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  • All actions appearing helpful to the community should be regarded with skeptical appreciation.
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Und so verlassen die Götter Sie.

End Game
"I'm the optional boss you fear to meet."
Age Quit counting after 4 googol
Height In miles or kilometers?
Eye color Insanity Black
Hair color Do I look like I have hair?
Laterality Either. Both kill equally well.
Home The Crystal Forest
Weapon(s) Teeth, Claws, Breath, God-Magic and Vandalism
Class Dragon God
Special skill(s) Dragon's Breath, Soul Rend, Armageddon, Deleter
Normal Limit-Break "End Game!"
Ultimate Limit-Break "Page Blank!"

Spelling and Grammar Checking[]

If you would like for me to take a look at your article's spelling and grammar, then leave a message for me on my talk page. Otherwise, I will most probably randomly happen on it eventually, but I may only give it a quick once-over for spelling, as grammar involves much more reading.

Notice, that I have no love for BlueHighwind and his Q?ards, so if you are a part of his group, don't bother asking for aid.

~ End Game 21:28, 12 January 2008 (UTC)

See ya, Kiddies![]

I'm bailing on this place. It isn't fun without Hecko any more, and BlueHighwind has gotten to be a yawnful bore.

Needless to say, without me being here, checking your spelling and grammar is a bit impossible.

Try not to celebrate my parting too loudly (the neighbors might complain)!

~ End Game 00:12, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

BlueHighwind's Personal Farewell[]

Do try to watch that door, BlueHighwind -- it closes rather quickly! ~
V This user is a proud Vandal
This user is a Dragon God

Sock Puppets[]

I do not user sock puppets. Any name I use, will be obvious. End Game Mk2 and End Game Mk3 are examples. You will know it is me, and you will know if I am using a Mk# name, then it is because the previous names have been banned. Such accounts are not sock puppets.

If you question if the person is a sock puppet of mine, you can assure yourself, it is not. I have no need of such weak things.

~ End Game 22:53, 12 January 2008 (UTC)

Alternate Names[]

While I do not user sock puppets, when I am occasionally banned, I do come back as other (obvious) names. These names are:

End Game Mk2, End Game Mk3 and End Game MkIV

My first registered name: user:FF4EV4
IP's I've used: and

I have not been known by any other names or IP's on this wiki.

NOTE: As of 16:16, 1 March 2008 (UTC), the first three Mk# accounts (Mk2, Mk3 and MkIV) have been set for deletion.

~ End Game 00:12, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

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