I'm too lazy to put quotes.
―IkariCojehn, On herself.

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A.K.A Ikari
Job Class Holy Dragoon, also considered a Red Mage
Hometown Heaven
Date of Birth July 11
Age Don't have it, bro.
Height IDK
IQ 151 (Not kidding)
Weapon Abel's Lance
Spells All Fire- and Cure-based.
Summons Ifrit and that Crab thing.
Limit breaks Cookie-Lance; Ikari turns her arsenal of cookies into a lance, and tosses them all rapidly at the foe for heavy Holy and Fire damage. Afterwards, she eats a cookie to restore 2000 HP and 200 MP.

I am IkariCojehn, and I do not wish to reveal my true name. I was sent from God to do stuff (that seems fuzzy at the time), as proven of my birthday on 7/11, Heaven's corner-store.

I am a fan of BlueHighwind, and I understand that some people didn't like how he operated, and that's ok. As long as noone hates me. 'Cuz I h8 rejection. T^TU

I also use many facial expressions, bot online and IRL. It gets irritating to others on both planes. So I plan to tone down the use, but no success is guaranteed.

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