal.gif This user is of the Earth element.
Userb firecrystal.gif This user is of the Fire element.
CC This user has completed Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
ALL This user has completed ALL the games in the main FF series.

? This user doesn't care what console a game is for as long as it's fun.
Userbox Clavat.png This user is a Clavat.

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  • Morons
  • Idiots
  • Supid People
  • Pokemon
  • Nintendo
  • Freelancers

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