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Final Fantasy Game Revews!!!!Edit

Yes, here im just going to review all the Final Fantasy games I own or will own in the near future, starting with...

Final Fantasy 1 - I borrowed my friends psp version of this, and dispite haveing no plot whatsoever and a battle system which reminds me of pokemons good old days (red, blue, yellow and alough ive never played it, green, the rest of them sucked) its a very good game. I just reached the new chaos shrine, but im - predictably - lost. I'll buy my own copy when I see it in my local Game store.

Final Fantasy 2 - I don't own this yet but I'll get it when I see the psp version in my local Game store.

Final Fantasy 3 - Im getting a ds for passing my exams in August so im getting this, Final Fantasy 4 and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days with it.

Final Fantasy 4 - See above.

Final Fantasy 5 - It looks terable and the gba version is hidiously expensive in Europe, so untill there is another remake im probably not getting this one for a looooooooong time.

Final Fantasy 6 - Dispite the price I bought the gba version, because everyone says its the best 2D Final Fantasy game, and I would have to agree with them there. Unfortunatly I cant actually SEE the game as I was one of those stupid idiots who bought an origional gba, so untill I get my ds I wont be continueing it. I just reached Narshe.

Final Fantasy 7 - Finaly a game i can do a PROPER reveiw of. This is the best game ever made. Period. Sure Squenix have done a great job of RUINING IT with those crappy sequils but the main game is all you should care about. Seriously if you don't own it, GET IT, either on psn (f#$& you 360 fanboyz) or the good old ps1 disks. I have both. Can I not put its awesomeness into words? Yes. Am I a Final Fantasy 7 fanboy? Yes, but I can accept that it has failings and that other Final Fantasy games are good. Do I own a ps3, wii and 360? Yes. Will i stop talking like this? Yes.

Final Fantasy 8 - Don't get me STARTED on how bad this game is. It was a complete let down after the awesome epicness of Final Fantasy 7, whats worse I had to buy it TWICE because disk 3 of my platinum version doesnt work on my ps3 and i was NOT restarting this game on my ps2, but now its (finally) out on psn in Europe I can finish it. By the way if your looking for a revew of this game go to as this game is far too worthless for me to reveiw. I just got the Ragnarock.

Final Fantasy 9 - This is a REALLY good game, and deffinatly far too under rated. The problem is that crap i just not revewed because i hated it too much. Yes, Final Fantasy 8 is the reason why Final Fantasy 9 was under rated. Its a real shame as this game is one of the best. Seriously, GET IT.

Final Fantasy 10 - This game USED to be quite good in my eyes, not as good as Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy 9, but better than quite a few games I own, one of which should be quite ovious to you by now. The graphics were really good back in the day but are showing their age, especially in comparason to Final Fantasy 13. Its story wasn't bad either, as long as you try to for get about certain scenes in it (im thinking of that gay Tidus and Yuna fake laughing scene.) The main problem I had in this game wont affect most people in this wiki, but I, as youve probably decifered by now, have the European version, and so i can take on the infamous Dark Aeons and Penenance, but the training and item colecting to make the ultimate armors for everyone was just mindnumbingly boring, but eventually I did defeat all of them, and instantly afterwards declared that i would never play it again, even though i never finnished Tidus' ultimate armor, because of getting all those mother f#$&ing dark matters is worse that drawing 100 of every spell in Final Fantasy 8. So, yes get this game, but if you live in Europe dont take on the Dark Aeons if you like it...

Final Fantasy 11 - Never played it, and I probably never will. Its mostly because the ps2 version was never released here, which is bull crap on squares part, im not getting an xbox 360 gamer tag and so since its an online game it would be pointless to buy (seriously £40 per year for a servace which is hardly and better than the FREE psn. I call shinanagans!) and finally that fabled ps3 version of Final Fantasy 11 doesn't seem to be happening. At least SOME infromation would be nice...

Final Fantasy 12 - The story is spot on, which hadn't happened since Final Fantasy 9, as for every thing else however... The battle system is stupid (seriosuly it feels like its still in beta stage,) there are all these bullshit puzzles throughout the game which are impossible to solve unless your very lucky *cough*walkthrough*cough**cough* but the graphics (the fmv ones at least) have yet to be bettered on 360 *cough*no bluray means crap disk space*cough**cough* sorry ive got a bad cold at the moment... Anyway, I just got to "hell" in...that place i forgot what its called. See Bluehighwinds walkthrough about it. Im too Lazy. I really want to finnish it before Final Fantasy 13 comes out but im still playing that crappy game i downloaded a few days ago off psn which i shall not name anymore.

Spin OffsEdit

Be advised there will be no salvation here for these games have all been damned by myself and most of the rest of this wiki...

Final Fantasy 10-2 - Stupid, obnoxious, non-sensical, over the top and generally bad all round. This game choaks balls. Im on chapter 3 and I doubt I shall be finnishing anytime soon.

Final Fantasy 7 - Advent Children - Complete - WOW... just WOW, this is THE WORST MOVE I HAVE EVER OWNED. I dropped £20 pre-ordering this off Amazon over the summer and I wish I hadn't because alough it had prity graphics, very prity graphics, it was stupid and very, very dumb. And Tifa killed what little creadbility this movie had. "Dilly-Dally Shilly-Shally!"

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy 7 - The best of the Compalation of Final Fantasy 7, but by no means a good game. Top three over used quotes, "Angeal!!!!!!!!!!" "Protect your honour, as SOLDIER!" and "The gift of the godess"

Dirge of Cerbrus - Final Fantasy 7 - The WORST game that I own. The plot is rubbish, the battle system is shit and so I shall probably never finnish it, not even on easy mode. I just stabbed Azul with his own freeking gun.

Final Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions - Its not that bad, its just very hard. I just saw Ramsas dad die.

Crystal Defenders - I could have bought any version I wanted and I settled on the third worst one, the psn version. Second worst is the xbox 360 version and worst is the wiis. Its basicly a tower defense game. Dont waste your money guys, just google serch tower defense.

Dissidia Final Fantasy - Its alright, the battle system is exelent, but the chess bord story mode and the overly extended game via. achevements and mognet made me quit playing early as Im not even sure its possible to get them all. Ive finished all the storys (including the last one) with Terra. She pwns.

Kingdom HeartsEdit

I would have thrown them in with the rest of the spinoffs but their too good to fall under the criteria I placed in the opening paragraph of it. Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 were THE BEST ps2 games relesed, and I've finnished both 5 times each, I haven't even played Final Fantasy 7 that much. BUY THEM BOTH. As for Chain of Memorys, again its a case of I can't see it becase of my crappy gba and Squenix never relesed the ps2 version over here!

The FutureEdit

Final Fantasy 13 - I have very high hopes for this game, infact the reson why im online right now is to preorder the colectors edition from (mostly for the proper box art, I dont like that picture of lightning on it.) Im really glad they chaned the theme tune to "My Hands" because the Japaneese one was terable. This one is epic. >:( at Squenix for letting 360 fanboys have it.

Final Fantasy Verses 13 - It may be a spin off, but it looks to be a VERY GOOD spin off. I hope its as good as i want it to be...

Final Fantasy Ajito 13 - This one however doesnt look as good, but 2/3 isn't bad I guess...

Final Fantasy 14 - Its an MMO.... what do you think its going to be like? At least I can PLAY this one, however, and if it comes out by the end of this year at least I can get my Mum to pay the subscription fees...

Other Games I PlayEdit

Assasins Creed - 2 was way better than 1, but i prefer 1. Can't wait for the next dlc to come out.

SSX games - all generally quite good

Tony Hawk games - it has its up and down games, and set a new low with Tony Hawk: Ride

Metal Gear Solid - I downloaded MGS 1 off psn and it is EPIC. Ill get more MGS games soon.

Ps Final Fantasy 7 RULES!

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