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Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game VII IX Tactics X-2 wait thats not a game.. VIII
Story VII Tactics X They all have pretty good stories yo.
Graphical Style X VII VI Tactics
Soundtrack VII VI X Tactics
Characters Rufus Auron Kefka Tidus
World World of Ruin (VI) VII's World Ivalice Spira
Monsters Tonberry Behometh Marlboro IDK
Final Dungeon Northern Cave Kefka's Tower Ultemecia's Castle Sin
Final Battle Safer Sephy(the music makes it) Kefka Ultemecia Yu Yevon
Battle system ATB Tactics Is there another?? --
Level Up System Kill and Level up wit EXP --- --- --
Skill System Materia Espers Sphere Grid(BAD) Draw(Terrible)
Limit Breaks Trance Limit(VII) VIII Desperation(too rare)
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