Name Exdeath64
Job Class Dark Knight with Black Mage subjob
Hometown Salem, OR
Current Residence Salem, OR
Date of Birth November 19th 1990
Age 18
Height 6 foot 2
IQ Above average, but due to my touch of madness, it tends to go to weird stuff.
Religion Agnostic Theism, I also believe in Reincarnation (or at least I hope that's what happens, I want another shot at life once this fleshbag stops working for me. Preferably in Japan around 1990-1985.)
Weapon Katana, only the one since it has become apparent that dual-wielding heavy, two handed swords, would not really work all that well.
Spells PSI Shadowblast, Darkga, Flare, Ardor
Summon Gyigas(EB0 version)
Motivation Boredom and trying to find my purpose in existence, along with the possibility of life after death.
orientation straight
Limit Breaks The death of the Twin-Spheres (a kick to the groin delivered at a high enough velocity to result in the reduction of the areas in question to their component elements)
political affilation I don't care, so long as the government keeps its fingers out of my life. I don't need some bureaucrat telling me which way to piss.

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Blog[edit | edit source]

Due to the admins shutting down the blog system for no reason other then that it bugged them, I have been forced to move my blog here. My interests change around a lot, depending on whatever I am focusing on the content of the blog will change. Has for an update schedule, I don't really have one. Anyway, here is the link. User:Exdeath64/Blog archive

Experiments[edit | edit source]

My social experiments have been dead for some time. Mostly due to pretty much every user disliking it (with some exceptions.) along with the fact that it was not helping my sanity level to constantly break down human behavior, humans are complex things, unless they have been hitting the bottle and/or narcotics a lot, at which point their mind becomes quite similar to Swiss cheese. If you where not here when this happened...lets see...remember that scene from the Simpson's Movie when the entire town came after Homer with torches and pitchforks (and a few other, equally gruesome items. I think I saw an Orc from Lord of the Rings in there as well...) It was pretty much that, only on a smaller scale. User:Exdeath64/Cultural listing

User:Exdeath64/Code Dump
This is where I stash code of varying tricks users have created and toy around with them to suit my purposes. Feel free to copy something if you like it, but please modify from the original form once you do so.

My code of conduct[edit | edit source]

This covers how I act on both the internet and life. They tend to cross over a lot and what applies to one usually applies to the other (unless it directly points to something that is only present online, such as wikia activities. Such things rarely impact real life). I am well aware that this is not perfect, just how I handle day-to-day life.

1. I don't do a whole ton of work, mostly because I find trolling for typos and fact-checking every little thing to be INSANELY boring. But if there is something big that needs done (I have worked on overhauling sardapedia and the earthbound wiki. Quite fun.), I will work on it, simply because it is interesting. That being said, if you bring up my edit count, I shall end you and all you love. And if I happen to be wandering the wiki and see something I can quickly fix, I may be inclined to do so.

2. I try to help neophytes, If every user was like me, the wiki would probably collapse, so I do what I can to motivate the new guys to be productive users. This only applies if someone asks for it, or I see older users flaming a n00b. People tend to forget we where all new at some point, from the bare userpage neophyte to the highest admin. This usually only works if I find a new user early on, or if someone comes to me for help.

3. If somebody becomes/acts like a complete bastard (or bitch). I will call them on it, this place is a tightly bound community that does not need the stress of someone venting their rage on here. Not to mention I am fairly skilled at calling out people like this, because I tend to lean that way sometimes, I just don't actively let my "Inner Bastard" out (it tends to slip out when I get ticked off or are feeling particularly belligerent.), this is also the reason I don't drink (that and the age thing) or do drugs, I even refuse any painkillers which influence behavior and your state of consciousness.

4. I actually like this place, if something needs fixed, or I have an idea, I will bring it to attention on the forum, even if it sucks, it might inspire another user in another way. So quit bitching at me for being an idiot, I have a good reason for EVERYTHING I post and or edit, and if you don't understand it, It's simply because you are in a state called "sanity". Ive been there, nice to visit, but I would dislike living there.

5. I don't care how many edits you have or what position you hold here. If you do something stupid, I will call you out about it. Someone has too, and I can take a TON of punishment.

6. I am not going to tell people to act like me, one of me is plenty, if we had any more, the wiki would probably collapse, along with life has we know it.

7. I fear no user. If I piss you off and you decide to take vengeance on me, I will simply ignore you and repair whatever you have done to me. If you start messing with other users and dish out some real damage, I'll go full blown batshit and do everything I can to get rid of you (aside from vandalism or anything else illegal, I have standards, but I will screw with your mind if necessary, though I sort of do that without meaning to most of the time).

8. I am a logical person. If you come to me with a reasonable request or argument, I will listen and if it is good enough I will pretty much help you with anything on the wiki, provided it will not cause any problems, like needing help with your userpage or needing pointers.

9. I act has I see fit, if you disagree with any of my policies, bring it to my attention. None of the items listed here violate wikia policy. And I have never done anything to violate wikia policy...aside from a april fools joke that got a little out of hand, apparently the metroid wikia admin can't take a joke (everyone else thought it was hilarious...). (and no, there is nothing about faking your death being illegal, that being said, please do not try it, it ain't worth pissing everyone off.)

10. I know I can be an asshole. Don't blame me, blame the Salem Keizer school district. If you happen to think I am an asshole, please keep it to yourself unless you can bring it to my attention with a degree of civility. I've gotten like three rants with people claiming I am a "Standard Asshole", "Insane Jackass", and "Right Wing Nut-Job" (I'm conservative (I'm not explaining it now. Just go to they should be able to explain it better then anywhere else) not a drugged up redneck living in the backwoods planning on overthrowing the federal government) and have grown rather tired of people taking three paragraphs on my talk page to explain just why they think I am a jackass. If you are not civil, I will simply ignore you or if I am in a really bad mood, report you to an admin (which is the worst thing I can do to you that won't get me banned). Has I said though, I don't mind criticism, and if you wish to discuss a controversial issue with me, I will be more then happy to do so, provided you know what you are talking about and don't get petty.

11. I cannot tolerate people who act like they walk on water and do no wrong (You know who you are). Seriously, this is the ONE thing that will tick me off more then anything else. To err is human, to admit your mistakes and work to fix them is divine. The flip side of this is that I know I screw up rather frequently, I don't mind it if someone points this out, provided they are civil about it. Calling me an idiot and beating me into the ground about it is not how to get me to do what you want and will just result in my ignoring you or if you tick me off too badly, a horrendously long rant littered with large words and profanity (which really are sort of counterpoints to one another, but whatever works, name me one profane word that is longer then 5 letters in English and I will retract this).

12. Many people in my life have accused me of being racist, sexist, or any variation thereof. I can assure you, I am not. I AM however, a stern believer in equality. That means if you are a jerk, regardless of what race, religion, gender etc you are, I treat you like a jerk. If you're a good person, I acknowledge this and usually will help you and treat you well (I am a decent ally to have around, but I can also be one hell of an enemy) REGARDLESS of race and such. Equality does NOT mean affirmative action or treating a minority better because you are afraid of being sued. It means treating people based on their actions and deeds and being completely blind to gender, race, and religion. For some reason, this particular ideal pisses people off, I don't know why, after all, I advocate acting without prejudice. It just does.

13. Due to my years of studying people in an attempt to compensate for the issues which arise from being autistic, I know how to mess with people, and can really screw with peoples heads. That being said, I am not cruel and don't do this on purpose. There has only ever been one exception, someone started messing with my sister and claiming she was in a lesbian relationship with her best friend. This caused her to have something resembling a emotional breakdown. So I brought her down HARD (Basically by pointing out how badly she sucked for doing that to people, IE I made her see herself for what she really was. This was surprisingly effective since she left my sister alone after that). You don't fuck with my family or friends PERIOD. I am not proud of this, far from it. But it had to be done, to keep my little sister safe, I am willing to take the odd moral hit. I NEVER do this on purpose unless someone I care about is in trouble. I do, however, occasionally do this accidentally, just chalk it up to the Autism if I do something that messes with you. If you feel I have done so, let me know and I will apologize and take note of what I did so I can prevent it in the future.

Final Fantasy Wiki Chalkboard gags[edit | edit source]

Due to the forces of SEVERE boredom creeping in on me, I have created something I believe is quite humorous. If you have ever seen the simpsons, you have seen that in the beginning of most episodes bart writes something sarcastic and often blunt on the chalkboard. So I have decided to see if I can come up with something good. If you come across this, feel free to add your own, just leave your sig NOT your template. It clutters things up, if you leave your template, I will replace it with your sig and leave any other content completely intact. In case you are wondering why I put this on my userpage, it is because the SECOND this hit the forum someone would lock it. If you are someone with no sense of humor, stop reading right now and get off my userpage before you bring the full wrath of the banhammer upon me. i managed to somehow avoid it during that stunt I pulled during april fools and do NOT want it to happen over something this stupid. And feel free to make fun of me, if you are so inclined I wont remove it. Though if you take something too far with any user, I will remove it and inform you of it.

I will not worship Bluehighwind
I will not provoke Endgame , no matter how amusing I find the results to be
I will not make blood sacrifices to Kain Highwind
Exdeath64's alignment is not Chaotic Offensive. MasterConjurer
I will not start forum threads about what I would to do any female character.
I will not openly taunt the fanboys and will not hit on the fangirls
You cannot write haiku in Al Bhed and expect people to get it.
I will not dance on the graves of departed admins.
I will not claim to have been hit by a cross town bus.
I will not start ranting in a better different language. MasterConjurer
I will stop bitching about Aerith's death Exdeath64 03:13, 11 May 2009 (UTC)
I will stop claiming that the founder of the wiki's died from "Chronic Head Explosion"
I will stop trying to crush the psyches of other users, regardless of how much they deserve it.
Yuan is a wikignome, not a lawn art or "roaming" gnome.
I will not provoke a war between Faethin and AJ Durai.
I will not insult the weight or looks of other users if I have not seen them in real life.
I respect that there is a difference between "flaming" someone and setting the server on fire.
I will not call Diablocon "Boss Admin".  Armageddon11! Dissicon ff12 Gab2.png
I will not spam the RC with edits to Exdeath 64's page. MasterConjurer
I will not make myself out to be smarter than you...even though I am.--Werefang
I will not provoke the wikiogre
I will not post porn on the mainspace, no matter how funny I think it would be
I will not say that your favorite game sucks unless it's Mystic Quest. MasterConjurer
I will not forget what I am writing on a for...what was I writing here again?--Werefang 15:29, 12 May 2009 (UTC)
I will not feed the Troll.  Armageddon11! Dissicon ff12 Gab2.png
I will not coat LA in shameless propaganda Exdeath64 22:20, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

Random Crap about my person[edit | edit source]

Everyone else has something like this, and I am just bored enough to hop on the bandwagon.

  • I have Central Heterochromia. Meaning my eyes have two colors, A ring of brownish-red around the pupil, going into green (No, I do not have the Rinnegan, if you posses this genetic quirk you may want to avoid manga shops. Or at least avoid looking in anyone's eyes while you are there.)
  • I have bad posture. I stand at five-eleven most of the time, but when I actually bother to straighten up, I am about six-two
  • If you met me in real life, you would be unable to tell that I am in anyway related to the user Exdeath64. Unless you know me on a personal level. Then the resemblances get clearer.
  • I live in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically Oregon, it does, in fact rain a lot, but only in the western parts, after you pass the Cascade Range, it turns to desert until you hit the Great Plains.
  • I know I am an amoral prick with no personal skills and a caustic personality and I do TRY to mitigate this, but I am what I am.
  • I am cursed/blessed with high functioning autism. If you want to know just what exactly that entails, the wikipedia article on Aspergers syndrome covers it rather nicely, and if you wish to know more, I would be happy to tell you if you're not a jackass about it. That being said, Lewis Black may rot in the deepest pits of hell while Chthonic masses of eldritch horror feast on his soul while the gibbering spirits of the damned dance around him.
  • I can curse with the best of them (Marine Drill Sergent Grandfather, and JROTC, you would be surprised what you can pick up.) However, I can be quite eloquent and I have a rather robust vocabulary (I even aced AP English senior year while playing EarthBound almost the entire time, much to the chagrin of a friend of mine who did pretty much the same thing, but got a C-) when I WANT to be. Most of the time I just curse and talk like I do because nobody understands me otherwise. Not to mention that combining eloquence and profanity in interesting ways is pretty damn entertaining.
  • The friend mentioned above is the only person in this, or any other reality who I will ever admit is smarter then I am. I KNOW other people are more intelligent then I am, I just don't admit it or choose to pay much attention to this. (unless I am kissing someones ass, in which point I ditch this as soon as the ass in question is no longer useful)
  • I talk a mile a minute, which has next to nothing to do with my caffeine addiction.
  • I find humans to be endlessly fascinating, mostly because I don't know jack about humanity in general. I tried some experiments a while back to get a better idea...but those ended rather badly...I still study people, but I certainly don't tell them I am using them for research.
  • I apparently give out decent advice, but I only give it out to close friends (I have roughly two to three at any given time), NOT family.
  • I read a lot. Mostly fantasy fiction and sci-fi. I particularly enjoy the works of Pratchett, Tolkien, Turtledove, Coilfer, etc. But I LOATHE Twilight and the Twilight series. Why? For one, they bloody SPARKLE! I grew up reading Dracula, one of the few good books with Vampires has the main subject matter, you just cannot compare the two. For another, they set the bar too high, every girl wants a needy emo these days...
  • I am an Otaku, in that I read manga, watch anime, and game a little more then I probably should. But that's where I draw the line. Cosplay and such just seems...creepy, and borderline obsessive.
  • I don't care much about what I look like. Screw hygiene and fashion (Particularly the last one). If people start staring/complaining/stuff starts growing on me/I start itching too much, I shower. If its cheap and practical for the climate, I wear it.
  • I tried D&D once, and failed miserably, dying roughly five minutes into the campaign (Nobody told me you can't re-summon your familiar once the damn thing dies. My old DM tells the story every time she gets a new group and apparently does not have to pay royalties for telling the story...I just wanted a 12 pack of mountain dew a year...)
  • I have been compared to L from Death Note. Only because of the antisocial and borderline insanity thing. I have never been a detective, and have absolutely no desire to give it a try unless I can be very annoying with ti.
  • I was voted "Most Unique Senior" during senior year, which is a subtly polite way of saying "Most utterly bat-shit student who is quite likely to descend into total, full-on Lovecraftian madness before the year is out." the year ended without this happening, but there is still that damn Shoggoth on the roof. It's already eaten three exterminators, a local cat, and three neighbor children, and it did SOMETHING to the local priest which distorted reality enough to allow the local crows to fly backwards.
  • I once chased three gangbangers half a mile swinging a desk chair like a battle axe and listening to their panicked screams. My reason for doing this? They called me gay and slapped my ass, which happens to be my berserk button (trope it). They stopped bothering anyone for some reason after this happened...
  • I am well aware I am not technically insane, but its a hell of a lot easier to tell people that then to explain that I have high functioning autism, explaining just what that means, and explaining why Lewis Black and Encyclopedia Dramatica can go [[[EXPLETIVE DELETED]]] themselves.
  • I am actually fairly lazy, but still competent (See the thing above about Earthbound and English class), when something needs done, I do it, do it well and do it which point I return to whatever trivial interest of the week I was working on before I got roped in to doing something actually productive/important and tell the next few people to harass me to sod off until something actually important pops up again. This is part of the reason some of the stuff I work on around here never gets finished, its not important, so I don't mess with it after it stops being interesting.
  • High levels of stupidity actually cause me physical pain. ESPECIALLY when I do something stupid and realize just HOW stupid that action was.
  • I hate fast food, processed food, and anything filled with a ton of sugar, fat and chemicals. I cut all that out of my diet three years ago to avoid a nasty family disposition to diabetes which nuked my tolerance for any of the listed items. For example, A Mc Donalds cheeseburger nearly makes me vomit, and the less said about what happened the last time I sampled a french fry the better. I DO however, have a single exception to this rule, once a month, I eat a gyro at a local sandwich shop (mostly because they don't fry anything and I enjoy the taste, its still terrible for you though). This is NOT an ethical "green living" thing, it's a "avoid vomiting and loosing a foot" thing.
  • I love Japanese food, particularly Sushi, Miso soup, and Yakisoba. I also enjoy traditional green tea (its the only drink I don't stick those cancer-packets in, it ruins the taste and makes the old Japanese woman who serves it at the local Sushi bar give you a nasty look and pick up a wicked looking knife. Apparently the Japanese take that "O" they tag onto it VERY seriously.)
  • I don't mind physical exercise, but I have to see some sort of point in it. Hiking six miles to see a pristine mountain view? I'll do it with gusto and enjoy ever minute of it. Running three miles because of an order from the JROTC teacher? Beats doing push-ups "until they get tired". Lifting weights for a few hours for no real reason aside from "getting buff"? Hell will burst loose from New Jersey and return to the depths of the Earth before you can get me to do that. *
  • Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY can actually tell when I am joking, I once joked that I was going to drive a tractor through a friends wedding. Has a result, I was not invited to said wedding. It got me out of wearing a tuxedo, but it's the principal of the thing...
  • Like one out of six Americans, I have clinical depression (the doc thinks a thyroid working three times harder then it should be is to blame for this) I AM getting help for this and it is getting under control, slowly but surely anyway. I go back to the doctor the Monday after spring break, so hopefully by then I can get some answers and start fixing this damn thing.
  • Only a handful of people can tolerate being around me for any period of time (I am a WEIRD person), I hold them in high regard, so has a result, I help and protect them the best I can.
  • Due to all of the prior things, I have never had a girlfriend or a measurable social life (Though I know a girl or two who happen to think the chair thing was pretty bad-ass and I also have several female friends...who are all currently dating losers with a scraggly beard and are fluent in surfer lingo...). This has gotten slightly better over the years, but not by much. If you know any methods of getting a girl and choose to share them with me...I will completely ignore them, this is the internet, people. Sick stuff happens here.

Astrix- If you live in New Jersey, just assume I said New York.

Text box dump[edit | edit source]




(template is a work in progress)

A dump off of the original template Muchomas cooked up for me when i was still a Neophyte(My thanks to you.). I have since ascended to a higher plane of user (just barely) and now fully customize my templates based on the situation (Which ticks off CSM and i think Faethin to no end). Can't imagine why, it simply does.

I prefer the term treasure hunting.[edit | edit source]

Exdeath64's compendium of knowlege[edit | edit source]

I dislike doing full walkthroughs, so I take the more difficult aspects of the game and try to explain how to deal with them. Be it superbosses, or just gameplay mechanics which take some getting used to. Please note that the Kimahri one is the only finished one.

  1. How to avoid getting busted by laws in A2
  2. User:Exdeath64/Brightmoon Tor strategy guide
  3. User:Exdeath64/Final Fantasy X Monster Arena Guide
  4. User:Exdeath64/How to make Kimahri worth using
  5. User:Exdeath64/How to effectively fight with any Dissidia character
  6. User:Exdeath64/Blog

my "Rewarding Emblem of Tranquil Darkness" sounds better then "medal of honor"[edit | edit source]

Behold, my method of honoring those who deserve it

You are not a complete tool[edit | edit source]

apologies[edit | edit source]

Holier then Thou[edit | edit source]

This one has been used all of once, when the blogs where removed by the admins. Needless to say, I did not agree with that and tried to fight it, but fell to overwhelming opposition. I used this on an admin, so the harsher language was removed. Exdeath64 08:10, June 10, 2010 (UTC)

Jokes which are just here for humor and will probably never be used.[edit | edit source]

That's all i have for now. If you are unsatisfied with these premade apologizes, please make a note of it on the talk page.

My custom made userboxes[edit | edit source]

Feel free to use them, i don't really care. And yes, i know about the giant black mage's, I don't know what changed and I am too damn tired to figure out what did that, much less fix it, just deal with it and I will get to it eventually.

25PXThis user participated in the salvage of Sardapedia

100PXThis user has bad luck with April Fools day jokes.

100PXThis user is a Wiki Ogre, and will only work when something interests them, or somebody mocks their edit count.

100PXThis user is attuned to the powers of darkness, but is not beholden to them.

100PXThis user has lived among the Mr. Saturns and has a result is an admin at the EarthBound wiki, Dakota!
100PXThis user supports 8 bit black mage

Weekly tip on understanding other cultures and humanity in general[edit | edit source]

Dead due to Angry Mobs.

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