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How can you hate a game that has THIS?

I think Final Fantasy V is woefully underrated and people who claim its characters are shallow are just blinded by the truly massive amounts of angst that happen in IV and VI. But apparently characters can't be well-constructed and charming unless they have ten dead girlfriends or something? I think the Light Warriors are hilarious and they still have plenty of depth if you pay attention to what they're doing and saying. Just look at Faris and Lenna's whole character arc!

Oh, and people who think that the angsty prettyboy started with Cloud and Nomura need to get a load of Cecil Harvey. It's older than you think!

Chelinka redo[]

Chelinka is a Clavat girl from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates who is Yuri's older twin sister.

Chelinka is not a playable character in story mode, but her model is used as the default appearance for female Clavats in multiplayer mode. Story-wise, Yuri and Chelinka cast magic together, and when Yuri does so in story mode, Chelinka is presumably assisting him.

Appearance and personality[]

Chelinka is spirited and determined and combines a strong sense of justice with a softer, sensitive side. While she may flaunt her status as elder sibling, she actually finds the role intimidating and usually can't convince Yuri to stay out of trouble. She also has a fear of ghosts. Although she's often frustrated with him, Chelinka cares about Yuri a great deal and would go to any length to protect him, just as he would for her. Although she does not fight, she accompanies him throughout the story as they can't bear to be separated. She is kind to her friends but she will tease them when they're acting silly and refuses to have information withheld from her. Her forceful personality is said to be reminiscent of her mother Aleria.

Chelinka has blond hair and blue eyes. As a young child, her hair is short and messy and she wears a plain Clavat smock, leggings, slippers and jacket. When is older, her hair is shoulder-length and she braids the sides away from her face. She wears a white shirt with a triangle pattern at the end of the sleeves and white leggings with orange slippers. Over this, she wears short, burnt orange overalls with a hood, belt, and dark orange apron. Her shorts have a triangle pattern at the end like her sleeves.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Chelinka was born to Lady Aleria and Sir Latov after they moved to the Villa with Meeth and Alhanalem. She was born holding a green crystal in her hand. Chelinka learned that she could make the crystal shine at will, while Yuri couldn't. When the story begins, Latov teaches them how to chop wood with a hatchet by working together and tells them that they can accomplish anything if their will is strong enough. Yuri subsequently runs off to explore the Hill Caves with the hatchet; Chelinka, unable to talk him out of it, follows reluctantly. In the depths of the cave, the ghost of a young girl appears to them. Unlike Yuri, Chelinka sees that she is a spirit and flees in terror. That night, the twins and their father watch the Ignis Fatui over Lake Cyela.

The next day, Chelinka and Yuri beg their father to take them on his errands in Rebena Te Ra. He agreed and allows them to explore the town while he goes about his business. He fails to return at the appointed time, so they go to search for him while the ringing of the Crystal Temple's bell seems to prevent the townsfolk from being suspicious of the Temple. The twins follow him into Old Town, an abandoned quarter of the city infested with monsters. Again, the ghost appears to them. Yuri tries to talk to her, but Chelinka is still too scared. Latov finds them shortly thereafter and they return home.

Alhanalem fashions a metal pendant to hold Chelinka's crystal and explains to them that they have the ability to cast magic, but only when they use the power together. They accompany him as he collects moogle plants from Mount Vaal. Although they encounter another monster with a corrupted crystal, Tilika does not appear this time.

During a stormy night, the Villa is invaded by Temple soldiers after the twins, but Chelinka most especially. Latov tries to defend his children from Cu Chaspel, but Chaspel strikes him down and kills him. Yuri picks up Latov's sword to fight him off but only succeeds in enraging him. Chelinka uses her power, taking on a strange glow, and Yuri joins her to drive away Chaspel and his soldiers. Chelinka falls into a "crystal coma," a catatonic state, unable to speak or care for herself. For the next few years, Yuri cares for her alone and teaches himself to fight.

When she finally recovers, her voice is still injured and she speaks to him telepathically instead. The two of them decide that they need to confront the Crystal Temple instead of remaining in hiding. First they go to Mount Vaal and free Alhanalem from a corrupted crystal. Alhanalem is startled that Chelinka is now mute, but he assures her that she will regain her voice with time. The palace guards at Rebena Te Ra refuse to give them an audience with King Kolka, so they decide to investigate the new monster threat in Abyssus Forest to prove themselves. They find a poisoned Selkie called Gnash. Chelinka helps to communicate with him and he joins them after they defeat the crystal-corrupted flower causing the trouble. The palace guard admits them, but when Alhanalem claims to be a retired adviser of the King (to Yuri and Chelinka's surprise), a female impostor claims to be Alhanalem. King Kolka does not recognize the true Alhanalem and seems disconnected.

They travel to the ruins of Rela Cyel to recover proof of Alhanalem's identity. There they find Meeth in a semi-delusional state from years of isolation, but Chelinka and Yuri bring her back to reality. Although Meeth had burned Alhanalem's staff to survive, they reunite happily and work together to escape the ruins. Defeating the Coelacanth causes the ruins to crumble, and as they flee through the gallery Chelinka trips and falls just as the ceiling shatters. Yuri uses his power to freeze time and save them from being crushed, but Chelinka is horrified that he tries to do it alone and can't join her power with his in time. They escape into Rela Cyel's power station with its inert crystal, where Yuri collapses, dying. Distraught and begging for him to be saved, Chelinka finally regains her voice.

The ghost appears again. Chelinka mistakes its intentions and tries to stop her from reaching Yuri, thinking that the ghost wants to take him with her, but realizes that she is not hostile. As Chelinka begs the ghost for help, her crystal shines and reactivates the power crystal to its normal state. The ghost vanishes, leaving behind her cloak, and Chelinka uses it to warm Yuri as the walls reactivate. The power left in the cloak works and Yuri recovers, to Chelinka's relief. She admonishes Yuri that they must always use their power together and reminds him of his promise not to leave her alone.

Meeth recognizes the ghost's cloak as belonging to Princess Tilika and breaks down crying when Yuri tells her about seeing the ghost when he and Chelinka were younger. Chelinka comforts her by saying that Tilika is watching over them and asks Meeth to tell them about her. Meeth says that Tilika was a crystal user like Chelinka, and that Aleria was herself the most gifted crystal user in Rebena Te Ra and an oracle as well. Alhanalem joins the conversation and reveals that he and Latov were in charge of Rela Cyel. During a heavy storm, a red light came from the crystal and the power chamber failed, causing the facility's destruction. When they speculate that the Lunites were involved, Meeth lets slip that Lady Aleria was a victim. Chelinka demands answers, and their guardians reluctantly reveal that Aleria did not die in childbirth but was captured by the temple just after they were born, giving herself up in exchange for the twins. It was the wish of Latov and Aleria to keep this secret so that Yuri and Chelinka would not grow up desiring revenge. With Gnash's help, they all return to the surface.

They return to the palace with Tilika's cloak as their proof; while the impostor continues stonewalling, the King is woken by the commotion anyway. He recognizes the cloak, Meeth, and Alhanalem, and comes to his senses. But when they go to his drawing room to talk, Cu Chaspel enters and stabs him, framing the party for the act. They are banished to Sinners' Isle. The party reaches the summit in their search for an escape, but the volcano erupts beneath them.

They wake up in an otherworldly place which Alhanalem speculates is the afterlife. They meet the Carbuncle and learn that Latov's soul has been corrupted by the Lich. After freeing Latov, they defeat the Lich, but Latov's soul is still deeply wounded and Chelinka and Yuri ask for a way to help him. In response, the Carbuncle sends them to Rela Cyel on the day of its destruction. Although he warns that the past and present cannot be changed, Chelinka says that they can find a way to change the future. They witness the fall of Rela Cyel, when Lady Tilika was captured by Lunites and sacrificed herself to stop them and save her friends. Disillusioned, griefstricken, and fearing the Temple, they, Meeth, and Alhanalem leave the Palace for the Villa. There, Latov and Aleria marry and Aleria gives birth to the twins, and Aleria predicts that "all the worlds will be theirs" as the Temple takes her away.

Back with Carbuncle, Chelinka and Yuri are deeply moved by the sacrifice of their parents and tell Latov how well they are in the present, thanking him for everything. Latov's soul awakens, thankful for being saved and for being their father before moving on. Carbuncle sends them to the Crystal Chamber beneath the Palace. Chelinka is not surprised to be there and seems strangely knowledgeable about it, but her manner is unsettling and she is confused when Yuri snaps her out of it. The chamber is directly under the Royal Palace.

The entire city has been put in an enchanted sleep by Alhanalem's impostor. The party goes to the King's chambers and finds her standing over the wounded king. Chelinka steps forward to confront the impostor, using her crystal power. Tilika's spirit joins her, and the Lich is driven out of the female Yuke she was possessing. Chelinka participates in the following battle from the sidelines by using spell fusion to cast "Rela Cyel." After the Lich's defeat, Tilika speaks to Kolka one last time, and he is restored to strength.

Kolka finishes his earlier conversation with the party. He and Alanalem explain that magic works by accessing the thousands of parallel universes and selecting the desired outcome. Starsingers like Aleria and Tilika are connected to the Great Crystal itself and are able to use its powers for phenomenal works of magic, which is why the Lunites especially desire their power. Kolka advises Chelinka to avoid using her powers as much as possible to avoid Tilika's fate.

The next day, Yuri, Chelinka, and the party join King Kolka's raid on the Crystal Temple. They defeat Cu Chaspel and make their way to the inner sanctum to confront Galdes. And Aleria's there. I still have to play through that bit.

The new world[]

Chelinka in the new world.

Near the end of the story when Yuri nearly dies, Chelinka uses the rest of her power to create a new world, a world where the red moon event never happened, thus allowed Yuri and herself to live in the world that has the happiness they have always wanted.

If the player plays multiplayer and finishes the story mode, they can talk to Chelinka and Yuri, who talk about Yuri's cooking. Al walks in and it is obvious that Gnash has visited by the fact that there is an arrow taro on his head. If the player goes over to where Chelinka is after getting her pendant, a flash of light will make the Yuri from the events of the game disappear - connecting multiplayer to the regular story mode.


Chelinka using her crystal to save Yuri.

Chelinka is a Starsinger, meaning that she is a natural master at using crystals. However, the power she inherited from her mother is split between herself and Yuri and they cannot use it without the other. Chelinka is the source of the twins' power, and Yuri is its focus. If Chelinka uses her power alone, it expends part of her soul and she loses the ability to speak. Her first solo use of power also results in catatonia. The second time, after defeating Galdes, she is able to care for Yuri but has gone mute.

Together, she and Yuri are able to move themselves (and their friends) into any alternate universe, as well as a space outside them. When they join their power to the different versions of themselves from these universes, they create a completely new one. The multiplication of their power even unwrites some of the fates on the Great Crystal, such as the one dictating that Tilika will always die.

This is demonstrated in the second battle with Lich, where Chelinka's spell only works if the player does a spell fusion with her. The resulting spell is called "Rela Cyel" and massively damages the Lich. Apart from this boss fight, Chelinka does not participate in combat at all and is not onscreen during dungeon sequences.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Chelinka PR TCG.png

Chelinka appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.