"Talk is cheap. Stand tall, speak soft, and never lose yourself in the grandiose flights of fantasy."

About Me[edit | edit source]

Privet my name is Yuri Marakov, Im a 19 year old Russian-born Canadian living across from Detroit. I was raised in the arctic port city Murmansk in the Murmanskaya oblast near the finnish and norwegian borders. I have studied english my whole life and have lived in this country for 6 years with my uncle to go to school and avoid trouble with the law back in russia, and start life anew and try to do good with my life. I'm a smoker (if that doesnt make living in the most polluted area of the country worse). im a fan of nobuo and his works and am a guitarist myself. im proficient in judo and jiujitsu fighting styles and enjoy competeing and succeeding in martial arts competitions over here and work as an instructor. i was taught hand to hand combat by my father, an ex-Spetsnaz, since i was 4 years old. my mother is dead, and my father is serving 25 years to life for human trafficking, extortion, and racketeering for the Russian mafia after his service in the USSR's special services. My story is probably much unlike what many of the other users have had here in north america. im at university eventually going for my phD in psychology. i love metal, all metal, from Metallica and Megadeth to Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God. I only started playing the series back in about december but i've beaten most of them from iv-xii. as for the other games i still gotta get them. My favorite characters are Vivi, Squall, Cid Highwind,Cloud, Auron, Kain,and Locke. i dont really hate any characters except the ones who serve no story purpose or are just really cheap. ive learned that not seeing the good in some things (to be relevant to this site, the characters in the games, the games themselves), or doing the total opposite (ie fanboydom) is a form of ignorance that stems from the egos many of us have, i try to avoid it and keep myself level headed and down to earth. If you ask me every game in the series that ive played so far has had its ups and downs to it. I dont heavily favour any one game over another but if i had to pick a favorite it would be vi, my least favorite (excluding the obvious shitfest that i thought was X-2) would have to be V. that is all there is necessary to say so do svidaniya.-- Юри Мараков,

Games i like[edit | edit source]

all the ffs (with the exception of x-2, e`to zastavlyaet menya rvat'), lost odyssey, chrono trigger ,and chrono cross, and most recently gta iv because the main character's story seems very much like my own. My favorite series isnt actually ff (that's my 2nd favorite), its the metal gear solid series. My favorite video game hero is solid snake, and my favorite villain in videogaming is liquid snake.

ffs i beat[edit | edit source]

IV, V, VI, X-2 (sigh), IX

ffs i fucking annihilated[edit | edit source]


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