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When I grow up I wanna be a blitzball.
―Small Boy, FFX

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Time to update this intro. I am not new here, I have been snooping around a couple of years before joining and then finally did so in order for my vote to count in the DNC. In short.

My first memory of Final Fantasy would be my dad playing VII and standing on the end of the Junon Canon as Tifa slapped the shit out of Scarlet, when i was seven it was strange to be shouting at polygons to slap harder...

My first Final Fantasy playing experience was VIII but I soon got confused with Junctioning and gave in after dying repeatedly against Gerogero. I completed FFIX first and it has always held a special place in my heart since that moment. I completed FFX as soon as it came out and then proceeded to work my way through the series. Then I had a half arsed attempt at tring to complete XII and got sick of monsters chasing me around the areas when i was too weak to fight them and/or lazy to train. I later completed it with the help of this wiki nudging me along. I have also played tactics and it's spin offs and even tried my hand at dissidia for an infuriatingly addictive couple of weeks.

My specialty around here will be helping add any extra bits of information about FFIX and tidying up anything that I can. Walkthrough writing is definitely up my alley and I will assist anyone who is in need of my assistance, now if I only I knew people actually read them...

The Rundown[]

Here we go, for those who care, what I actually think of the series:

Final Fantasy I: A perfectly enjoyable experience. I never really got the point of there being a Red Mage or a Princess Sarah but it was all very intriguing and I did like Bahumut in his most benevolent of forms. Easy to complete and White Mage always makes me smile.

Final Fantasy II: I abhor this game with a hatred so fiery it would burn through my console. Gawd it irritated me. The whole, do things to level up things (the technical term I believe) more than got on my nerves. But of course with some amount of grinding I managed to get through it, put it down and never suffer it again. The only good thing about that game was Minwu, the man needs way more cred!

Final Fantasy III: Not nearly as irritating as it's predecessor but somehow still irksome. I played the remake with the soulless dolls they called characters: Refia is a girl, she does not like frogs. Original. Apart from that the job system gave it more to do and there was much less to complain about and of course Summons were available! The one thing that got old was shrinking your party and casting Toad on them multiple times. I did get very annoyed when I realised you could cast the spells on the whole party in one go, the lack of Ethers in that game was a joke.

Final Fantasy IV: My favourite of the pre VI generation for obvious reasons beginning with Kain. For once an engaging storyline and a thoroughly enjoyable ride and lest we forget the introduction of Summoners as real characters. Ugh, can you tell I'm getting tired now? I loved the story, I enjoyed the battle system, a suitably badass antagonist and to be honest who doesn't love a nice old trip up the Moon?

Final Fantasy V: The only one in the main series (apart from FFXI) I have not played. Shame.

Final Fantasy VI: I have never actually completed FFVI in my life, I've tried but not had time. Until this point I will eventually. I did get carried away with those userboxes. I will hang my head in shame.

Final Fantasy VII: Oddly enough not the first game I owned like many fans here. It's also not the first I completed. I did watch my dad play it in my youth when it first came and as my diatribe above goes I was mostly intrigued by the slap-fight between Scarlet and Tifa but it would be a long while before I actually did play it. Fortunately it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience when I did get round to it. I have an undying love for the story of this game, it truly was touching, it's metaphor for the decline in Japanese culture and Shinto as the western world comes plowing on in. Odd I know and many will disagree with me but it's true. I just think the story is as humorous as it is spiritual and unmatched in it's ability to touch anyone with a heart. That being said Aeris is Aeris, I may have cried when she was stabbed but I still support Clofa of whatever it is. Tifa is my favourite female in the series so insult her and beware.

Final Fantasy VIII: The first of the series I played when it came out and as chronicled above I gave up against GeroGero. I know I know, Phoenix Down but I was 10 and not aware of the special mechanics of gaming, oh the agony... The game itself was quite agonising too. It was a beautiful experience, Rinoa was a testament to the technology but it was all but soulless to me. It took me years to finally deign to listen to the tutorials and learn how to Junction and even then it was a pain and the love story. Oh god that love story... So so sad... Squall spends the first half of the game a jackass and then proceeds to behave like a lovesick puppy for the remainder of the game for no apparent reason apart from maybe he was jealous Seifer had it off with Rinoa first. It wasn't a bad game but it was by no means a good one either. And I fear I may be enraging fans of Hot for Teacher here but Quistis is possibly my least favourite character ever.

Final Fantasy IX: Ah happiness. This game is largely ignored for the anthropomorphic characters and twee castles and princess atmosphere and it is a crying shame. All you folks who played the prior two games who were expecting another technological adventure were just not interested in this game and you are missing out. It's a love letter to all the final fantasies gone by and it's by far my favourite in the series for it's humour, it's sensitivity and it's enjoyability (I don't care if that's not a word!). I think Garnet and Vivi have more development in their left toes than any of the FFVIII put together and Zidane? Well, a cheerful protaganist who is essentially a cheeky monkey? What's not to love? Steiner and Quina are so hilarious and and Eiko is a great addition... I'm sure there are two other characters but why rain on my gloriously happy mood. I know this game so well, so intimately I feel it's an extension of myself. Wow, I'm gushing... I'll stop.

Final Fantasy X: In my eyes the last of the main series, after this the merger occurred, FFXI came out and Square Enix as their first action made FFX-2 setting a precedent for disappointment here on out. FFXII was a great game, I won't argue with that but it never felt like a true final fantasy. This game on the other hand managed to make the transition to 3D graphics and voice acting, shakily but quite happily. It had everything! My favourite battle and levelling system, love story you were prepared to believe in (unlike another one...) and of course a mythology and world that seemed to just work so perfectly within itself and it managed that tight-rope of seriousness and humour without alienating you almost perfectly. Everything clicked in that game and the linearity aside it was undoubtably in my eyes a masterpiece.

Final Fantasy XI: Please...

Final Fantasy XII: I may use the age old excuse that it doesn't feel like Final Fantasy but the more I play it the more I love it. I fear it may be the best this series has yet to achieve. The humour is mostly subtle, the main character isn't the one the story hinges around (it's Vaan I'm afraid and that's just wrong) but as much as I hate him it still works... It's clever, well made, beautiful, expansive and engaging but in my old stupidity I would claim not to be a final fantasy. But then again what defines that? Balthier is an impressive creation, Ashe is a different take on the poised princess with a broken heart, they are all human but I just felt disconnected from the game hence why it took so long for me to complete and learn to appreciate. Having replayed the game several times I have fell in love with its subtlety. It's genius. Once I started to concentrate the story made sense, it was clever. It was based around the weakness of humans in a world in which power was key. The world, no matter the fact it was based around a small area on one part, was ginormous, sprawling and engaging. It's the grown up final fantasy, it still has some fun in it but it's a very grown up game. It just took a while for me to do that... And I hope others also do the same. It's a shame it is not lauded the way it deserves.

Final Fantasy XIII: Here it is. No rambling, no wall of text. This game is terrible. Nothing short of a disaster. The creators themselves said as much. Anyone with half a brain cell can see it. Look at Final Fantasy XII, there is absolutely nothing it's predecessor did better, if you're going to argue I'll allow graphics. That aside, it's a shambles. It's repetitive. The music is terrible. The characters are not as developed as everyone claims, they just monologue. Linearity doesn't describe it. I just replayed it and got mighty irritated. Frustrating does not describe it.

About Me[]

And a bottle of rum.

My Focus[]

So here I am with my ace Med skills and some far out Focus. When I get around to finding peace in myself it'll involve me finally being able to accept plenty of crazy things in my life. It's been a rough couple of months and now I am settling down here to do something constructive. Major thanks to User:Sorceror Nobody. This user is a cursed l'Cie, bound into the
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FFVII logo.png

This is my second complete Walkthrough. This took me a mere fortnight (15 days if you're petty) to finish. First time I ever successfully defeated Ruby and Emerald Weapon. I had a lot of fun doing it.

FFVIII logo.png
In Progress

My reasoning. I just like the logos all sitting there in nice numerical order. It can't help to have one more. Right?So let's go eskimo.

FFIX logo.png

My Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough. It's all finished now. I managed to beat Ozma for the first time and spend most of my Easter Holidays doing this. I'm very happy with how it has come out and hope anyone who reads it thoroughly enjoys it.

FFX logo.png
It's done, it's complete! Here you will find my Final Fantasy X Walkthrough, and let me tell you something. It definitely took longer than 2 weeks. Oddly enough this makes me feel somewhat prouder. Please enjoy my jubliant achievement.

My fourth Walkthrough and the Wiki's first. My intention was to cover absolutely everything and I definitely have. Regardless of the bad rep this game has it's still worth doing properly. So, here it is, my Final Fantasy X-2 Walkthrough. Enjoy!

Coming Soon[]

Some walkthroughs I may or may not do in the distant-near future depending on my mood. Any suggestions or wants, then let me know.

FFII PSP Logo.jpg

I really hate this one, but it's in need of some more attention, so why not? It'll be the PSP version.

FFIII logo.png

This'll be for the DS version. Once I finished replaying it, hopefully.

Final Fantasy XIII Logo.jpg

Hey I could get past my hatred and produce something legible... some day...?

FinalFantasy XIII-2 Logo.png

I did FFX-2? I much preferred this to the original, it makes no sense but it sure is pretty...


I always wanted to do one of these...

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