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  • I was born on July 14
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Name EpicCarbunkl
Game I'm Currently Playing N/A
Job Class Red Mage
Hometown Narshe
Age Unknown
Height 5'10
Weapon Ice Brand
Spells Blizzaga, Waterga, Holy, Blind, Silence, Teleport, Curaga, Curaja, Life, Arise, Reflect
Summons Carbunkl, Leviathan, Shiva, Alexander, Phoenix
Limit Breaks Blistering Freeze, Reflect Beam, Holy Eruption
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You don't need a reason to help somebody.
―Zidane Tribal, Final Fantasy IX

―Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII

Hey! Call me a treasure hunter, or I'll rip your lungs out!
―Locke Cole, Final Fantasy VI

You spoony bard!
―Tellah, Final Fantasy IV

About MeEdit

Well, hello there. Welcome to my profile. My real name is Jordan, though I'd prefer to be called a variation of my username. I was introduced to Final Fantasy quite some time ago, and ever since, I've been addicted to it. I've played through all numbered titles, bar XI since... well, just because.

I have several personal hobbies that I enjoy. First and foremost, I obviously love video games. More specifically RPGs, but I can enjoy about any type of game. I love to read a good book every once and a while, dystopian and fantasy novels being my favourite. I really enjoy a good movie, with sci-fi or drama being my favourite. Other things I enjoy doing are studying, exercising, or sleeping.

I would love to help the Wiki here in anyway I possibly can, but I'm not exactly sure how or what to do, get shy about editing pages, and usually can't find anyway to help. Oh, and I suck at code. If anybody wants to hit me up for a chat, I'm on the IRC a lot of the time and will talk about almost anything, though I'm really shy and won't speak in the main chat a whole lot. My favourite characters from the Final Fantasy series are Kain, Celes, Aerith, Laguna, Vivi, Yuna, and Auron. My favourite summons are Carbunkl, Leviathan, Yojimbo, Alexander, and Mateus. Well, that's about it for me. Thanks for reading my profile. :P

My Final Fantasy OpinionsEdit

  • Final Fantasy I - Played Origins. Had a lot of fun messing with it, found the Peninsula of Power and a lot of other cool stuff. Really liked the open exploration, the gameplay was pretty solid, and the story was very nice for 1987. Soundtrack was nice, and the graphics were awesomely rebooted. FFI was awesome.
  • Final Fantasy II - Played Origins version. Honestly, FFII is REALLY the underdog of the series. The gameplay works alright, except that the leveling system is extremely broken beyond belief. The game carries a pretty heavy and interesting story for 1988. The soundtrack carries a lot of nice themes, and it carries one of my favourites (Rebel Army Theme). Graphics, again, were awesomely rebooted with the PS1. FFII is quite an epic adventure, I thought.
  • Final Fantasy III - Played the Nintendo DS version. I enjoyed this game very much. The gameplay is really nice; I love the job system. The battles could get tedious, but it works for a basic turn based system. The story was very nicely put together, considering when the game's story concept was released. I criticize the fact that the DS tried to give a backstory to the characters, and then randomly dropped it. The graphics were amazing, (considering the limitations of the DS). The soundtrack is also nice and quaint. Overall, I enjoyed FFIII.
  • Final Fantasy IV - Played the Nintendo DS version. Again, a very enjoyable game. I noticed that the difficulty was harder than most FF games, (seriously, I had to grind a LOT). The story was interesting, and enveloped me the moment I played it. The gameplay however, didn't seem quite as interesting as the story, but was alright. The graphics were amazing for the DS. This game seriously struck me with it's story, and I love it to bits.
  • Final Fantasy V - Played PSN port. The game has a lot of flaws. That's easy to say. But it also has quite an interesting story hidden under it, but the awful translation really does a bad job of telling that story. My HUGE criticism is that the characters suck. They're emotionless empty vessels. The battles are just Final Fantasy ATB. Not really too interesting, but the reason why I actually LOVE the gameplay is the magnificent job system. Each job learns new abilities with levels, and I think it's cool for one character to be able to cover black and white magic. FFV's revamped job system is absolutely brilliant. The graphics are awesome for 92. Overall, Final Fantasy V was okay for me. Not amazing, but not awful. Just okay.
  • Final Fantasy VI - Own the Anthology port on PSN. One of the best games of all time. The story in this game is so well put together, and without spoiling anything, certain parts simply brought me to tears. The character development is quite amazing, considering there's 14 characters. Not to mention, EVERY character (excluding Umaro, while Gogo is speculated) has a story. Battles are basic ATB, nothing special. The Magicite system is awesome and works with exact precision. The SNES graphics are stunning, and even stand up today. The cutscene at the beginning is also a nice addition. Basically, the story is very moving, the gameplay is addicting, and the visuals are total eye candy. My favourite Final Fantasy tied with IX.
  • Final Fantasy VII - Own PSN port. The gameplay was fun, using Materia to customize your characters and such, but it took away ANY difficulty the game could have had, which really makes the battles less fun. The story was very intriguing for all of Disc One, but started to fade and confuse on Disc Two. Disc 3 was simply no fun at all, and by that time the story just made no sense. In my opinion, the characters were awful except for Aerith. The ending was just awful, too. Graphics were awesome for 97, but the character models DID look kinda funny. Soundtrack was very nice. Overall, FFVII is pretty good.
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Own the original PS1 version, completely finished. As Final Fantasy VIII being my intro to the series, and RPGs in general, I had nothing to compare it to, and therefore don't have a severe hatred for it like a lot of people. The story was alright for disc 1, but it was just corny a lot of the time. The romance was played out pretty horribly through most of the game, but I thought the time compression was pretty cool. Character development wasn't too great except Squall. The gameplay... Here is why I can see why people hate this game. A severe drop off from other RPGs, and no MP. Drawing spells was annoying as hell. Seriously. Resting at an inn for 10 seconds to get MP back is MUCH better than spending 50/120 hours I spent junctioning and drawing magic. The battles were way too easy, and REALLY detracted from the experience. I mean, this game is as easy as Pokemon. Although, the graphics were amazing for 98, and it really has one of the best soundtracks. FFVIII is overall a mixed bag for me.
  • Final Fantasy IX - I own the original PS1 version, and finished it. Final Fantasy IX improves on everything that was wrong with VIII and VII. It had a &$!%ing amazing story, with so many twists, turns, and eventually brought me to tears several times. The character development was absolutely amazing, and I loved every character bar Amarant. The gameplay stays true to the old Final Fantasy, while adding Trance mode which gives each character a special ability. The gameplay was extremely addicting. The minigames are some of the most exceptional, including the sword fight (Brahne was NEVER pleased. Hate that cow.) and Chocobo treasure hunting. The graphics are the best seen on the PS1, and the cutscenes are brilliant. I love this FF the most alongside VI.
  • Final Fantasy X - Final Fantasy X is one of my favourite Final Fantasy games. The story; in my opinion, is easily the best out of the whole series. Characters aren't the strongest in X, but I love Auron and Yuna. Seymour is probably the worst character, and his hair and battles suck. The gameplay was a nice breath of fresh air, since I think the ATB was getting worn out. The soundtrack is one of my absolute favourites (tied with IX and VI). The ending was absolutely phenomenal. The graphics are very nice, and hold up extremely well, though they're not the best on the PS2 (obviously beaten by XII). Overall, I think X is a phenomenal FF, and an excellent game.
  • Final Fantasy XI - I don't own an Xbox (and don't want to), and I do not have a wireless adapter for my PS2, therefore, I cannot play XI, and probably do not plan to ever play it.
  • Final Fantasy XII - Finally finished it, and it's up as one of my favourite fantasies. Great story, great characters, epic gameplay, and the atmosphere is mindblowing. It's probably my personal hardest fantasy, though, for some reason I can't find out. Maybe I just suck. Great game, though.
  • Final Fantasy XIII - I happened to really enjoy XIII. It had an awesome story, fast and exciting gameplay, and groundbreaking graphics. The characters are alright, Sazh being my favourite. However, XIII has flaws. It's linear. EXTREMELY linear to the point where I can't choose my battle team for 10 Chapters, and everything is a straight line for 11 Chapters. It lacks the Victory Theme, which bugs me. The soundtrack was still nice, though. I didn't really like the ending too well. Overall, I think Final Fantasy XIII is an alright game.


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