Userb male This user is a male.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
AB Drec ican ec y vmiahd cbaygan uv Al Bhed.
User aries This user is an Aries.
StraightsymbolThis user identifies as heterosexual.
User atheist
This user identifies as atheist.

I This user is a fan of the original Final Fantasy.
II This user is a fan of Final Fantasy II.
III This user is a fan of Final Fantasy III.
IV This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV.
TAY This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.
VThis user has completed Final Fantasy V.
VIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
VIIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
CC This user is a fan of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
VIIIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VIII.
IX This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IX.
X This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X.
X-2 This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X-2.
XII This user is a fan of Final Fantasy XII.
RW This user is a fan of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.
XIII This user is a fan of Final Fantasy XIII.
D This user is a fan of Dissidia Final Fantasy.
012 This user is a fan of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.
th_Khcom-sora.gif This user plays Kingdom Hearts.
This user has completed [[|]].
th_Rocket-Slime.jpg This user plays the Dragon Quest series.
th_GuitarHeroLogo.jpg This user plays the Guitar Hero series of games as well.
th_Spr_1y_025.png This user is the world's greatest Pokémon Master.

Consoles and Browsers
Userbox ps3 This user owns a PS3.

Userbox psp This user owns a PSP.

Userbox 360 This user owns a 360.
Userbox wii This user owns a Wii.

Userbox DS This user owns a DS.

th_User_browser_IE7.png This user thinks that all users who prefer Internet Explorer deserve what they get.
th_User_browser_chrome.gif This user prefers Google Chrome.

Penancebox This user has defeated Penance.
TremaBox This user has defeated Trema.
Userbox-FeralChaos This user has defeated Feral Chaos.

Userbox-Bahamut This user is the King of all dragons!
Userbox-Ifrit This user will turn the universe into ash!
Userbox-Shiva This user is the empress of ice!
Userbox-Odin You will meet your end by this user's Zantetsuken!
Userbox-Cactuar Irritate this user and suffer 1000 Needles of pain!
Userbox-Griever This user is a legendary beast.
Userbox-Zodiark The gods fear this user's strength.

Bloodsword (FFA) This user can feel it in his/her blood!
Ultima Weapon The higher this user's HP, the more powerful his/her weapon!
Userbox ff6chocobo This user prefers saying Kweh.
Userbox blkchocobo Say it high, say it loud, this user is black and s/he is proud!
Userbox fatchoco This user is not fat. S/He is just big-boned!!
Likes FF way too much This user most definitely likes
Final Fantasy WAY too much
FFVAGilgameshmenu This user has battled on the big bridge.
Kefka Palazzo menu This user is dancing mad.
Sephiroth icon This user is a one-winged angel.
Squallmenu Maybe this user is a lion.
Userbox ffX-jecht This user has been to the Otherworld.
FFX-2YunaLenne This user has 1000 Words that have never been spoken.
Ffxiii This user has been
Blinded by Light.
Dissidia Cosmos This user is standing at the gate.
Ready to let go, ready for the crush.
Dissidia Chaos
Userbox-FeralChaos This user is a god in fire, and shall rain down ultimate destruction.

Final Fantasy I
RedMage-ff1-psp This user is a Red Mage, and prefers versatility to specialism.
FFI PSP Garland Map This user shall knock you all down!
Bikke You must have cannonballs of steel to challenge this user!
Matoya This user is blind as a bat.
Lich-map This user will not be disturbed by mortal men!
Marilith-map All who oppose this user shall burn in hellfire!
Kraken-map Ho ho ho, how foolhardy you are to challenge this user!
Tiamat-map May the image of this user be the last thing to burn in your eyes!
Chaos-map This user will be reborn once more. Even as you die, again and again, this user shall return!

Final Fantasy II
Firion-PSPSprite This user was adopted.
Maria-PSP This user's parents were lost to the Empire!
Guy-PSP This user can talk to beavers.
Leon-PSP This user has delusions of grandeur.
Minwu-PSP This user knows that those who live must some day die.
Ricard-PSP This user's hopes live on in those who remain!
Gordon-PSP Go ahead and laugh! This user is a coward.
Emperor-PSPPortrait The hand of man, which deals in false justice and forsaken love, can never hope to defeat this user!

Final Fantasy III
Luneth This user is a 2nd generation light warrior. S/He is brave, yet also kind of clueless.
Arc This user is a 2nd generation light warrior. S/He is intelligent, but also kind of shy.
User refia This user is a 2nd generation light warrior. S/He is cheerful, but runs away from home often.
User Ingus This user is a 2nd generation light warrior. S/He is strong, and loyal to his/her king.
Onion Knight ATB Ow... Why this user?

Final Fantasy IV
FF4PSP-CecilPSprite This user is One to be Born.
FF4PSP-KainSprite You'll see soon enough that this user is superior.
FF4PSP-RydiaSprite This user has you whipped.
FF4PSP-TellahSprite This user thinks you are a Spoony Bard.
FF4PSP-EdwardSprite This user is a Spoony Bard.
FF4PSP-RosaSprite The Cecil this user knew would never cry like this.
FF4PSP-YangSprite This user has a bad habit of sneezing.
FF4PSP-PalomSprite This user is the Mysidian Genius.
FF4PSP-PoromSprite Don't be rude around this user or s/he'll go POW!
FF4PSP-CidSprite This user is gonna kill the lot of ya if you don't come back safe!
FF4PSP-FusoyaSprite This user wants to do the Meteo.
FF4PSP-GolbezSprite This user did not come to treat with worms!

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
TAYPSP-CeodoreSprite This user is a member of the Red Wings of Baron. S/he doesn't need an airship to lay claim to that.
TAYPSP-HoodedKainSprite This user doesn't have a name. Yes... s/he abandoned it long ago.
TAYPSP-CidSprite This user hasn't slowed down that much, you know!
TAYPSP-PoromSprite And here this user is, stuck in Mysidia all by his/herself...
TAYPSP-LeonoraSprite This user won't let his/her ego get the best of him/her!
TAYPSP-LucaSprite This user was never a fan of dwarven fashion, really.
TAYPSP-EdgeSprite This user's gotten far more out-of-shape than s/he cares to admit.
TAYPSP-IzayoiSprite This user places his/her status as an Eblan ninja above his/her gender.
TAYPSP-GekkouSprite This user will preserve his/her own honor!
TAYPSP-TsukinowaSprite This user's got a toad in his/her pocket. And some Gysahl Greens that s/he stole as well.
TAYPSP-ZangetsuSprite This user may be old, but s/he is well experienced.
TAYPSP-EdwardSprite What? What do you mean? This user's as alive as s/he's ever been.
TAYPSP-HarleySprite This user believes there are times when the head of a kingdom must act with a firm, calculated hand.
TAYPSP-UrsulaSprite This user may be princess of this kingdom, but even more than that, s/he is a proud citizen of Fabul!
Golbez-PSP-BattleSprite To be honest, this user isn't sure s/he wants to know the answer.

Final Fantasy V
FFV Bartz Freelancer Sprite iOS This user is... kind of afraid of heights.
FFV Lenna Freelancer Sprite iOS It's safe. See, watch this user eat it.
FFV Galuf Freelancer Sprite iOS Oh, this user's head! S/he can't seem to remember anything!
FFV Krile Freelancer Sprite iOS Tears don't suit this user.
Exdeath-ffv-ios-portrait Simple-minded fools such as yourselves could never hope to understand this user's motives.
FFV iOS Gilgamesh Field Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! As for this user... It's Morphing Time!
NeoExdeath-Userbox All shall be turned to nothing, then this user can disappear, for eternity!!!
Xezat-ffv-ios-portrait This user is always trying to play the hero, even to the end...!

Final Fantasy VI

{{user Eterra}

FFVI Locke Cole Sprite iOS This user is a Thief, but prefers the term Treasure Hunter.
FFVI Sabin Sprite iOS This user believes that you can't wage war on an empty stomach.
FFVI Cyan Garamonde Sprite iOS This user hates machines.
FFVI Gau Sprite iOS This user likes shiny things.
FFVI Celes Chere Sprite iOS This user is a soldier, not some love-starved twit.
FFVI Setzer Gabbiani Sprite iOS Ante up! This user's life is a chip in the pile.
FF6 Mog Sprite iOS This user is a SLAM-dancing Moogle.
FF6 Strago Sprite iOS Hey, children, let me see the light in your eyes! This user here hasn't given up yet!
FF6 Relm Sprite iOS This user is a fuddy duddy.
FF6 Gogo Sprite iOS Is this user a woman? Or a man? Or should we ask?
Banon Will you do it? Will you become this user's last ray of hope?
User leo This user is a Leo.
FFVI iOS Gestahl This user is simply going to put you to sleep using the very power you've unleashed.
Kefkapoints Life...dreams...hope...these things, this user is going to DESTROY!
Magicite-ffvi-ios Remind this user to show you their Magicite collection someday!

Final Fantasy VII
Userbox ff7-cloud This user is not interested.
Userbox ff7-tifa Right now, this user feels they have to push themselves to the limit.
Userbox ff7-aerith2 This user wants to know how compatible Cloud and s/he are.
Userbox ff7-yuffie This user is totally clueless.
Userbox ff7-vincent This user's occupation is... forget it.
Sephiroth icon This user is an Heir to the Planet.
Rufus-shinra-userbox This user knows that a little fear will control the minds of the common people.
Userbox ff7-tseng This user is...still alive...
Userbox ff7-rude This user's mission's finished...
Userb FF7marlene This user misses Aerith.
Materia This user is a Materia hunter.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Userbox CCzack This user is SOLDIER 2nd Class!
CissneiUserbox This user believes wings symbolize freedom for those who have none.
Reno CC This user says this is Turks jurisdiction.
Userbox CC-cloud This user is a country boy.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Userbox ff7ac-cloud There's not a thing this user doesn't cherish!
TifaACPortrait Yeah, this user remembers you.
AerisACPortrait Why is everyone calling this user their Mother lately?
Userbox ff7ac-vincent Where can this user buy a phone?
Userbox ff7ac-yuffie Alright, who's been touching this user's materia?
ACCid Shut up, you want off then jump, get off this user's back!
ACBarret What up foo, this user is the man!
RenoACPortrait Looks like today this user is clockin' out early.
ACRudeBox This user wants to know what you need Jenova's head for.
RufusACPortrait All this user wants is to rebuild their world.
ACMarleneuserbox This user wants to talk to Tifa.
ACDenzeluserbox This user guesses s/he is the last straw.
Userbox ff7ac-loz This user has the "Final Fantasy Victory" Ringtone.
Userbox Yazoo All this user wants is to be with Mother.
Userbox ff7ac-kadaj This user's Reunion... bet you're dying to watch!
Usebox-Sephiroth This user will... never be a memory.

Final Fantasy VIII
Zellmenu D-do you have any hot dogs left for this user?
Irvinemenu What is this user's department? Guns and women of course.
Seifermenu This is the scene where you swear your undying hatred for this user!
Edeamenu This user would enslave you in the name of the Sorceress.
Lagunamenu This user is about a -3 on the manliness scale.
Wardmenu This user is a world-renowned janitor.
SeeD Logo 2 This user is an elite SeeD operative.

Final Fantasy IX
Zidane menu Get off of this user, you scumbag!
Vivi menu Does this user exist? Maybe s/he doesn't exist...
Garnet menu No matter what this user becomes, he/she will always be themselves.
Freya menu This user believes that to be forgotten is worse than death.
Quina menu World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat.
Beatrix menu This user once defeated 100 knights single-handedly. To him/her, you are an insect.
Blank menu If you don't think this user's a ladies' man, you're wrong.
UserboxKujaFFIX If this user dies, we all die!

Final Fantasy X
Userbox ffX-rikku You beat this user up, remember? That really hurt you know!
Luluface This user thinks you're a little lacking in the imagination department.
Kimahriface This user thinks only those who try will become.
Userbox ffX-jecht This user thinks you got tall, but you're all bones.
Userbox ffX-seymour This user robs the cradle.

Final Fantasy X-2
Userb-X-2 Yuna This user doesn't like your plan. It sucks.
Userbox X-2 Rikku Aw, this user wanted to be a Cactuar!
Nooj Face This user's opponents aren't as young as they used to be.
Shinra Face This user is just a kid.
Leblanc face It'll be a thousand years before you can beat this user.
Shuyin face Don't try to tell this user you understand.
Userb-X-2 Lenne This user couldn't say those 1000 words.

Final Fantasy XII
This user has completed [[|]].
BalthierUserbox This user plays the Leading Man, who else?
This user has completed [[|]].
JGabranth Icon Your lives end at this user's blade!
JBergan Icon This user knows too late and to their sorrow do those who misplace their trust in gods learn their fate.
JDrace Icon This user thinks you wear the mummer's motley well.
JGhis Icon Methods do not interest this user. Only results.
JZargabaath Icon This user thinks you would do well to mind your tongue. That matter is long past.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
Penelo ffxiirw This user isn't the greatest chef in the world, or even a halfway decent cook for that matter.
Kytes ffxiirw This user has a fear of earthquakes.
Llyud ffxiirw This user has an incomplete heart.
Balthier ffxiirw This user thinks it's time you opened your eyes to reality.
Basch ffxiirw You would bind yourself to illusions, to the fallen. This user will cut you free of those bonds!
Ba'Gamnan ffxiirw As for you! This user needs Balthier alive! His corpse fetches but half the bounty!

Final Fantasy XIII
SnowUserBox This user will Save Cocoon.
HopeUserbox There is hope for this user after all.
SazhUserBox This user believes in Lady BAD Luck.
GalenthUserbox L'Cie? You mean this user? This user is MORE than that!
Orphan Profile This user overreaches you.

Dissidia Final Fantasy
Userbox-DWarriorofL This user gives his/her all to this sword.
Userbox-DGarland This user will crush you!
Userbox-DFirion There is only one path this user must follow!
Userbox-DEmperor This user's reign is absolute!
Userbox-DOnionK This user will show you size doesn't matter!
Userbox-DCloudofD Hope, despair... they are what feeds this user...
Userbox-DCecil This user can turn darkness into hallowed light!
Userbox-DGolbez This user cares not for harmony nor discord.
Userbox-DKain This user will show you the strength of a real man!
Userbox-DBartz The winds of victory are blowing this user's way!
Userbox-DExdeath This user's potential is unlimited!
Userbox-DGilgamesh This user told you not to forget his/her name!
Userbox-DTerra This user will never lose sight of his/her dream!
Userbox-DKefka This user can't stop laughing!
Userbox-DCloud This user's reality is his/hers alone.
Userbox-DSephiroth This user wants you to stop pretending you're sad.
Userbox-DTifa This user will show you Zangan's secret technique!
Userbox-DSquall This user has gone talking to a wall.
Userbox-DLaguna This user has the greatest attack ever!
Userbox-DZidane Does this user need a reason to help someone?
Userbox-DTidus This user doesn't mean to sound selfish, but this is his/her story.
Userbox-DJecht There's no shame in losing to this user!
Userbox-DYuna This user will end the spiral of conflict!
Userbox-DShantotto This user thinks you're a total loser.
Userbox-DPrishe Damn, and this user was hopin' for someone interestin', too.
Userbox-DGabranth Hatred is what drives this user!
Userbox-Cosmos This user is the goddess of harmony.
Userbox-DChaos This user is the god of discord.

Vagrant Story

Kingdom Hearts
th_Userbox_kh-sora.jpg This user is the keyblade's chosen one.
th_Userbox_kh-riku.jpg This user isn't a sap like you.
th_Userbox_KHII_Kairi.png This time... this user'll fight.
th_Userbox_kh2-roxas.jpg It looks like this user's summer vacation is... over.
th_Userbox_KHII_Namine.png This user always thought Nobodies were doomed to fade back into darkness.
th_Userbox_KHII_DiZ.png This user is a servant of the world. You should consider yourself a tool, at best.
th_Userbox_KHII_Axel.png You really do remember this user this time. S/He's so FLATTERED!
th_Userbox_kh-orgxiii.jpg This user is a member of Organization XIII.
th_UserboxXehanort.jpg This user is the Seeker of Darkness.
th_Userbox_KHII_Xemnas.png This user is creating a brand new world, one heart at a time.
TerraBox.png Someday, this user will set things right.
VenBox.png This user is taking a long nap.
AquaBox.png This user's name is Master Jake. Return their friend's heart or pay the price!
VanitasBox.png This user wields the χ-blade.
KHMXUserbox-1.png This user is obviously evil, but likes to keep up appearances.
th_Userbox_kh-heartless.jpg This user is a Heartless.
th_Userbox_kh2-nobody.jpg This user is a Nobody.
UnversedBox.png This user is an Unversed.

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