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Well my name is Evan, and I hail from a little spot on the globe we call New Zealand (first country that gets to see New Year's Eve, I might add, being the first beside the International Date Line). I was brought to this world in 1990, on October 7th. Thus, it shall become a public holiday when I become Earth's Emperor, Fwuahahah! ahem.. As a gamer, I stick mainly with Strategy and RPG's, Final Fantasy of course being one of my favorite series, and Definitely FFV for it's primary antagonist, Exdeath, whom half of my nickname is taken from. The other half of the nickname comes from the final boss of Breath of Fire 2, My other all-time-favorite RPG game. The boss of course being Deathevn.


Exdeath - FFV

Anything else you want to know, go ahead and ask. I also play different online games, so if you see me online then feel free to say hi. As shown below, I do have an Xfire account, but I also have an msn which is basically my e-mail address too. Add if you need anything.

Sources of my UsernameEdit

-Exdeath, Final Fantasy V
-Deathevn, Breath of Fire II

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