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Hey guys! I'm known as Jeppo. This is neither my real name nor a name given to any character from any of the Final Fantasy games. If there is someone in FF called Jeppo then this is merely a coincidence and I certainly don't know about it. If this is the case then please tell me about it.

My Role on the Wiki

I focus mainly on the gameplay aspects of the wiki, particularly enemy and ability articles. I do a lot of work in designing and creating templates and I also "MoS" articles, which basically means fixing up articles so that they conform to the Manual of Style. In general, I usually give storyline articles a wide berth. I know my limits so I stick to what I am good at.

I am a Recent Changes Patroller, so I look at many of the new edits people make on the wiki each day and I occasionally welcome new members to the wiki and give them guidance on how to begin as a wiki editor.

I suppose I should also mention this while I am here. I am a moderator. This gives me the power to revert edits with a single click and... well, that's pretty much it. I can't delete articles nor can I block naughty members from editing. But at least I get to have a cute little dancing Cactuar on the top-right of my userpage. That makes putting in the long, hard hours on editing this wiki so much worth it!

Final Fantasies I own/played

Final Fantasy (from Origins (don't own but borrowed)) - Status: PWN'D! (Killed Chaos, creamed Warmech (he wasn't even tough!) and I was only level 33 when fighting both, I dare you to beat that.)

Final Fantasy II (again from Origins (don't own but borrowed)) - Status: Finished. (Killed the Emperor. Again. I can add him to the list of final bosses that I have beaten first time!)

Final Fantasy IV (from Anthology, and this copy is actually mine, and also from The Complete Collection) - Status: Completed. (Beaten Zeromus, but haven't touched the bonus dungeons)

Final Fantasy V (again from Anthology) - Status: Unfinished. (The only thing I've done with this so far is to boot up the disc to see if it works! Will play once I've beaten FFIV)

Final Fantasy VI (the PS version) - Status: Unfinished. (This arrived before Anthology (typical) so I've played a bit of it before I stated playing FFIV. I'm up to the Veldt)

Final Fantasy VII - Status: Finished (Killed Safer Sephiroth but haven't tried tackling the WEAPONs (except Ultimate))

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- - Status: PWN'D! (killed Genesis, creamed Minerva, that game is far too easy)

Final Fantasy VIII - Status: Finished (Killed Ultimecia and Ultima Weapon but haven't tried tackling Omega Weapon because I'm just bored stiff with the game)

Final Fantasy IX - Status: Unfinished, bizarrely. I've got up to the crystal and everything but I haven't took on the final bosses or anything. Maybe I should go back and finish it someday.

Final Fantasy X - Status: Finished, verging on pwning. (Killed Yu Yevon, Creamed Nemesis, but I'm stuck on the Dark Aeons. I've killed all up to Dark Shiva, but struggling against Dark Bahamut. Given up for the time being and starting over as I'm doing my walkthrough)

Final Fantasy X-2 - Status: PWN'D! (killed Shuyin, the crybaby and Trema, got 100%, very disappointed with the perfect ending. Come on, Square! You can do better than that!)

Final Fantasy XII - Status: Finished, verging on pwning. (Just Omega Type XII to go, killed Undying and creamed Yiazmat)

Final Fantasy XIII - Status: Finished. (Killed Orphan, but most likely won't do all the missions. Why won't the game let me back on the earlier areas of Cocoon? WHY!?)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Status: PWN'D! (Beaten the Bahamuts, worst ending ever, All 160 Fragments found and all trophies found.)

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions - Status: PWN'D! (Killed Ultima, creamed Elidibus. It was all right, I suppose but I don't think it was the Best FF ever like many others had said)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (don't own, but borrowed) - Status: Unfinished. (Had to give my friend his GBA back before I had finished it. Just unlocked Bervenia.)

Dissidia Final Fantasy - Status: Finished (Creamed Chaos with everyone and beaten all storylines except the last one)

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy - Status: Finished (Creamed Chaos with everyone and beaten all storylines except the last one. Where have you heard that before...?)

Final Fantasies I've Watched

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - Watched it on the telly. What a load of rubbish.

I don't just play FF, you know!

Game series that I also enjoy playing are:

  • Gran Turismo
  • WipEout
  • Anything that Naughty Dog produces

Pros/Cons of Latest FF Game

Final Fantasy XIII-2

+ Battle system vastly improved from the original
+ Great idea using monsters as allies
+ Excellent musical score
- Very few locations to explore
- Story far too confusing
- Unoriginal sidequests, limited to "find this" and "kill that"

Did you know...

...that I am a Formula One fan?

I even had my own Fantasy F1 website, but I'm not doing that this year. Instead I'm creating a stats based website (I like stats). I might let you know when it is ready. Until then, I should tell you my favourite team is McLaren and my favourite driver is Jenson Button.

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