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Boco (Chocobo\'s Mysterious Dungeon 2).png
Name Essence of Chaos
A.K.A EOC,Essence
Job Class Dragoon/Darkknight
Hometown Australia
Date of Birth Sum random
Age Possibly ya face
Height 6'1'
IQ 60 gazillion
Weapon 2 Spears
Skills Jump,Souleater, Thruster,Cycle
Spells Dark,ra,ga,Break Lv.2
Summons Behemoth;he's no enemy
Limit breaks Dragon Thruster,Cycle of Chaos

EOC likes his template,


You here a voice Echo, Oak:there is a time and place for everything but not now... This is my section of Random sayings that I Say that may also have been said every where maybe not... ok I'll add new one's as soon as They come to me.......

  1. Ya mum
  2. Ya face
  3. ya face is made of Rabbits
  4. I like cheese
  5. bobs a goldfish
  6. Llama
  7. Keegan Koalapants Kerr
  8. Super fun happy slide
  9. ur a noob
  10. squish
  12. Boom headshot
  13. ur a face
  14. Im the leading man, who else
  15. Go eat a Black forest Cake
  16. Power Slide Activate
  17. Whiplash

My Creations

  • Morphing Man 'comic currently ? eps over 250, 2 seasons'
  • Killa Go-rilla 'comic 1 ep'
  • Gibie and Graham 'event page, lots of shit happenin'
  • The spiritual 1 'comic,ancient asia guy that beats the shit outa peeps'


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Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game 7 TA 12 2
Story 7 TA 9 1
Graphical Style 13 10 12 2
Soundtrack 7 12 3 2
Cast 7 4 TA 9
World 12 TA 9 4
Monsters 12 10 7 6
Final Dungeon 3 7 8 12
Final Battle 12 7 6 3
Battle system 10 13 12 10-2
Level Up System 10 12 13 CrisisC
Skill System TA 12 10 CrisisC
Limit Breaks 12 7 9 10


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Balthier Vincent Basch VAAN
Female Protagonist Lightning Ashe Terra Maria
Male Supporting Character Barret Vivi Kimahri Larsa
Female Supporting Character Tifa Rinoa Ritz Rikku
Female Love Interest Tifa Aerith Yuffie Penelo
Female Bubbly Ditz Yuffie Shara Rikku Garnet
Temporary Player Character Vossler Siefer Sephiroth Larsa
Villain Kefka Sephiroth Vayne Cloud of Darkness
Minor Villain Gabranth Dr. Cid Beatrix Seymour
Recurring Boss Siefer Reno Sin Seymour
Cid 7 3 Al-cid 12 TA
Biggs and Wedge 6 12 gibbs and Deweg 7 Luzzu Gatta 10
Airship Strahl Ragnarok 7 9
I Character Fighter Blackmage Monk Redmage
II Character Firion Leon Minwu Maria
III Character Ingus Desch Luneth Prncess Sara
IV Character Kain Cecil Rydia ???
V Character ??? ??? ??? Bartz
VI Character Locke Sabin Terra Edgar
VII Character Barret Vincent Cloud Red 13
VIII Character Irvine Squall Zell quistis
IX Character Vivi Scarlet Hair Freya Quina
X Character Auron Kimahri Tidus Wakka
X-2 Character Gippal Baralai Kimahri Leblanc
XII Character Balthier Gabranth Al-cid Larsa
XIII Character Lightning Snow Sahz Pope

Job classes[]

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Fighter Cloud Basch Tidus Steiner
Thief Locke Yuffie Refia vaan
Paladin Cecil Beatrix ??? ???
Black Mage Vivi Terra Lulu Firion
White Mage Arc Aerith Minwu Garnet
Summoner Arc Ashe Balthier Yuna
Blue Mage Kimahri Cloud Barret Red 13
Ninja Luneth Yuffie Rinoa Arc
Samurai Auron Ashe Paine Rikku
Gunner Balthier Vincent Barret Montblanc
Dragoon Ingus kimahri Kain Firion
Monk Snow Luneth Zell Sabin
Gambler Montblanc TA ??? ??? Cait sith
Dancer ??? ??? ??? ???

Top five males[]

  1. Balthier
  2. Cid
  3. Basch
  4. Barret
  5. Kimahri

Top five females[]

  1. Tifa
  2. Lightning
  3. Ashe
  4. Fang
  5. Ritz

Worst five males[]

  1. Vaan
  2. Red XII
  3. Larsa
  4. Wakka
  5. Steiner

Worst five females[]

  1. Penelo
  2. Quistis
  3. Selphie
  4. Garnet
  5. Maria