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Contributions to the Final Fantasy Wiki

My main contributions so far have been to the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance sections of the wiki. For the most part, some of the pages that I have edited (or added/edited the FFTA parts of it) have been compiled already into this template which is used for the FFTA job-only articles (like Illusionist) (Template:FFTAJobs). I consider this my greatest addition to the wiki thus far. One thing I cannot take credit for out of all that is the centering of the AP To Master and MP Use columns. That was done by Hecko X.

Then, I also added/edited some other FFTA stuff such as...:

As well as... (Didn't make them, only get them a well-needed face lift):

However, I did make:

And then I have also added some general Final Fantasy stuff such as...:

And I have also made (or dumped >_>) some Userboxes as well:

This one wasn't my creating, but I did help inspire the idea: Template:User personal

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