"We liveto make the impossible possible!"
―Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII

Ff6 gogo
Name HarmoniousForce
Job Class Warrior
Date of Birth 07/25/92
Age 18
Height 5'10" feet (1.8 meters)
IQ Above average
Weapon Excalipoor
Spells Fire, Ice, Thunder, Haste
Summons Ifrit, Shiva, Bismarck
Limit breaks Eloquent and Sophisticated Linguistic Blabber

About MeEdit

Well, better get started. I'm currently an English major, studying in New York City. My first contact woth the Final Fantasy series was in sixth grade, but that was only through Kingdom Hearts. During my last year of high school I figured I would final give the FF series a try, starting with FF1 and playing in order through the whole series; I haven't been able to play anything else since. Though I've been on the Final Fantasy wiki for over a year, I'm only just now making an account, so bear with me should I screw up. While I don't focus on a particular area per se (I usually spam the "random article" button until I find something), I have an eye for grammer and diction, so I'm more than capable of fine-tuning an article. Currently I'm contemplating the notion of writing an actual book that would explain my theory of the multi-verse that connects the worlds of Final Fantasy, going through each game in detail.

Also, in case anyone cared, I got my screen name from this guy.

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