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Age 17 (N/A)
HP 1856/1856
MP 215/215
Class Paladin
Level 17
EXP 15069
Next LV 12405
Weapon(s) Save the Queen and Bronze Shield
Commands Attack - Cover - White Magic - Items
Limit Break "Divine Wrath"
Come visit me on YouTube!

Things I'm Mostly Proud of...[]

I beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II

I got the Ragnarok for Cecil in Final Fantasy IV Advance

I got three celestial weapons in Final Fantasy X

I have got all of the Aeons

I beat Ultima in Final Fantasy X

I beat Gabriel Celeste in Star Ocaean: Till The End of Time

I beat Loki in Valkyrie Profile

My Square-Enix Games, Movies, and Media[]

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Star Ocean: Till The End of Time

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy VI

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX

Grandia III

Final Fantasy Christal Chronicles

Children of Mana

Final Fantasy III DS

Dragon Quest VIII

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Cross

Favorite Summons[]

Ifrit - Flames of Hell

<youtube width="320" height="240">9sgLWXcjL6w}}

Shiva - Diamond Dust

<youtube width="320" height="240">ncZsI1nNN4I}}

Ramuh - Judgement Bolt

<youtube width="320" height="240">UhEWvP-11pI}}

Knights of Round - Ultimate End

<youtube width="320" height="240">lgeNixxCQWU}}

<youtube width="320" height="240">C8N1f8OjCQA}}

Ffxii espers famfrit.jpg
Ffxii espers ultima.jpg

All Time Favorite Characters[]

Game First Second Third Forth
Final Fantasy III Ingus Luneth Cid Arc
Final Fantasy IV Cecil Kain Edward Rosa
Final Fantasy VI Sabin Terra Shadow Celes
Final Fantasy VII Cloud Tifa Yuffie Aerith
Final Fantasy VIII Squall Rinoa Laguna Selphie
Final Fantasy IX Zidane Vivi Garnet Steiner
Final Fantasy X Auron Tidus Rikku Yuna
Kingdom Hearts Sora Riku Kairi Goofy
Kingdom Hearts II Roxas Sora Riku Kairi

Cool Stuff on Paint[]

Most of these were made by Vivi Leonhart (NeoShadow12888676767), were friends!

You can find Paint in the Accessories from "All Programs" in the "Start" Menu.

This one is for my backround on

Valor Form Picture.

Final Form Picture


Vivi Leonhart

I met him on He made most of this page for me!