Gustav Margriff
The True Power of the Deathman
Real Name Joynel Bonet
Edit Count 458.
Blood Type ?
job Class Dark Knight
Hometown Puerto Rico
Date of Birth 24/Nov/1991.
Age 17
Race Human
Weapons Dark Swords
Skills Sanguine Sword, Infernal Strike, Crushing Blow, Abyssal Blade, Unholy Scrifice.
Limit breaks Soul Disposal
Final Fantasy Wiki Character

Kimarhi thinks, Rikku should stay Rikku.

Kimarhir to Rikku

Don't worry be happy?

Tidus to Kimarhi

2nd class SOLDIER:Who's the hottest on midgar. Zack:Are you blind me!

conversation with Zack and 2nd class

I will only say that i'm not better than no-one nor make others think i am, i often prefer to treat others the same way as friend even when they are not. I disagree with those peoples that use others to their personal gains, although i am an Dark Knight in Final Fantasy games in reality i am more like a Paladin (Protective and Friendly).

I often like the villains on the video games but never turn my back on the protagonist (The heroe). so my favorite Job Class is Dark Knight, it's funny though, all cause my cousin likes more the Dragoon job class and we are playing final fantasy games like Cecil and Kain.

Well but let's talk about what am i doing here on this wiki, i came here to see more of FF and to help this page to grow up with less mistakes and aside from that i went here trying to find some way to know how to make an final fantasy Tactics hack for play as other characters. is something that a lot of fans know already except me lol! but anyway that is why i end up here and making sprite request of that very game. +_+. so will someday do what i always wanted. But well if you like an character of FF and you want me to do it, then ask me to do it, but remember always to be patient i have other important things to do aside of this wiki, so please do not wait as quick as a shadow.

Which of these characters you hate the most? *chuckles*

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