Welcome to my userpage.Here you see what are my plans for this Wiki. For the first thing I want to edit a walkthrough for every Final Fantasy I played.but befor I do this,i´d like to help the guys in the dollet hotel. If anybody has a problem in FF5 he can ask me for help. I would be glad to help ya.My dream is to defeat Absolute Virtue alone. I know this is impossible but Director Lazard said:"Unattainable dreams are the best kind.´´ My favorite character is Squall Leonheart.I don´t know why but he has the best and coolest sword ever.I´m a guy that nobody of my family except my brother thinks plays RPG. Anyway, if anybody wants to know what's my favorite FF, my favorite FF is VIII. I called myself Holy Weapon becose I hate Ultima Weapon.(My Brother says Ultima is better than Holy) So I tought to cancel Ultima and put Holy. If anybody wants to send a message,I´m happy about it.

About myself

To be onest,and I´m really woried about, I am not so good in English. So if I write something wrong, please tell me.Music(Gamemusic,Rock(I like every Rock band ecept Kid Rock)and Blues)are really Important for me.So if a game have bad music,I probably don´t play it.I have passion with The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time[1].I´ts for me the best game made ever and you can not compare it with another game.

worhst fairy in Zelda series?

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Do you think Squall is better than Cloud?

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Holy Weapon
Age 14 years
Height 165 cm'
Eye color Brown
Hair color Piano Black
Laterality Left
Weapon Caladbolg
Special skill Ultimate Fohly (Fusion of Ultima,Holy and Flare)
Limit Break Batshit Insanity Japano Gedöns!
Job class Summoner
Favorite Movie Batman the Dark Knight
the worst character Vaan
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