This user is a master gambler and has the innate ability to spontaneuously teleport to any and all parts of the universe with the blink of the left... hold on a sec. (... What do you mean I can't tell them that? It's my page and I'll say what I want to say on it!... Lisencing? What do you mean lisencing? I've never... Oh, yeah... Right... I see... Well what do I say now?... ARE YOU NUTS!!!!!????!?! I can't tell them that! They might.... but I.... and they were.... fine! But you owe me a double sphinx with iron ore for this!!)

Sorry about that folks. Apparently, I cant LIE to the public on the internet because my hostile takeover of the "Lie to Me" wikia isn't complete yet. (Evil sponsers!) At any rate, this page is meant to FINALLY explain a bit about me as a user without the emphasis on work or seriousness. So... one moment.... (Are you sure?.... Okay.... Right.... WHAT?!?!?!? We took care of that a month ago!!!! What do you.... fine, but I want a template by FEB 30th for this!)

Again, I apologize. It seems my webpages are being invaded by certain objectional programs and need to be repaired.... again. My project list is growing, but i would like someonr to send me a basic talk template -or- an advanced coding table. These are only wish list items, as i am lazy and could probably find them myself, and....Yeah?.... I hate this. (FOR THE LOVE OF PETES ZUES, WHAT IS IT?!?!.... Oh, Sorry... Okay, send me the files and i'll work on it..... Another one? We gave the old one away remember? WE NEED A NEW TEMPLATE!.... No, i refuse to build one from scratch. That's Mark's job. Let.... What do you mean "vacation"?? I've worked here for eleven years and I never get vacation time!.... ARGH! Fine, but i'll need to call a few people first to make the approprieate changes.... Right, bye.)

Guess what? I may not be able to recieve any messages for a while due to the HUGE mailing list i just got. Please, can someone help?

UPDATE: Most of the filing I needed to do is done, so now i can return to saving the world from the evils of stupid persons and... yes?... One momment. (Hello?...Yes...Yes...No...What do you care?... But that's Ryan's Job!... Sir!... Very well... Yes...Yes...Thank you...)

Anyway, now i'm off to vandalise and inaccurify the entire wikia... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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