Hello guys whats up?

My Real Life Name is Fabian and I'm from Germany, but because I mustn't use my real name in the internet you can call me HadoukenPotti! I'm not that much of a freak, but I love Final Fantasy anyway!

Zidane Dissidia CG render
Name HadoukenPotti
A.K.A Fabian/Potti
Job Class Student
Hometown Germany
Race Genome
Date of Birth 24/3/1995
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Age 14
Height 5'
IQ 140
Weapon Avenger
Spells Meo Twister
Summons Doomtrain

Final Fantasys I own or playedEdit

Well, unfortunally I never actually owned a Final Fantasy Game...

But here are some I own:

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy X

Dissidia Final Fantasy

I want to get some of the Final Fantasy Games for the PSP...


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