• I live in Finland
  • I was born on November 15
  • My occupation is A dreamer, an artist
  • I am A boy
Picture of me JudgePuPu
Name Finalfreakfantasy
AKA Darth Freak, F. F. Freak,

Dr. Freak, TheFinalfreakfantasy

Date of Birth 15/11/1995
Age 14
Favourite Color Red
Job Class Blue Mage
Weapon Freak Sword
Abilities White Wind, Mighty Guard, 1000 Needles,

Goblin Punch, Annihilator

Summons Anima, Bahamut, Magus Sisters, Cuchulainn, Zalera, Zodiark,

Odin, Carbuncle, Tonberry

Favorite Pastime Playing with PlayStation 2, drawing,

writing, reading comics

Limit Breaks Freak Blast, Freak Slash, GET FREAKY!

I have started a [[Walkthrough:Final Fantasy V/Finalfreakfantasy|walkthrough for ps version of Final Fantasy V]] and a [[Walkthrough:Final Fantasy VIII/Finalfreakfantasy|walkthrough for Final Fantasy VIII]], so here's a shortcut for me there. Of course everyone else can check it out too.

Final Fantasy VIII Walkthru

My FF Game process Edit

  • Final Fantasy I Origins = Have to go kill the Vampire in Terra Cavern
  • Final Fantasy II Origins = Salamand first visit, I guess, haven't played in a looooong time
  • Final Fantasy III DS = Giant Rat defeated
  • Final Fantasy IV PS = Found Rosa from that village
  • Final Fantasy IV DS = Owned, not started
  • Final Fantasy V PS = Arrived to the first town in Galuf's world (Can't remember the name)
  • Final Fantasy VI PS = Terra became and Esper, the rest is mystery...
  • Final Fantasy VII = Woke Cloud up from his coma
  • Final Fantasy VIII = Completed
  • Final Fantasy IX = Headed for Conde Petie
  • Final Fantasy X = Completed, still have to beat the superbosses
  • Final Fantasy XII = Completed pretty much everything
  • Final Fantasy XIII = Completed, trophies 62 %
  • Final Fantasy X-2 (First FF I owned) = Completed 97 %
  • Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- = Completed (what a short game for an FF)
  • Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings = Chapter 4
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 = Completed, trophies 100 % (yay :D)
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII = Completed, trophies 52 %
  • Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light = Ehhhh? Started anew anyway

My Favourite Quotes Edit


"Your praying is in vain. It'll all be over soon! Mwuha hahahaha!"
-Ike Vil, Nightwish song The Kinslayer
"Are you angry? Do you hate me?"
-Saïx, Kingdom Hearts II
"Do or do not. There is no try."
-Yoda, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
"Where can I buy a phone?"
-Vincent Valentine, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
"I'd rather we skip the formalities"
-Luxord, Kingdom Hearts II
"But why is the rum gone?"
-CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

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ME! Edit


More about me:

1. I own Final Fantasies I and II (the Origins version), III (DS), IV (PS and DS) and V (Anthology European), VI, VII, Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XII: Revenant Wings and XIII. I think XII is the best.

2. I own lots of other games, like Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Digimon World 1, World 4 and Rumble Arena 2, and LEGO Star Wars 1 and 2.

3. I live in Finland and I wish that Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories would come to Europe.

4. I like chocolate, Nightwish, my family and all the electronic little things. I dislike annoying people, stupid people and liqourice.

5. I've always wanted to ride a chocobo; faster than the wind! :P

6. I prefer to hang around in small, rather than large groups.

7. I prefer brunettes, rather than blondes. (wink wink) X)

Plus to that, I'm a good drawer, and I still don't understand why that art teacher likes HIS work better than mine... Um... forget that, please.

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  • 1st - User:Finalfreakfantasy
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  • 25th - User:Finalfreakfantasy (Ooh, I love my User Page)
  • 50th - File:Final Fantasy IV Wallpaper.jpg
  • 100th - User:Finalfreakfantasy
  • 250th - User:Finalfreakfantasy (errm...)

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Which of these Nightwish songs do you like most?

The poll was created at 12:40 on November 17, 2009, and so far 6 people voted.

Wallpapers Edit

Here is some wallpapers I've made. You may use them, but DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN!!! I'll add more as soon as I make some. If you have a suggestion for a wallpaper, please, tell about your thoughts on my talk page.

Final Fantasy Wallpaper Final Fantasy II Wallpaper Final Fantasy III Wallpaper Final Fantasy IV Wallpaper Final Fantasy V Wallpaper Final Fantasy VI Wallpaper Final Fantasy VII Wallpaper Final Fantasy VIII Wallpaper Final Fantasy IX Wallpaper Final Fantasy X Wallpaper Final Fantasy XII Wallpaper

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My favourite Edit



FFXII logo
Final Fantasy XII, the Ultimate One. Final Fantasy XII, at first, seemed very different and beautiful. It is still. It has totally different battle system, different composer, different Summons, differently designed enemies and much, much more to do than in previous installments. Some of these improvements (if that's what you'd like to call them) are good and some of them not so good, take for the Summons for instance, not very useful in this game.

The story was tense and wonderful, as usual, but I don't really mind the plots in FF-games. What counts for me is the battle systems and music and characters, especially villains. Speaking of villains, the game has an antagonist I hate for looking like a character I hate. Laguna Loire. I mean...
OK, maybe his ramblings are OK and maybe suit, but his hair... I really, really hate that hair. But then again, Gabranth and the rest of the judges seem cool enough, and good ol' Dr. Cid.

The main character, whose name I won't say because I hate him, is mostly hated. Then again, the famous Balthier isn't, and why would he? He's perfect, from lines to appearance (though his shoes worry me) and his snappy Viera companion, Fran, he's every girl's (and guy's?) dream.

And there's a lot to do in this game? But, since this game looks so new and glamarous, it's hardly nostalgic. But then again, do they all have to?

2ND PLACE: Final Fantasy V
3RD PLACE: Final Fantasy X

Surprised? I didn't think so. After getting FFVII, I played it and thought, it's not so bad, so this came as the worst game. Bad leveling system, not so great characters, and I haven't played it much. Though, the Emperor is one of the coolest villains ever. And maybe because he seems cool in Dissidia. So yeah, this game isn't so great.



WhiteWind, ACTIVATE!!!

Ah, Blue Mages, the learners of the Enemy Skills. I am very depressed with the newest FF-games for not having Blue Mages. Well, you can't always win. There are numerous great Blue Mages, such as Quina (yes, s/he is), Quistis, Gun Mages... The list goes on.

Seriously, take a Blue Mage, learn some skills, use them, you win! Of course, there are some useless skills, but skills such as Mighty Guard, White Wind, 1000 Needles, Annihilator, all of them have found a place in my heart.

2ND PLACE: Summoner
3RD PLACE: Black Mage

Dancer... I mean, come on, this thing can only dance. Not much else. Some Dancers have effects, but they're hardly useful.


Caius Render FFXIII-2 OK, with FFXIII-2 appeared and completed, I switched Kefka to Caius.

Caius's theme, his voice, his weapon, the fact that he's immortal... He's awesome! And there always should be a touching back story to a villain. Well, Caius wants to help Yeul.

2ND PLACE: Kefka
3RD PLACE: ExDeath

Nah, his picture was already here. He's Vayne "Laguna-hair" Solidor.

I also could've put Jecht in here, because he sucks... as a villain. Seriously, he's a great character, but I refuse to call him a villain.


This game (FFIX) has the best soundtrack ever. Period.

Vamo' Alla Flamenco, You're Not Alone, The Dark Messenger, Battle Theme, Victory Fanfare, Mistaken Love, Zidane's Theme, Freya's Theme, Vivi's Theme, Jesters of the Moon... I could go on forever!

The only exceptions are probably Boss Battle and Final Boss Battle (though the intro's cool). But nevertheless, this soundtrack makes me feel many things, from sad to happy to epic. Yeah, I feel epic sometimes, is it so weird? I thought so.

2ND PLACE: Final Fantasy V
3RD PLACE: Final Fantasy VIII

Umm... Maybe... Nuh-uh. There's no such thing as a bad soundtrack for FF. Well, if you want worst, maybe this?

FFXIII-B 1280x1024
This didn't have very much memorable or "great" songs. Maybe two, Fighting Fate and Blinded by Light. But that's about it.

Also they weren't composed by Mr. Uematsu.


FFXIII-Lightning CG
Again, surprise?

Lightning is the coolest main character in many years. What with those apes from X and XII, she tops them all. She's good in battle, doesn't talk stupid things but I've never considered her hot. And why should I? She'd never notice me anyway.

And FFXIII was a good game. Not the best, but not the worst. So why not?

2ND PLACE: Squall (from FFVIII)
3RD PLACE: Cecil (from FFIV)

Due to their ugliness and idiocy, they didn't get their pictures here.

Divided worst place of a main character, Tidus from FFX and Vaan from FFXII!

Tidus, first main character to have a voice actor. They got J. A. Taylor, who sometimes knows his job, but this time... no. Just no. He squeaks, talks too much and has that horrible fake laugh!

Vaan, Y U NO WEAR A SHIRT?! He walks around bare-chested, yet never gets laid. Why? Because. He hasn't got any good lines, he speaks before he thinks and has a stupid VA. So... no.


Yeah, Fang rocks! More than Lightning, who is the main character (but then again, who is one in that game?).

Fang has the highest Strength in the game, tearing the game apart with her attacks. She is a kind of a Dragoon, and they're cool also. Highwind-attack is powerful and she has the best Summon in the game, Bahamut.

I use her in my main party, and why shouldn't I? With her, almost every battle is easy.

2ND PLACE: Kain Highwind (from FFIV)
3RD PLACE: Vincent Valentine (from FFVII)

Again... I don't put a picture. She's Penelo. Vaan's girlfriend. 'Nuff said.


Adamantoise ffx-2
Awwww, Adamantoises.... I'm a huge friend of tortoises and turtles, so this is my instant choice. I think that's 'nuff said.

I dislike killing these things, though. It's cruel.

2ND PLACE: Tonberries
3RD PLACE: Cactuars

Bleurgh! Malboros are nasty, annoying and might I add, their name is taken from a cigarette brand. And I hate cigarettes! I launch every Malboro I see into space and let them smell there as much as they like.

To be continued...



Score!ing table Edit


Final Fantasy: 8

Final Fantasy II: 4

Final Fantasy III: 8

Final Fantasy IV: 8.5

Final Fantasy V: 9.2

Final Fantasy VI: 8.9

Final Fantasy VII: Meh, I've grown to like it, 8.7

Final Fantasy VIII: 9

Final Fantasy IX: 8.8

Final Fantasy X: 9.5

Final Fantasy XI: N/A

Final Fantasy XII: 9.9 (Sorry, but nothing's perfect)

Final Fantasy XIII: 8.8

Final Fantasy X-2: 8

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-: 8.8

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