Name Firaga44
A.K.A Katherine
Job Class White Mage
Hometown Besaid
Date of Birth 2/22/1997
Age 12
Height 5 foot 5
IQ Unknown
Weapon Dagger
Spells Ultima, Holy, Curaga,Shell
Summons Valeor
Limit breaks

You go on begging!Like this thing gives a damn what we want!


Stop calling me a pipsqueak it puts me in a really bad mood!

Edward Elric

You're wrong. Either because of love or out of foolish curiousty human transmutations are attempted. And when these attempts all backfire a different life is created. A being that has it's own body and mind but no soul. That is how the damned are born! That is a homunculus.


I'm awfully sorry about your grievences but nobody hurts my men.

Roy Mustang

The only ones who would kill...are those who are prepared to be killed!

Lelouch vi Britannia

I want FFXIII. But I lack a PS3 or XBOX360 :(.

Final Fantasy games i'ved playedEdit

X-2(and really stuck to)


VI(my favorite)




Crisis Core

XII Revent Wings(or however it's spelled)


Mystic Quest

Userboxes Edit

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seeker of Kingdom Hearts,
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FFTA ritz This user knows some little girls who can kick your butt!
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RWThis user Hated Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.
Exdeath-ffv-ios-portrait Simple-minded fools such as yourselves could never hope to understand this user's motives.
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HopeUserbox There is hope for this user after all.
Oerba-dia-vanille This user more or less slept through history.

Favorite QuotesEdit

They chose to die because they had hope- Yunalesca

I will stand my ground and be strong!- Yuna


Past talktemplatesEdit



Which one do you think is the best ff heroine?

The poll was created at 15:37 on October 21, 2009, and so far 30 people voted.
Do you think VI is the best ff game?

The poll was created at 07:10 on January 31, 2010, and so far 15 people voted.

Reasons i like some of the characters i likeEdit

Rinoa:I red the article for Rinoa and instantly fell in love with her character. She's the reason i wanna play VIII. She's also the example of the person i wish i was. Definetly the most kick butt ff heroine. I constantly spelled her name wrong though.

Yuna:Yuna is also a example of the type of person i wish i was. She's honest nice and also willing to help anyone.

Custom userboxes of DOOM!Edit

FF Rinoa This user wants to be a angel.
FFVI logo This user is obsessed with Final Fantasy VI.

RandomEdit i guess.....
Zack ac

i bet no one saw that coming xD

Random TriviaEdit

  • I love White Mages.they rock!
  • I love FFVI. I think it's the best game in the world :).you call it obession i call it love :D
  • I have the same birthday as Cid Highwind.
  • Huge anime fangirl. Currently watching FMA:Brotherhood :).
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