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About Me[]

My name is Giancarlos. Also known as Emphinix. I am a fan of Final Fantasy since 1998 when I played Final Fantasy VII, which was my first game of the series. Then a year later I played FF8, which was cool, but nowhere as perfect as FF7. I make Flash Movies, edit videos, make game walkthroughs and so on.

My first Final Fantasy walkthrough on YouTube is Final Fantasy IV Advance. I have plenty more walkthroughs out of the FF series. Such as Mega Man X-X3, Mega Man 7, Skyblazer, Castlevania Dracula X, Super Castlevania IV, Star Fox and Super Metroid.

Favorite Final Fantasy Music[]

My top 10 FF music is this:

1. One Winged Angel

2. Kefka's Theme

3. Atma Weapon Battle Theme

4. Liberi Fatali

5. Otherworld

6. Aria De Mezzo Carattere

7. Theme of the Empire

8. Eyes on Me

9. Weapon Raid

10. J-E-N-O-V-A

Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough Clip[]

The very first walkthrough of Final Fantasy made by me. I was originally going to start with Final Fantasy I and II, but made my decision and chose Final Fantasy IV instead.


Final Fantasy V Walkthrough Clip[]

Final Fantasy V is my second walkthrough of the Final Fantasy series. Like it's predecessor, it garnered many positive reviews by fans of the game and my friends too.


Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough[]

This walkthrough was chosen after the vote poll of Final Fantasy VI and Fire Emblem Blazing Sword was on. Final Fantasy VI won and went first. After the first half of Final Fantasy VI, I started Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. Then a month later due to family visits and work problems I continued the walkthrough. I originally meant to end it in December, but due to the problems of work and family, I finally finished it at the beginning of February of 2010.


Favorite Final Fantasy Villains[]

1. Kefka

2. Sephiroth

3. Kuja

4. Vayne Solidor

5. Zeromus

6. Exdeath

7. Seymour

8. Chaos (Final Fantasy)

9. Cloud of Darkness

10. Ultimecia

Games, Movies, Etc[]

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Favorite Final Fantasy Males[]

1. Cloud Strife

2. Squall Leonhart

3. Zack Fair

4. Cecil Harvey

5. Sabin Rene Figaro

6. Shadow (Final Fantasy VI)

7. Zidane Tribal

8. Basch fon Ronsenburg

9. Bartz Klauser

10. Firion

Favorite Final Fantasy Females[]

1. Tifa Lockhart

2. Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca

3. Yuna

4. Paine

5. Garnet til Alexandros XVII

6. Rinoa Heartilly

7. Aerith Gainsborough

8. Celes Chere

9. Terra Branford

10. Maria (Final Fantasy II)

How I got into Final Fantasy[]

In July of 1998, I was spending a summer vacation with my cousins in New York. When I first laid eyes on Final Fantasy, I fell in love with the game series. My first FF game was Final Fantasy VII. Cloud Strife has to be one of my most favorite heroes of the series, and that game to me had the best storyline ever made. Then a year later when I was 13, I played Final Fantasy VIII and then IX. When I started playing emulators I played all the other games and really loved them, a lot.

The order of Final Fantasy games that I played goes like this:

1. Final Fantasy VII

2. Final Fantasy VIII

3. Final Fantasy IX

4. Final Fantasy IV

5. Final Fantasy VI

6. Final Fantasy X

7. Final Fantasy V

8. Final Fantasy I

9. Final Fantasy II

10. Final Fantasy III

11. Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy: An Epic History[]

A few months ago I made my very own documentary on Final Fantasy. I wrote it and dedicated it a lot of time and heart into it. I made it out of inspiration of the Complete History of Final Fantasy and the Final Fantasy Retrospective. So, I decided to make my own retrospective of Final Fantasy, and titled it "Final Fantasy: An Epic History". This not only talks about gameplay, concept and design, but also how the games came to be, as well as the rise and fall of the popular franchise in gaming history.

You can view it on YouTube.