Name Hummingway
A.K.A. Editingway, Uploadingway, No-way-Jose-way, ErnestHemmingwayway, Thiswaythatway, "Hey you", Rabbit Face
Job Class Hummer (Like a Bard, but requires less talent)
Hometown Hummingway Home, third rock on the left
Height 12 apples
IQ No, I Hummingway
Weapon Scathing remarks
Abilities Can make turbans look good
Loves That sound Bio makes when you cast it, walks on the beach on an Earth-lit evening
Hates Airships on my front lawn
Final Fantasy Wiki user

The Story So Far...[edit | edit source]

Hummingway is an strategic vandal editor on the Final Fantasy Wiki. Born on Earth in the land of Virginia in the kingdom of America, he was transported along with his bunny brethren to the moon years ago by the drunken Eidolon King Bahamut as a joke. Forced to live in a cave with no space carrots to sustain them, the lunar castaways were saved by the timely arrival of the Lunarians, whose regular donations of dried lettuce and refilling of their water bottles kept them alive long enough to re-discover the concept of agriculture. In time the bunnies even attempted to develop their own internet service, but decided it was easier to just leach off their new neighbor's wifi. And thus the editor Hummingway was born. His mission: to obnoxiously make everyone aware of Final Fantasy and all its nerdy minutae whether they like it or not.

How to Speak Hummingway![edit | edit source]

A simple primer for your next trip to the scenic Red Moon.

  • Hm - "Hi."
  • Hm Hm - "Hi hi."
  • Hmm Hm-Hm - "Lovely weather today."
  • Hmm Hm-Hmm - "I've had relations with your mother recently." (Don't mix this up with the above!)
  • Mmmhmmm... - "Giiiirrlll, you lookin' fiiiiine..."
  • Hum hum-hummm... (the one you hear in the game!) - "I'll give you whatever you want, just please don't hurt me strange Earth creature."

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