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I might as well mention my Final Fantasy Credentials.
Final Fantasy 1-2 Dawn of Souls I had these on my computer until my computer crashed but I didn't get really far on either of them. Black Mages die so easily :0.
Final Fantasy 3 - I borrowed from somebody but I am going to buy this soon because I want to beat everything in this game.
Final Fantasy 4 - God this game sucks and I don't care that I lost it with my computer.
Final Fantasy 5 - This game was pretty fun but I lost my file along with my computer.
Final Fantasy 6 - I got to the World of Ruin then I found out that I missed Shadow so I started over but didn't get all that far then my computer crashed as you may have read so I lost it all.
Final Fantasy 7 - I beat the Weapons and Sephiroth.
Final Fantasy 8 - I got to Ultimecia but never really felt like finishing her since the game is cheap over the internet I might as well pick it up and finish everything.
Final Fantasy 9 - I beat Necron many years ago but I tried to play it again to try to get to Ozma but I get bored of Chocobo Hot and Cold so I haven't tried it since.
Final Fantasy 10 - This game was linear and simple to beat and it sucks. I tried playing it again and it was just one big boring cutscene.
Final Fantasy 12 - I got far but I lost where I was so I started over and I am going to catch up where I left off.

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