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Greetings and salutations, you've just found my userpage... If you were expecting to find a treasure chest here, then you are out of luck. I go by the alias Fenrir9 or simply Fenrir around these parts. After lurking around the wiki for some time, I decided to help out the community. Mostly because there were plenty of information missing on the older games (pre-PS2). At the time, the Final Fantasy Tactics pages were missing quite a lot of stuff on them. Along with a few other wikians, we change that and vastly improved it. That was the very first big project I help with on this wiki. According to the Welcome template on my talk page, September 13th of 2011 is the date that I joined.

About Me and RPGs

I don't have any loyalty to any particular company, as long as whoever makes a good/decent/interesting/entertaining RPG. I'll check it out and play it if I judge it to be good or decent.

Other non-Final Fantasy games that I've played includes the Star Ocean series, Valkyrie Profile series, Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series, Tales Of series, Chrono series, Earthbound/Mother series, Mana/Seiken series, SaGa series, Dragon Quest series, .hack, Pokémon, and lots of not well known or non series RPGs (stand alone games) such as Eternal Sonata, Odin Sphere, and Radiata Stories. I've played lots of RPGs, but forgotten most of them... I only remember bits and pieces.

I once did played other games, non-RPG games such as the Zelda series, Harvest Moon series, Mario Kart series, fighting games, and much more. But I haven't played any of the recent ones. I'm currently semi-retired from gaming, I will play occasionally from time to time, but I can assure you that I play a lot less than I used to.

The FFWiki and Me

My contributions to the wiki is mainly focus on inserting missing information and fixing up misinformation on games that I known and personally tested. I have amass vast knowledge on the earlier Final Fantasy games due to the fact that they were release in a timely fashion a long time ago. You had the time to play the game, after finishing it and finding everything the game offered, you started to hack the game with a cheating device and explore its hidden contents. I do not consider myself an expert in hacking/hex editing, but I do know a few basic stuff.

Regardless if a game is crappy or not, it still deserve to be covered. All games, regardless of being awesome or not should have equal coverage.

In terms of regular contribution, I basically place lots of missing information (expand articles), disambiguation pages, etymologies, correct misinformation, and upload missing or useful images for a variety of games. In terms of heavy or major contribution, a full list would be way too long so I'll simply just list the games that I consider heavy contribution on my part.