Japanese name 朱雀
Job Dragon Knight
Abilities Jump
Dragon Sword
Dragon Arts
Age 25
Weapon Lances

Hello, you can call me Suzaku.

I'm a former site staff member at the Advent network, where I worked as a news, magazine, and guidebook (Ultimania, etc.) translator as well as a content manager for Crisis I managed and wrote the majority the Final Fantasy IV the After: Tsuki no Kikan wikipedia article before it was transferred to this wikia, and I am also in the process of a full game script translation for the game (all dialogue through the conclusion of the Rydia chapter is currently complete).

Much of my work for can now be found at, and though I have declined a staff position there in favor of working as a "free agent", I still post translations and take part in discussions from time to time on the forums.

I am an administrator of the Vampire Hunter D Wikia.

My wikipedia username is WtW-Suzaku.

FFIVTA Band AbilitiesEdit

User:FF-Suzaku/FFIVTA Band Abilities

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