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Brian Tien
Brian Tien - Ixbran Wiki User Image.png
Wiki User Name Ixbran
Character Name Brian Tien
Job Class White Mage, with Black Mage Subclass
Hometown Figaro
Date of Birth Tis My Secret
Age Also a Secret
Height 5'4
IQ I am told I am smarter than I lead others to believe
Weapon Fan-Blade
Spells White and Black Magic
Summons Maduin

Magus Sisters

Limit Breaks Lv.1 Double WHT Magic
"Cast two White Mage spells in in a row."

Lv.2 Double BLK Magic
"Cast two Black Mage spells in a row."

Lv.3 Elemental Barrage
"Cast Four Elemental Spells in a row; Water, Thunder, Earth, & Fire."

Lv.4 Holy Beam
"A concentrated beam of Holy Energy."

Lv.5 Dark Beam
"A concentrated beam of Dark Energy."

Lv.6 Full Party Heal
"Heal entire party of injury's completely, and all status ailments."

Lv.7 Twilight Laser
"A concentrated Laser Beam of both Light and Dark Energy."

Wiki-wordmark project.png
New Wiki Wordmark Discussion Forum Page
"Come, I'll show you that size doesn't matter!"

About Me[]

Hey Ya'll, whats up my names Ixbran. I'm an Aspiring Artist, you can find me on art sites like Deviantart. I'm still Learning to draw, so none of my art is any good. BUT still i try

I wanted to make an account on FFWiki, as well as other Wikis, for many reasons. but my main reason was to make new friends who share the same interests.

Also, just a small warning, I'm a HORRIBLE speller (thank god for Firefox's spell checker). it was my WORST subject in school, expect ALOT of typos and miss Spellings from me when it comes to certain words, in-case i forget to spell-check them.


Here are my Sub Pages, they are DLD Wish List's for Dissidia 012.

Hope you guys like my lists, click the fallowing to see them

Other Wikis I am active on[]


If you need help contact one of these people:
or any other competent users.


Top six males[]

Top six females[]

Worst six males[]

  1. Locke Cole
  2. Cloud Strife
  3. Squall Leonhart
  4. Sephiroth
  5. Balthier
  6. Auron

Worst six females[]

  1. Cloud of Darkness
  2. Yunalesca
  3. N/A
  4. N/A
  5. N/A
  6. N/A

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