"A pro isn't someone who sacrifices themselves for a job. That's just a fool."
―Reno, Final Fantasy VII

I was thinking whilst roaming the site as a non-member. I thought: What harm would come of joining up? So here I am!

I always go by the saying: You can knock me down but I will get back up again(And again, and again, and again)

Chocobo Knight
My poor but best attempt at adding a picture
Name FantasyFinal
A.K.A Drew
Job Class Warrior
Level 60
Weapon Apocolypse
Magic Firaja, Curaja, Wall, Aura
Summons Bahamut, Knights of the Round, Eden,
Limit Breaks Omnislash, Chaos
Armour Mystile
Acc Ribbon

I am a maniac about Final Fantasy 7 and for some reason every time I'm on my computer I listen to it's music. I recently completed FF8 and it wasn't hard... Just a pain in the neck. I defeated the first 3 ok, but the 4th one wouldn't die! It was Eden, Apocalypse, Bahamut on and on then it killed my Eden so then it was Doomtrain, Bahamut, Apocalypse. But I did it, eventually.

I took two FF quizes recently. The result is next to the quiz taken. FF Class/Job Quiz: Squire

Which FF character are you?: Zack from FF7

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