Hi I'm Galuf III!

I'm a BIG fan of Final Fantasy V and VI! I also love all the other final fantasys, except for X-2. I highly anticipate Final Fantasy XIII. I have a Wii, Ds and PS3. So i can play almost all the final fantasys! ^_^ Nintendo and Sqaure Enix are my two favorite video game producers! I love the series Ledgend of Zelda and Fire Emblem aswell. Ricard, Galuf, Quina, Gogo, Cecil, Locke, Leon, Krile, Vincent, Freya, Fran, Shadow, Relm, Mog and the Ninja job are my favorite FF characters. 150px-Amano_Ricard.jpg 251px-195px-Ff6_gogo.jpg 180px-Cecilds.jpg 200px-Lock_b.jpg Leon_Sprite.PNG Cara.jpg Krile_Icon.PNG VI-mog_sd.jpg 150px-Ff6mogart.jpg VI-relm_sd.jpg VI-sabin_sd.jpg ItadakiFran.jpg Vincent_Valentine_Nomura_art.jpg Fran.jpg Freya_Crescent_character.jpg Shadow_%28Final_Fantasy_VI%29_small.png VI-shadow_sd.jpg 200px-Ff6_shadow.jpg

FFV Galuf Freelancer Sprite iOS Oh, this user's head! S/he can't seem to remember anything!
Userb male This user is a male.
User aries This user is an Aries.
Leon-PSP This user has delusions of grandeur.
th_Triforce.gif This user plays the Legend of Zelda series of games as well.
Freya menu This user believes that to be forgotten is worse than death.
FF4PSP-PalomSprite This user is the Mysidian Genius.
FF4PSP-KainSprite You'll see soon enough that this user is superior.
FFVI Gau Sprite iOS This user likes shiny things.
BalthierUserbox This user plays the Leading Man, who else?
I This user is a fan of the original Final Fantasy.
III This user is a fan of Final Fantasy III.
II This user is a fan of Final Fantasy II.
IV This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV.
VThis user has completed Final Fantasy V.
VIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
IX This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IX.
X-2This user Hated Final Fantasy X-2.
VIIIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VIII.
X This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X.
XI This user is a fan of Final Fantasy XI.
XII This user is a fan of Final Fantasy XII.
VIIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
Kefkapoints Life...dreams...hope...these things, this user is going to DESTROY!
FF6 Gogo Sprite iOS Is this user a woman? Or a man? Or should we ask?
Quina menu This user does what s/he wants! You have problem?
Irvinemenu What is this user's department? Guns and women of course.
FF4PSP-RydiaSprite This user has you whipped.
Zellmenu D-do you have any hot dogs left for this user?
Userbox ff7-cloud This user is not interested.
Userbox ff7-tifa Right now, this user feels they have to push themselves to the limit.
This user has completed [[|]].
FF4PSP-RosaSprite The Cecil this user knew would never cry like this.
Luneth This user is a 2nd generation light warrior. S/He is brave, yet also kind of clueless.
User refia This user is a 2nd generation light warrior. S/He is cheerful, but runs away from home often.
Arc This user is a 2nd generation light warrior. S/He is intelligent, but also kind of shy.
FFV Lenna Freelancer Sprite iOS It's safe. See, watch this user eat it.
Guy-PSP This user can talk to beavers.
FFV Krile Freelancer Sprite iOS Tears don't suit this user.
FFV Bartz Freelancer Sprite iOS This user is... kind of afraid of heights.
FF4PSP-YangSprite This user has a bad habit of sneezing.
FFVI Locke Cole Sprite iOS This user is a Thief, but prefers the term Treasure Hunter.
FFVI Cyan Garamonde Sprite iOS This user hates machines.
FF6 Mog Sprite iOS This user is a SLAM-dancing Moogle.
FFVI Sabin Sprite iOS This user believes that you can't wage war on an empty stomach.
FF4PSP-PoromSprite Don't be rude around this user or s/he'll go POW!
Monk-ff1-psp This user is a Monk.
Warrior-ff1-psp This user is a Warrior.
Userbox ff7-vincent This user's occupation is... forget it.
Vivi menu Does this user exist? Maybe s/he doesn't exist...
FF6 Strago Sprite iOS Hey, children, let me see the light in your eyes! This user here hasn't given up yet!
FF6 Relm Sprite iOS This user is a fuddy duddy.
Firion-PSPSprite This user was adopted.
Maria-PSP This user's parents were lost to the Empire!
Ricard-PSP This user's hopes live on in those who remain!
Minwu-PSP This user knows that those who live must some day die.
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