There is no good or bad, only opinion and perspective
―Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII

Dance 123,123,12...
Name Logan
A.K.A Immune to stop
Job Class Thief
Hometown Somewhere in a dimensional vortex between Balamb and Rabanastre
IQ No Idea
Weapon Leonheart,Zantetsuken,Shortbow
Spells Thundara,Scan,Full-Life,Haste,Meteor,Demi,Float
Summons Odin, Ramuh, Quezacotl, Diablos
Limit breaks Heh,Like YOU could fill up my gauge

About MeEdit

As it's been a ridiculously long time since I've even been to the wiki, I've decided to come back and actually do something useful.

Who's your favorite of my favorites

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Jeppo's Challenges AwardsEdit

100px "Let's make the Goers Goners!"
This cluttered eyesore is to certify that Immune to stop has completed Jeppo's Challenge #3!

After the game the Luca Goers decided to make a hasty exit from the stadium. Not because they got beaten so badly by your Aurochs, but because they were being chased by several hungry Garudas. Look at how their little legs go! Congratulations!

FFT Cidolfus Orlandeau Portrait "Mayhap you have forgotten the Thunder God can slew opponents with steel?"
Thy Plaque of Clutteredness signifies that Sir Immune to Stop of the Western Sky hath accomplished thy goal of vanquishing Jeppo's Challenge #5!

Count Cidolfus Orlandeau could count the number of slewed enemies on one's hand, thus he hath honourably removed oneself from hist'rys stage, and hath made way for the younger generation to prosper as a new page of history is written. (in other words, he ran off crying like a baby because he was never used!)

My thanks to you.

"Random, Thought, Idea, Question, Answer, Rant, Recommendation, Stupidity, Stroke of Genius, Incoherent Ramble, Etc./ Motivation to Come Back Here Every Couple of Days" of the Moment, Day, or WeekEdit

-Bioshock, as well as its spot on critical analysis of Objectivism and ironic creation of a perfect Objectivist work of art, is AMAZING!!!


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