Name FF9
Job Class Fighter, Warrior, Thief, Time Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, Commando, Ravager, Medic, Sentinel, Synergist, Saboteur, Paladin, Dark Knight.
Date of Birth
Weapon Ultima Weapon; Lion Heart
Summons Moogle; Odin; Bahamut; Gilgamesh
Limit breaks Omnislash; Lionheart

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Information About MyselfEdit

I come from the Channel Islands, near the U.K. and I first started playing video games from a young-ish age, I first played I played a Final Fantasy game was for the original PlayStation and all the ones I have played are on the PlayStation brand consoles; with the exception of playing Final Fantasy VII over again for PC when I purchased the re-release from steam. I've played games for Playstation, Playstation 2, 3, PSP, Vita, Gameboy and digitally on PC.

Final Fantasies I've PlayedEdit

I have played a lot of Final Fantasies and completed a few to 100% and have completed the story on nearly all the ones I've played. I try to complete all Final Fantasies 100%, by getting Ultimate Weapons (Best/Strongest/Most effective and beneficial weapons), the best armor, beat all superbosses in the game if there's any etc.,but that is very difficult on any Final Fantasy game.

All Final Fantasies I own are all original copies on their original platforms, unless mentioned, so that means I have a PS1, a PS2, a PS3 and a PSP. I have Numbers VII (7) - X (10) Platinum (European equivalent to North America's Greatest Hits).

Final FantasyEdit

Not played the original but have played the PSP version and completed it but don't have 'Ultimate Weapons' or Armor but have decent enough armor and weapons to complete the game. I completed it in 20-30 hours with a party of Warrior, Thief, White Mage and Black Mage; I got them all to their upgraded classes of Knight, Ninja, White Wizard and Black Wizard.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Don't have the original of this game but have played the PSP version; Haven't completed this game fully, story-wise, but have got nearly all max stats for each character; I have Firions best weapon/ultimate weapon,Ragnarok,Marias best weapon/ultimate weapon Artemis Bow,Guys best weapon/ultimate weapon Gigantaxe, Minwu's best weapon/ultimate weapon Staff of Light and Gordons best weapon/ultimate weapon Gungnir; these ultimate weapons are the reason I have near max stats for all characters that have them.

I have not played the bonus dungeon yet, Soul of Rebirth and as mentioned above, I have not completed the full story as I'm stuck at the Jade Passage and Pandaemonium area, constantly being defeated by Death Rider's.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Got the PSone classic version off the PlayStation Store and haven't completed it but am at the final dungeon just before Exdeath and can't complete the game due to under leveling.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Got the PSOne Classic off the PlayStation Store but I'm not sure how far in I am.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Crisis Core is one of my all time favourite PSP games. I defeated Minerva and found her easy. I also thought that the story was great but annoyingly linear and thought that the shinra building could of been more explorable otherwise it was great and the combat system was interesting and fun. I thought it was one of the best combat systems in the series. I have all summons and chocobo mode summons on the DMW and especially needed them against some of the harder missions.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Final Fantasy VII was the third game I played in the Final Fantasy series and as you can see by the template above I have beaten Ruby and Emerald weapons. Ruby Weapon got totally annihilated as I used Hades a lot and Knights of the Round without fully maxed characters, i had everyones best weapon and level 4 limits. Emerald Weapon wasn't as easy as Ruby for me (and probably for a lot of users who have defeated it), even though i had best weapons, all level 4 limits for everyone. It was very hard as I forgot to unequip some materia so aire tam storm did 9,999 to all characters but I had Phoenix linked with Final Atttack so I kept being revived. I also have all materia including Master Command, Master Summon and Master Magic but only got those from the Kalm traveler.

For both fights I used Hero Drinks in order to do high dealing damage with Knights Of The Round but interestingly of the two superbosses i went against Emerald first and beat it first.

Bought the PC Re-release off steam when it came out, since I've completed the game multiple times before I've been playing round with save editors, even though i personally don't agree with them it was really to do debug room stuff. Also obtained all achievements on steam.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Final Fantasy VIII was the first Final Fantasy Game I played and I loved it, though there were flaws as the whole time compression thing confused me at first but after a few playthroughs I got it. The Junction system was annoying and I didn't like the whole 'strenght boost lvl up' or 'mag boost lvl up', It was a stupid way to get 'max stats' but junctioning GF's to characters was ok and the compatibility stat on each made me think as to who should get it.I have defeated Ultima Weapon but I haven't beaten Omega Weapon, well not properly, cause i used The End, so i guess that doesn't count. All my characters are lvl 100 plus I have all GF's, all are lvl 100 except Eden, I have all magic apart from apocalypse which you get from Ultimecias last form but I always use it against her for fun, and I have all Ultimate Weapons and Limits which means I have learnt all of the Angelo techniques.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Final Fantasy IX was the second Final Fantasy I played and I obtained all Ultimate Weapons (apart from Excalibur II), Trance abilities and learned all magic stone abilities (i.e bird killer, long reach).I defeated Ozma, as you can see above, with LVL 65-99 characters (Zidane, Amarant and Steiner all 99) but used a party of Zidane (of course because you can't switch him out of the main party), Freya, Eiko or Garnet, Vivi and Quina. Had all Ultimate Weapons, Trance Abilities and magic stone abilities when i fought against it. I used two player controller setup against him.

I completed the Chocobo Hot and Cold minigame (Obtained all Chocographs, got all chocobo colours, *yay, Gold can fly* and dug up all treasures in one round of chocobo forest, lagoon shallow and deep and air garden digging.)

Final Fantasy XEdit

I completed the sphere grid (Beginner and Expert) but didn't get Max Stats from it as I haven't obtained any clear spheres but put all the hp, strength etc. spheres on the all ready clear nodes. I have a few different save files and have all the Celestial Weapons on all the save files, all are maxed out with their crests and sigils apart from Lulu's(only crest). I can hit 99,999 damage with a normal hit on any enemy, have earnt every characters Overdrive's apart from Auron's and have defeated the Dark Aeons, Dark Shiva, Dark Ifrit, Dark Magus Sisters (Dark Cindy, Dark Mindy and Dark Sandy) and Dark Valefor.

I have defeated Ultima and Omega Weapons, there is only one word for them.Easy. I have also obtained all Aeons, Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, Bahamut, Yojimbo, Anima and Magus Sisters and they can all hit 99,999 each. Anima and Magus Sisters hit 99,999 on each hit of their overdrives.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

I don't know why everyone hates this one and calls it 'a bad sequel to an already good game'. I think they're wrong, it had a great combat/battle system, the story was decent. I have all the Dressphere's with all master abilities, apart from the specials as I have one of the key items for break limits and not two, so they have one more ability to learn and master. I have defeated Trema and all of the via infinito bosses, obtained all blue magic skills apart from cry in the night which you get from the oversoul Mega Tonberry, who is almost impossible to get it off, and obtained 100% complete. Strangely I played this before X.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

I don't get why loads of people say this game is bad, I thought it was a good addition to the series and that the characters had there own story and I don't know why everyone hates Vaan, I think that he was the main character not Balthier and this is because the story is shown through his eyes and the story is interesting, as it is his story, he is an orphan and wants to take down the Empire with his friend Penelo and meets people on the way, who can help him with this task.

I thought the battle system was interesting and the hunts were a good sidequest, but they could of made them repeatable, and I have completed them all apart from Yiazmat, as I haven't been asked to fight him even though I usually attempt the Superbosses of each Final Fantasy game, I have beaten Hell Wyrm, he was Easy. I have obtained all Espers, the hardest one for me, and most annoying to unlock, was Cúchulainn and I found all the others Easy but I don't know why lots of people think Zodiark is hard. I have the Zodiac Spear, The Tournesol, The Saggitarius and Loads of Other High ranking Weapons. I haven't beaten Omega as he is too hard and just destroys me and he is also annoying to get to.

I have all the Magick and Technick's and have completed the license board.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

I have 55-70% of Trophies for this game. I have got most Rank 2 Weapons eg. Helter Skelter, Malboro Wand. A lot of Mastered weapons, two rank 3/ final version weapons.

I have passed Titan's Trials, completed the Commando, Ravager, Medic, Sentinel, Saboteur and Synergist roles but not for every character, hit over 100,000/One Hundred Thousand damage plus, got two Genji Gloves out of three and have completed most missions.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

I have completed it, got all fragments, all paradox endings and have 100% of Trophies.

I, like every other Final Fantasy I have played, loved Final Fantasy XIII-2 and have, like mentioned above, got all fragments which means i have defeated every enemy. There are bad parts to this game for me, captain cryptic, loading times can be long at times and some of the Caius battles are time-consuming which can be annoying when getting the paradox endings.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Played it but not much, haven't done much in game played about 6 hours. Plan to get back to it soon.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

I have completed the main story mode of Dissidia, unlocked Shantotto and Gabranth by completing the extra game modes you get, by completing Shade Impulse, Distant Glory I think they're called.

I have got every character level 100, got Clouds, Sephiroth, Squall and I think Ultimecia's best weapon's as I cant be asked to get mega elixirs from duel colosseum, as it takes too long sometimes, can't be asked to battlegen as the goldstar accesories usually have a low percentage of being won and you need to meet certain achievements in battle ie. break, exburst an enemy, land a HP attack.

I haven't completed Inward Chaos as Chaos is too hard and usually annihilates me but the battles before him are fairly easy.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Got it the day after it came out (26th March). This game is awesome, completed the main 012 story part of the game four days after I got the game. 30 hours total as I had a lot of free time to play it.

I have also completed Light to All (Dissidia main story and defeated the final boss chaos) in it, Confessions of the Creator and unlocked Feral Chaos, and have got him and every character to Level 100.

I have also bought every DLC from PSN and have got the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Cecil voucher and have his costume in game.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete CollectionEdit

Got it the day after it came out (April 23rd) and took me 10's of hours to complete Final Fantasy IV, but I haven't done the lunar ruins yet or any ones trials on mount ordeals, so I haven't completed it 100%.

I have completed Final Fantasy IV The Interlude and have played and completed all the Final Fantasy IV The After Years tales apart from the last one which is about half way through.

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD RemasterEdit

Bought the PS3 version, no longer being interested in the Vita Version. Begun playing it, oh the memories! Playing games in order. Almost at the end of X, though am aiming to upgrade all celestial weapons and complete the sphere grid with every character, complete the monster arena and defeat all dark aeons and penance since I was never able to in the original. X-2 may be started soon, looking forward to the previously Japanese only content. To me such a worthwhile purchase. Also own the PS4 Version

Final Fantasy Type-0 HDEdit

Never played the original PSP game but played the japanese demo.

Now have the HD Version for PS4, FR4ME Limited Edition, and am absolutely loving the game. It is an amazing game, I'm trying to level up every character evenly and to obtain 100% completion, which looks like an extraordinary task - Hardest diffulty, unlock all equipment, scenes, all trophies, max level with all characters etc.

Completed the game and currently on NG+.

Games I'm Looking Forward ToEdit

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Too bad they've hardly revealed anything about it and its been in development for ages when they've released many Final Fantasy games since its announcement as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Previously stated that the PS4 Final Fantasy would be interesting if it was XV and it has been confirmed!

Game looked amazing at TGS 2014 and makes me want it even more, hopefully get to play the demo with Type 0's release. Got Type-0 FR4ME Limited Edition, and played the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo.

Games I Want To PlayEdit

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

As it is my aim to play every main Final Fantasy that isn't online/MMORPG. But I can't get the original it's Japanese, then there's the English Nintendo DS Version but I don't like the DS and I'm not to sure what the PSP version is like.

Other Gaming Series I PlayEdit

Assassin's CreedEdit

First played this series with Assassin's Creed Bloodlines on PSP, but have since then played the first Assassin's Creed for PlayStation 3.


First played this after downloading it from the PlayStation Network, though I haven't finished it even though I usually go through with finishing games to the end.


First played the original Burnout for PlayStation 2, then didn't play Burnout until Burnout 3: Takedown also for PlayStation 2. Ended up playing a bit of Burnout 2: Point Of Impact then bought Burnout Dominator and Burnout Legends for PSP.

Call Of DutyEdit

First played Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One for PlayStation 2. Came back to the series for Call Of Duty World At War and frequented going on multiplayer and this trend continued for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call Of Duty Black Ops and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 but also played and completed campaigns for the last 2.


Started off with Driver for PlayStation and moved on to Driver 2 Back On The Streets for PlayStation but haven't picked up on the series since.


Been playing the series since FIFA Football 2004 and frequently played since then and also bought FIFA Football for PlayStation Vita.

Grand Theft AutoEdit

Started the series with Grand Theft Auto for PlayStation and played Grand Theft Auto London 1969 for PlayStation. Played Grand Theft Auto III for PlayStation 2, Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories for PlayStation 2 and PSP, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PlayStation 2, Grand Theft Auto IV for PlayStation 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories digitally downloaded for PSP and played on PlayStation Vita and Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City PlayStation 3 digital download. Own Grand Theft Auto V aswell.


Was introduced to the series through Hitman: The Triple Hit Pack for PlayStation 2 then played Hitman Absolution for PlayStation 3 digital download.


First played Killzone for PlayStation 2, Killzone: Liberation for PSP and then Killzone 3 for PlayStation 3.

Metal Gear SolidEdit

Started playing Metal Gear Solid series with Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for PSP then bought Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PlayStation Vita.

Pro Evolution SoccerEdit

Played Pro Evolution Soccer 2005 for PlayStation 2 then Pro Evolution 2007 for PlayStation 2, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 for PlayStation 2 then Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for PSP, Pro Evolution 2011 for PSP and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 for PSP.

Need For SpeedEdit

Only played the one Need For Speed game; Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 for PlayStation Vita.


Played Pokemon Yellow for Game boy and Pokemon Red for Game boy, went on to play Pokemon Silver for Game boy Advance but didn't like it so stuck with the original two for Game boy for years and haven't gone back to the series after stopping playing it.

Resident EvilEdit

Took a gamble when buying Resident Evil 4 HD off the PlayStation Network as i didn't really know what it was about apart from zombie action killing, but enjoyed it and bought Resident Evil 5 off the PlayStation Network and Resident Evil 6 off the PlayStation Network.


Played multiplayer on Resistance for Playstation 3, played on Resistance Retribution for PSP completing the story and doing multiplayer, and I have played Resistance Burning Skies for PlayStation Vita.


Played Tekken for PlayStation, Tekken 3 for PlayStation, Tekken 4 (Platinum Edition) for PlayStation 2, Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP and Tekken 6 for PSP and briefly for PlayStation 3.


Only played Uncharted Drakes Fortune for PlayStation 3 and considered buying Uncharted Golden Abyss for PlayStation Vita but didn't. Have now played and beaten all 4 main Uncharted games plus the Lost Legacy.

Fantastic games and a great series.

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