Name Fallen-Todesengel
A.K.A Caitlin, Todesengel, Fallen, That-Random-Editor
Job Class Insane Clown
Hometown Somewhere over there. Or..Is it that way..
Date of Birth April 15th
Age Older than the milk in your fridge.
Height Barely making 5 foot
IQ -69 (Yeah, I'm THAT immature..)
Weapon Keyboard of Your Demise.
Summons Ashura. And Kjata.
Limit breaks Edit. Re-edit. Revert edit.
Favourite Final Fantasy VIII or XIII

Stop it!

Lightning, Final Fantasy XIII

You can't do that. You love me too much. Don't you, Claire?

Barthandelus as Serah, Final Fantasy XIII

o.o Umm so..Heya. :D

I is Caitlin. Nice to meet ye? I'm kinda new to the account thing, but I've been looking at this Wiki for what seems like forever. So, I'll be here to help support teh Wiki as best as I can! :D

Nothing left to fear, l'Cie
Cradled in eternity
Shore of sand, your fate awaits.
Oh surrender in the light.
- Dust to Dust

Live for your soul, resist now.
Yes, choose to fight.
Although it seems so far to be a perfect day.
Lift up your hands, and redeem your pride.
- Will to Fight

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Warning: Loads of BS follows. (Skip section)

Well. I guess to put it blandly, I'm just a 15 year old girl from Illinois that is obsessed with Final Fantasy. Born on the playgrounds is where I spent most of my days. I just chilled and relaxed and it was all cool as I shot basketball outside the school. Then a couple of guys that were up to no good bullies came around and then I was forced to go live with my Uncle cousins because of my Mother out of fear..Oh, wait, this sounds a little familiar.

On a more serious note, I dislike vandals. A lot. Fighting them is are my job. Therefore, I frequent the Recent Changes box. A lot. If you are so compelled to know more about me, ask any questions. I'm open to anything except a few things. So..

Game(s)play(ed)[edit | edit source]

So. I've played a lot of Final Fantasy. Probably not as much as all you other guys out there, but I'ma get there!

Games I own:

Do note: + indicates completion.

Where I am in those I haven't completed:
IV - Final Dungeon. In the room next to Plague. :D
VI - About to enter Kefka's tower.
Dirge - Eh. I don't even remember. Hated the game, refuse to play it anymore. Though, maybe I'll pick it up once I'm done with IV..
Revenant Wings - That volcano where all those special viera are murdered by the Winged Judge. Forgot her name, it's been so long. Dunno if I'll pick it up again.
Tactics Advance - Haven't even started yet, sadly..
Tactics: WotL - Started, but haven't gotten far at all.

Music[edit | edit source]

Uh, well. I like a lot of the soundtracks. Some of my favourites were as follows:

  • Final Fantasy I OST
  • Final Fantasy VII OST
  • Final Fantasy VIII OST
  • Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections
  • Final Fantasy XII OST
  • Final Fantasy XIII OST

Out of all, VIII or XIII were my favourites. I enjoyed XIII's music so much, I was compelled to purchase the Limited Edition Soundtrack. Which I haven't listened to yet for fear of scratching the disk.

A few of my favourite tracks from the series are:

From The Edge of Despair and Tifa's Theme (VII)

Breezy, The Extreme, and The Oath (VIII)

A few songs I don't know the names of from XII

Defiers of Fate, Sabers Edge, The Promise, Lightning's Theme, Daddy's Got The Blues, and Dust to Dust (XIII)

Contributions[edit | edit source]

Eh. I guess I might as well put a silly section in here that says everything I do...

Most of my edits are fixing Galleries, which I hate doing. It passes the time though, and helps out the wiki, so I really can't complain. I also do a lot of labeling articles with templates, my favourite of which being the IncompleteTable one (I've done a lot of those recently, mostly with Japanese and Romanji names.) Then, I do what just about everyone else does, fix grammar and spelling and make stuff sound correct. I like to fight vandals though. That's always fun.

Notable Edits:

  • 1,000 - Fixing the gallery of Wall Market. Yeah, it looks pretty 'cause of me. Don't I feel accomplished?

Textbox[edit | edit source]

Cactoid Summon.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Awards[edit | edit source]

Ophan Dark FFXIII.png "We are the abandoned one. Born, but now to--" *dies*
This cluttered eyesore is to certify that Fallen-Todesengel has completed Jeppo's Challenge #10!

So how does it feel, slaying orphans in under five minutes, eh? How does it feel!?


Woot! My first award! I defeated Orphan in aprox. 3.27 minutes. It was tough, but it was awesome at the same time. Thanks Jeppo! Now, to pursue more of your challenges!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Is currently in JROTC and was going wanted to join the Air Force but, influnced by many close friends, had decided not to. That might change though.
  • Is a Sophmore in High School. Yes. Amazing, eh?
  • Plays Battle.net on Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Fallen-Star :D?
  • Knows very little German and basic French as well as very good English. Considering English is her native language, that is.
  • Loves Kuja. And loathes all momma's boys.
  • Likes to talk in thirdperson, if you couldn't tell.

Personal[edit | edit source]

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Likes FF way too much.PNG This user most definitely likes
Final Fantasy WAY too much
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Character[edit | edit source]

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Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

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