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Name Griffe78
age 18
the place of my existence Earth
Height 5 ft some thing
Job class style="background:nerd
Date of Birth 6/4/94
Weapon of choice a wet trout
Skills idk...I can roll my tounge
hair color brown
Laterality right

About me[edit | edit source]

games[edit | edit source]

As you can tell I lack a Ps2

ff 1-6 all advanced(3 ds) 6 is the most notable out of the bunch in my opinion

ff7(I really liked this one)

ff 10(uncle has)

ff 12 rw(beat it)

ffta(stole from friend)

ffta2( beat)

FFcc(bought at game stop for $8)

ffcc:rof(actually not that bad)

ffcc:eot(really fun and stuff...I have wi-fi if any of you might wanna play with me)

ffcc:MLaaK(It get boring quickly)

ff8(not the worst game on the planet, but definently not the has good music though)

ff13(really good so far...kinda linear though)

other games and or series I play[edit | edit source]

Dragon quest(awsome series)

zelda (great series)

Disgea(only played the first, second,and a spin off,but it is the best game I have played in a long time) lasy to put anyothers...just ask if you are curious

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