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Ok, so im Gyro. I named myself after one of my first few video games (a decision which i kinda wish to change now, though.) I usually keep to myself, and i just add whatever i can to help the site.

I edit whenever i can add something, and when i do, i try my best to make it good and helpful. Im not the most experienced fellow out there, but i do my best.

About Me[edit | edit source]

This is my current bubble :D
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Status[edit | edit source]

This is a small list of how im doing in the various Final Fantasy games. I'll edit it every few days or so if i have something to add.

  • IV: Im about to head to the moon to prepare for the final battle, but im filling empty spots in my beastiary and training Whyt (stupid minigames are too hard, i dont even have 1 costume D:)
  • VI: Beat the game, beat 8/8 of the Dragons, all Espers but Diabolos
  • VII: My game got deleted, but the game would glitch whenever i left Corel Prison for the race.
  • VIII: Beat the game, Beat Ultima Weapon, got all GF, got Gilgamesh, got Lionheart and Strange Vision.
  • IX: Right before Memoria, just walking around.
  • X: Beat the game, all Aeons.
  • XII: Beat all marks but Shadowseer, Goliath, Ixion, and Yiazmat, about half the Licence Board complete for everyone.
  • Tactics: Beat the game, Got all secret characters except Byblos.
  • War of the Lions: Not too far yet, nothing really worth adding yet.
  • Tactics Advance: Restarted, im currently preparing for the first Totema battle.
  • Dissidia: Beat 10/10 Stories, purchased 10/10 main villians, purchased 22/22 alternate costumes, completed 4/4 shade impulses, unlocked 2/2 secret characters, havent beaten Inward Chaos yet.

Favorites[edit | edit source]

  • Games: Final Fantasy series, The Sims series, Spore, Age of Empires and Age of Mythology, most Nintendo games, EverQuest, Many Artix Entertainment games.
  • Movies: Advent Children, Star Wars series, Marvel and DC movies.
  • TV shows: Friends, Ed Edd n' Eddy, Family Guy, Two and a Half Men.
  • FF characters:

I: Black Mage

II: Firion

III: Onion Knight (anonymous characters did better)

IV: Kain

V: Gilgamesh

VI: Either Shadow or Kefka

VII: Vincent, Cait Sith, and Yuffie

VIII: Squall

IX: Zidane and Vivi

X: Tidus, Jecht and Rikku

XII: Balthier and Gabranth

Tactics: Ramza, T.G. Cid, and Balthier

Random Facts[edit | edit source]

Just random things about me. (yes, their all about Final Fantasy)

  1. I discovered Final Fantasy with IX at age 9.
  2. I actually first tried VIII before that, but my big fear of blood made me turn it off before it started.
  3. Im one of the few VII fans in the world who would replace Cloud with Cait Sith in my party, if i could.
  4. My favorite character in the entire series happens to be from my least favorite game in the series.

Records[edit | edit source]

Just some random personal records i kept track of. :D

Quickenings: 22

Numerology Damage: 2048

Best Magic (Shades of Black): Scathe

Highest Attack Combo (w/o Genji Gloves's): 4

Highest attack Combo (w/ GG's): 9

Largest Attack (Tactics): 999 (Cloud's Climhazzard vs. Ultima)

Largest Attack (XII): 9999x5 (Vaan+Masamune+Genji Gloves vs. Pylaster)

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