Truename Classified
Job Class Blue Summoner
Weapon Saber
Skill Control
Race Human
Spells Grand Delta, Hyperdrive, Heartless Angel, Ultima, Quasar, Limit Glove, Shockwave Pulsar, Pandora's Box, Shadowflare, Meltdown, Firaja, Blizzaja, Thundaja, Quakeja, Darkja, Holyja, Bioja, Waterja, Gravija, Aeroja
Summons Omega Weapon, Ultima Weapon, Warring Triad, Emerald WEAPON, Proto-Babil, Shinryu, The FFXII Espers, Anima, Ozma, Proto Phase
Limit Break Triad's Soul
Date of Birth 1994
Truename Kage
Job Class Blue Swordsman
Weapon Ame-no-Murakumo
Skill Flair
Race Human
Abilities All Parivir, Fencer, Spellblade, Raptor, Ravager, Templar, Paladin and Nightshade abilities in FFTA2
Summons Behemoth
Limit Break Renzokuken Mk. 13 (Always 13 attacks, finisher is Cloudy Heaven)
Date of Birth 1994

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Userb male This user is a male.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
User libra This user is a Libran.
StraightsymbolThis user identifies as heterosexual.
This user identifies as Jewish.
This user identifies as a member
of the Cult of Kefka.
User aspie This user has Aspergers Syndrome.
American-flag This user lives in the United States of America.
IThis user has completed Final Fantasy.
IVThis user has completed Final Fantasy IV.
V This user has completed Final Fantasy V.
VI This user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
TA This user has completed Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
TA2 This user has completed Final Fantasy Tactics A2:Grimoire of the Rift.
I This user is a fan of the original Final Fantasy.
IV This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV.
VThis user has completed Final Fantasy V.
VIThis user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
TA This user is a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
th_Spr_1y_025.png This user is the world's greatest Pokémon Master.
? This user doesn't care what console a game is for as long as it's fun.
th_User_browser_chrome.gif This user prefers Google Chrome.

Kefka Palazzo menu This user is dancing mad.



Lich-map This user will not be disturbed by mortal men!
Blackmage-ff1-gba This user is a Black Mage.


Minwu-PSP This user knows that those who live must some day die.


Arc This user is a 2nd generation light warrior. S/He is intelligent, but also kind of shy.


FF4PSP-CecilDKSprite Still, this user is just a Dark Knight.
FF4PSP-GolbezSprite This user did not come to treat with worms!


Exdeath-ffv-ios-portrait Simple-minded fools such as yourselves could never hope to understand this user's motives.
FFV iOS Gilgamesh Field Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! As for this user... It's Morphing Time!


FF6 Gogo Sprite iOS Is this user a woman? Or a man? Or should we ask?
FFVI Kefka Laugh iOS This user is a son of a submariner.
Kefkapoints Life...dreams...hope...these things, this user is going to DESTROY!
KaiserPortrait This user is the dealer of destruction... the font from which fear springs.


Userbox ff7-vincent This user's occupation is... forget it.


Vivi menu Does this user exist? Maybe s/he doesn't exist...

Ivalice Alliance

BalthierUserbox This user plays the Leading Man, who else?
FFT Cidolfus Orlandeau Portrait Long ago, this user was taught to strike from behind and keep their back to the wall.
FFTA ezel Judges rub this user the wrong way.
FFTA2-FrimeldaSprite This user walks the path s/he walks because it is theirs to walk.
FFTA2-IlluaSprite This user is the hero of the tale, after all. A story needs only one.


Userbox-DGolbez This user cares not for harmony nor discord.
Userbox-DKefka This user can't stop laughing!

ShinryuBox This user has defeated Shinryu in FF 1+2 DoS.
OmegaBox This user has defeated Omega in FFV.
ZeromusBox This user has defeated Zeromus EG.
EnuoBox This user has defeated Enuo.
KaiserBox2 This user has defeated Kaiser Dragon.

Tonberry This user believes in karma.

8-Bit Theater
FF3-NES-WhiteMage This user is actually God.
Sarda2 This user is the wizard who did it!

Personal Boxes
FFI-ReaperThis user is of the Death element
38pxThis user's favorite Esper is Zalera

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My other one


My third one in three days


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  • He HAS to show up and have Golbez as a Warrior of Cosmos

The Parivir

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