Im sorry for my long absence. My cable was disconnected, along with my internet, and my parents didnt have the money to pay the bill, so we had to buy a wireless modem. Im back now, but sadly this internet sucks, so my editing may be cut down due to the time it takes this thing to load.

Template:User personal I joined on the Super Smash Bros. Wiki, but i discovered that this account works on here too, so here i am :D As my name tells you, i love that game Gyromite, but sadly its one of those games that gets boring too quick, so here i am with FF :D Im currently playing XII, I am near the end, but ive splt from the storyline for sidequests. Im currently fishing, and training to fight Zodiark...

Despite being horrible at math, i have a mathematical mind, and i can keep track of things as if i had a Wiki inside my own mind :D So i normally add things i keep track of about monsters, bosses, and sidequests, sometimes things that people might not even notice without looking out for it.

About Me

This is my current bubble :D
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My standings in some FF games.

  • FF4: Im about to head to the moon to prepare for the final battle, but im filling empty spots in my beastiary and training Whyt (stupid minigames are too hard, i dont even have 1 costume D:)
  • FF6: Beat some of the Dragons, got Ultima Weapon, all Espers but Diabolos and Crusader
  • FF7: My game got deleted, but the game would glitch whenever i left Corel Prison for the race.
  • FF8: Beat the game, Beat Ultima Weapon, got all GF, got Gilgamesh, got Lionheart and Strange Vision.
  • FF9: Right before Memoria, just walking around.
  • FF10: Beat the game, all Aeons.
  • FF12: Beat all marks but Shadowseer, Goliath, Ixion, and Yiazmat, about half the Licence Board complete for everyone.
  • FFT: Beat the game, Got all secret characters except Byblos.
  • FFTA: Beat the first 3 totema and their crystals, completed 87 of 300 quests.
  • Dissidia: Beat 9/10 Stories, purchased 10/10 main villians, purchased 0/23 alternate costumes, completed 0/4 shade impulses, unlocked 0/2 secret characters.

Other Accounts

Other random accounts i have Neopets: lucavi

Triple Triad Advance: Ultimate_Hashmal (just joined)


Ill add stuff here eventually, right now just movies and games Favorite Movies: Advent Children, Star Wars, nearly all Marvel movies, RV, nearly all Disney.

Worst Movies: High School Musical, Camp Rock (its a horrible movie, but girls love it because those awful Jonas boys are in it), all horror movies except Ghost Rider, Titantic.

Favorite Games: All FF's, all Pokemon games, Super Smash Bros. series, the Sims, Spore.

Worst Games: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, girly games.

Clan Status

User:Gyromite/Clan DragonBlade

Missions Completed: 1

Members: 2/10

Clan Points: 1

Clan Funds: 100G

Random Facts

Just random things about me. (because i have no life, many of these involve FF)

  1. I discovered Final Fantasy with VIII at age 9.
  2. I actually first tried VIII before that, but my great fear of blood made me turn it off efore it started.
  3. I seem to be the only male not attracted to Tifa. (she is cool, but i dont stare at her chest whenever i get the chance like everyone else in the world)
  4. Although im too scared of hurting someone to do so, i can punch someone hard enough to make them fall over.
  5. Im the only person in the whole world who thinks Cait Sith and Yuffie, in their own ways, are much cooler then Cloud and Tifa.
  6. Im the only one who thinks the Draw system is much better then the useless materia system.
  7. I dont like being alone, although i am all the time.
  8. My social life always end up like Aurons membership of the monks. I do great with people, then 1 small thing i say or do that people dont like, and im socially kicked out (i think thats happened on here, too)


Just some random personal records i kept track of. :D

Quickenings: 22

Quickening Monkey (opponent i hit with my record): Zalera

Numerology Damage: 2048

Best Magic (Shades of Black): Scathe

Highest Attack Combo (w/o Genji Gloves's): 4

Highest attack Combo (w/ GG's): 9

Largest Attack (FFT): 999 (Cloud's Climhazzard vs. Altima)

Largest Attack (FF12): 9999x5 (Vaan+Masamune+Genji Gloves vs. Pylaster)

Largest Attack (FFIV DS): 5166 (Whyt, 2 Focus', then Jump)

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