After Edge
Name FinalFighterA+
A.K.A Dustin, D.J., ect.
Job Class Nerd Ninja
Hometown Err...Eblan
Date of Birth 06\23\1988
Age The Above-Current Date=Current Age
Height Six something
IQ Uhhhh...
Weapon Obscure Useless Trivia
Spells NinJutSUUUU
Summons neither nerds nor ninja summon
limit breaks Kamehame-HA

I can't stand to see a pretty girl cry
―Edward "Edge" Geraldine, Final Fantasy IV

About meEdit

Since info bullets are generaly more interesting than a full-on biography thats what i'll be puttting here

Final Fantasy Stuff Edit

How I Discovered Final Fantasy Edit

It could be said that I got into Final Fantasy thanks to being a fan of Dragon Ball Z. When I was around 12 (give or take a year or two) I was surfing the web for DBZ games to emulate (yes, yes shame on me) and I had found Chrono Trigger and downloaded it under the assumtion that it was a DBZ game. I was pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise, though I had soon found my self stuck beyond repair and to my pleasent surprise the FF Chronicles guide was for sale at my local GameStop, (this was LOOOONG before i had heard anything about GameFaqs or the like) and after beating Chrono Trigger I had decided to try the game on the flip side of the guide which was Final Fantasy IV, and the rest, as they say, is history

Other Details Edit
  • FFIV is STILL my favorite Final Fantasy
  • With VI and IX in second and third
  • I do like FFVII quite a bit, but it is WAY overrated
  • I generaly dont ship couples, whatever presented in the games is usualy fine with me, but I do love me some Edge X Rydia, even if thats bit fey
  • It probably isn't hard to tell but my favorite FF character is Edge, I would say why but I dont want to fill my user page with alot of musings on why Edge is awesome
  • I dont hate any Final Fantasy they all have their good and bad points and the good usualy out weighs the bad at leat with the main series
    • Same goes with the characters I don't hate any of 'em in fact some of the least liked characters I like the most
      • I honestly dont get why so many people dislike Yuffie, Cait Sith, Zell, and the like
  • I don't acctualy own I, II, V, & VI per se their all emulated

Random Me Stuff Edit

  • I'm a HUGE nerd and proud of it
  • I used to have a ponytail, my parents hated it but I kept it for at least four years, after it wsa cut I dicovered my hair had curled, go figure
  • I have been professionally diagnosed with ADHD, what that boils down to is that I have a short attention span, i'm hyper-active.
  • I HATE HATE HATE IT when people self diagnose themselves with things like that. It's not fun, edgey, or cool in fact its a major weight on my social life, if you can even call it that at this point, it's not some thing you want
  • I spend to much time on the computer
  • For some reason I make friends much easier with girls than guys, not that i'm complaining, hehe
  • I still watch ALOT of cartoons
    • Though my opinion of most cartoons these days is low
  • I probably play way too much video games, though i dont plan to stop anythime soon
  • I tend to obsess over things
    • Like games
      • And movies
        • And manga
          • And graphic novels
  • I'm a huge flirt, and i'm good at it too *wink*
  • I cant type emoticons, it makes me feel idiotic, yet for some reason putting sound effects in between stars doesn't...

My Talk BubblesEdit

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Final Fantasy Favorite Tables Edit


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IX This Space For Rent
Story Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IX WE HAVE HBO!
Graphical Style Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XI Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy I
Soundtrack Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy VI ...
Cast Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IX FF X-2 too small
World Earth Gaia World of Ruin *yawn*
Final Dungeon Lunar Ruins The Void Kefka's Tower Memoria
Final Battle Kefka Neo Exdeath Zeromus The Undying


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist
Female Protagonist
Male Supporting Character
Female Supporting Character
Female Love Interest
Female Bubbly Ditz
Temporary Player Character
Minor Villain
Recurring Boss
Biggs and Wedge
I Character
II Character
III Character
IV Character
V Character
VI Character
VII Character
VIII Character
IX Character
X Character
X-2 Character
XII Character
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