Job/Class Paladin
Race Human
Hometown Falls City, Texas, USA
DOB October 24, 1988
Age 20
Height 6'3"
Eye Color Blue
Laterality Right-handed
Sword Lightbringer
Shield Genji Shield
Limit Break Holy Hell

HOOOOOWWWWDY!!! This is JARIITX, or Tex for short. Please pardon the mess on my userpage as I'm currently remodeling it. I've joined the FFWiki in early 2008 and have gotten somewhat used to how things roll around here. You can usually find me in the Wiki's IRC chatroom as Tex or something similar, so hop on in and take a load off with us!!

My Details

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My Boxes

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Personal Tidbits

I was born in San Antonio, Texas and live 45 miles southeast of it in a town with a population of about 600.

Speaking of my hometown, my alma mater, Falls City High School, had about 110 kids in grades 9-12 when I was in school and my graduation class (2007) had 33 total students (I was ranked 9th overall, hell ya!). Our mascot is the Beavers and Beaverettes (Get your mind outta the gutter, sickos!!) and the school's primary colors are blue and white with the secondaries being black and silver. I'm still a regular at their (American/REAL) football games when they're at home and dressed in blue from head to toe. Old habits die hard, as they say.

Texas Tales

Introducing the Texas Tales, a monthly blog on what's been going on with me and the FFWiki in particular and also a place for me to vent and whatnot.

Read if you must.

January 2009

With 2008 drawing to a close and 2009 already here in some parts of the world as I type this, lemme take some time to thank all of my friends in the FFWiki's IRC room. Specifically, I'd like to thank Yuan, Faethin, CK, Henry, Azul, Blykus, BfD, TSD, Hexed, SCM, and everyone else who comes in from time to time. You've made me feel welcome in a place where we each have a common interest in the great video game franchise known as Final Fantasy and I promise to be a more active contributor to this gigantic Wiki whenever possible outside of what gnoming I do. I may not make the most noticeable edits, partially due to my lack of knowledge on the wiki's coding and setup, but I will be here. Rest assured, amigos, I will still be here well into 2009. Users may come and go as they please, but this Texan will not leave anytime soon. Don't like it, that's your issue. Like it, the pleasure's all mine.

I'm not gonna waste time on any New Year's Resolutions I cannot keep, so in lieu of that, I pray for my next President, Barack Obama, and I hope he has a better time in office than you-know-who. Say what you will about Americans and politics, but I hold the belief that we, as Americans (no offense intended to anyone outside of the USA), still have it good compared to other countries. Count your blessings and be glad that we are free to do the things we do. Compared to less fortunate countries out there (trust me, they are out there) I say we should quit complaining about what we DON'T have and appreciate what we DO have, even if life expresses the contrary.

January 2009 - Part 2

Okay folks. This bickering over that godforsaken DNC has gone on long enough and has caused users to turn on one another over it. I do not care about the DNC that much and if it goes or stays, it matters not. What matters to me is the damage done by the words and actions of other users over it and this civil war needs to stop. This is a community first and a wiki second by the word of one Crazyswordsman and I believe it should remain so, but without all of the arguing and banter that has torn us apart! I ask you this: Why? Why is this still going on? Why is it when two people don't get along on an issue that a war erupts?

Think about that.


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