"I will... never be a memory"

Name William Manns
A.K.A Bill
Job Class Student,kid and games player
Hometown Australia N.S.W bidwill
Date of Birth 26-11-1992
Age 15
Height 158 cm
Accomplishments Beating KINGDOM HEARTS 1 and 2 in 1 IN A DAY,WWE SMACK DOWN VS RAW06,07,08 ,DYNATY WARRIORS 4,START FINAL FANTASY 3,7,8,9,10,10-2,12 AND completing the Pokedex in pokemon gold
Weapon What ever i can get my hands on
Spells bad gas
Summons Terry (little brother)
limit breaks Try to beat the hell out of you,crazy,kung fu your ass

One day I will be great.,Whats happening on your side man.,Hey ya.,I show you.,Eat it!.,See thats why I'am the best.,You cant stop me.,Stop calling me Gaming-King ....ok.,Hows life.,The Name is Bill.,You cant beats me ok.,give up ok.,You lose.,Die.,Time to die!.,You cant win.,....,ummmmmm.,What now.,Cant u beat that Boss.,Thank you Thank you your far to kind.,Snap you.,Flaming Chocolate.,What the hell.,Sorry.,Some day I will.,I KUNG FU your ass.,You Want me to kung fu your ass.,you see.
―Bill Manns, real life Australia

Man..... I want to be forgiven..... For all the bad things I done, so are sin ever forgiven, if not I try to get forgiven. Well I geust I see where I end up in the end so till then I keep fighting for what I see is right.
―Bill , Home

To the people who follow me the Gaming-King will finish any game. I think...... yea you will.
―Gaming-King, Online

About MeEdit

Hey ya......Is Bill ya.Whats up on your side The name is William but call me Bill I live in a place called Bidwill (what somewhere in Australia) with my mum and my little brother Terry( Cheat2eazy ),it was year 6 I start to play Final Fantasy, 7 was the frist Final Fantasy game I play now Final Fantasy are one of my favorites game.

The way I got the name Gaming-King was by beating my friends in games on the sony the one who gave me the name was Eddie,he said (how did I lose,are you some kind of gaming king or somrthing,for now on I'am call you Gaming-King ok.)after that most of my friends start to ask me how to beat some of the boss on their game after that they to think I'am the Gaming-king or some bullshit like that.So I'am the Gaming-King to them now or something like that.

So YOU better call me Bill ok i hate William and Gaming-King what the hell is that come on Gaming-King I wanted to be call Game Master or Master of Games or some shit like that.

Thank you Thank you your far to kind .for reading this but you wasted your time on


  • Black Hair
  • Brown Eyes
  • I got a six pack
  • High 158cm
  • Alway wear pants

P.S I will be making walkthrought for all the games I play.

Games I played/finishEdit

  • Final Fantasy III *WWE Smack Down vs raw 06
  • Final Fantasy VII *WWE Smack Down vs raw 07
  • Final Fantasy VII *WWE Smack Down vs raw 08
  • Final Fantasy IX *Burnout 3:Takedown
  • Final Fantasy X *Soulcalibur III
  • Final Fantasy X-2 *Dynasty Warriors 4
  • Final Fantasy XII *Rugby League 2
  • Kingdom Hearts *Athens 2004
  • Kingdom Hearts:com *God of War
  • Kingdom HeartsII *Pirates of the Caribbean:at world's end
  • Fifa Football 05 *NBA Live 2005
  • Buzz:The Music Quiz *Lego:Star Wars:The Video Game
  • Rugby League 1 *Shrek 2
  • Jak II *Jak III
  • X-Man Legends *Crash Teg Team Racing
  • Pokemon:Red *Pokemon:Blue
  • Pokemon:Yellow *Pokemon:Gold
  • Pokemon:Silver *Pokemon:Crystal
  • Pokemon:Ruby *Pokemon:
  • Pokemon:Diamond *Pokemon:Pearl
  • Metroid Prim Hurters *Drawn to Life
  • DBZ:SuperSonicWarriors2*DBZ:SuperSonicWarriors
  • Devil May Cry 3 *AND MORE

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Trivia Edit

  • I was born at Manly.
  • I’ am a good at drawing.
  • I love Pizza.
  • I played Devil May Cry.
  • I have one Brother and no sister.
  • Kingdom Hearts was easy for me.
  • I like to beat people in any things.
  • I think I’ am the best at what I do.
  • Half the time I’ am the one who don't know what going on.
  • I’ am missing a bit of my bone on my chest.
  • I got a bebo (Bill-man)
  • I have a MSN (
  • I like the colour blue
  • I ‘am a male
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