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Warning, there is a lot of long reading. It might get boring. All the fun stuff is at the bottom, if you want to skip my opinions on the series

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I grew up with an older sister who loved the Final Fantasy series. As a child, I would watch her play games like Final Fantasy VI and watch the Final Fantasy: Unlimited anime and the Spirits Within movie. Naturally, I hardly had the attention span to sit and read all the text in the old games, so I didn't really get much out of them.

It was only until many years later that I actually picked up a copy of Final Fantasy VIII and played it through. And I really liked it. Sure, I know that there are plenty of fans who hate this particular game, but it was the first Final Fantasy I ever played, so I suppose I have a soft spot in my heart for it.

After that, I went on to play more games of the series, some which I liked and others which... well, I would have preferred not to play. I'll list them below, and what I thought of each.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

The first one I played. Not the most popular among the Final Fantasy community, but a hell of a lot better than a lot of video games out there. I know, Squall was a whiny bitch for the first two discs of the game, but hey, so was Cloud. And everyone seems to love him. What I don't understand is how people can't figure out the Junction system. If you'd pay attention to the tutorial they give at the start instead of complaining about it, maybe you'd have figured it out and realised it's not as dumbed down as Materia.

Anyway, about the game. Yeah, the story was alright. I didn't really see why they thought cramming Ultimecia in at the end was a good move, but hey, its happened before. Gameplay was great, 'nuff said. As for the characters... they weren't bad. But they lacked any proper development. The only character who showed any change in the whole game was Squall, but other than that... yeah, they could have elaborated on the characters.

As for the story, if you disregard the love story (which wasn't that bad, but they slightly overdid it) then you actually have a good war story. It's really a pretty good game when you get right down to it. Unfortunately, there are too many Final Fantasy VII fans who can't understand that it is a different game and that you can't compare them. Oh well, their loss.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

The second game in the series I played.... and I wish I hadn't. Where do I start? How about with Lightning. She was, plain and simple, a complete and utter bitch. She had no soul. No reason to like her. She didn't even make an effort to change. She had a terrible story, and her character showed no change whatsoever in the entire length of the game. How am I supposed to enjoy the game when I hate the main character?

Then there was the battle system. Not only was Auto-Battle crammed down your throat, giving you no real choice other than "Use it or spend so long sifting through the menu that the enemies kill you". Paradigms were annoying, especially having to change them repeatedly during battle just to heal yourself. If the main character died, game over folks (That one was a ballbreaker during the final boss).

As for the story... uninspired. The only two characters I actually cared about/didn't hate were Sazh and Vanille. That, and Galenth Dysley, because he was always fun to laugh at (Silly old bastard). Anyway, Sazh and Vanille were the only reason I played that game. Otherwise, the rest of the characters were uninspired and kind of boring, and the story was worse than pathetic. All they did was exactly what Barthandelus told them to, then at the end they decided to kill him. And then, although they had resolved not to kill Orphan because they didn't want to destroy Cocoon, seeing as that's what Dysley wanted them to do, they... well, they killed him anyway. Yeah. Dumbasses.

Final Fantasy II[]

To be honest, I don't have much to say about this one. I know I got my Username from it, but otherwise, it didn't really leave much of an impact on me. It wasn't bad... it just didn't have much of a story or anything. The only person who knew what they were doing was the Emperor. Like, literally, not even I knew what I was doing.

And then there were a few things I just did not understand, and never will. Like, why did Leon become a Dark Knight? How did the Emperor know that by going to hell he could kill Satan and become an all-powerful being? And what the hell was up with the Cyclone? Yeah... moving on.

Final Fantasy VII[]

I understand what the hype is about. This game is brilliant. Not as good as some people might make it out to be, not the greatest game ever made EVER, but it is a masterpiece. The characters were all likeable, the gameplay was well done, they had a good villain, and the story was amazing too. That's not to say it's all great, but it's pretty damn close to perfect. However, it seems that when something gets too popular, people who don't know what they're doing decide that they're going to milk some money out of it. Thus, the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII was born. I'll get to that abomination later.

The game certainly lives up to it's hype. They had a great main character, an even better villain, and an interesting plot. I will be honest, I do get annoyed at the way people over exaggerate how good it is, but that's hardly the game's fault. But not all is good in the game. There is one thing that I didn't like... Aerith. She was not as great as the game wants you to believe. Her death, although psychologically scarring to some, was hardly a loss to me. I did not like her. And as for all you Cloud x Aerith fans.... SHE'S DEAD. Unless Cloud is dead (or a necrophiliac), they will never be together. Besides, Cloud and Tifa were a much better couple. They actually had a relationship which was deeper than "You remind me of my boyfriend. Be my bodyguard." Just... no, Aerith. No.

And the final boss, although a blatant Kefka rip off, was pretty damn epic. Sure, I kicked his ass with KOTR, but hey, it was fun while it lasted. One thing I miss about the original Final Fantasy VII is Sephiroth's theme, Those Chosen by the Planet. These days, people tend to forget his awesome theme and think that One Winged Angel is his real theme. Oh well, thems the breaks.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Ah.... where do I start? Forget what I said about Final Fantasy VII. This game is, in my opinion, the greatest Final Fantasy ever created. Maybe even one of the best RPGs ever created. This game has no flaws. It has what is possibly the strongest villain in Final Fantasy history (the guy destroyed a damn planet with his bare hands), the best protagonist the series has known, some of the most beautiful pieces of music Nobuo Uematsu has graced the series with and the greatest, most beautiful and engaging story of the series. Okay, maybe I'm going a bit overboard here, but I love the game.

Every playable character is likeable (except maybe Amarant, but I got used to him after a while). Reverting back to the traditional battle system of using roles did limit party choices, but it made it a lot more interesting for setting up strategies. The game was amazing from start to end (especially the ending... I cried like a baby) and the scene with Kuja and Zidane inside the Iifa Tree was unique. What other Final Fantasy hero would go back to save the main antagonist? Zidane was truly one of a kind. And Garland was a great character too. It's really hard to say if he was a hero or a villain... the man was built to save his planet at any cost, even if it meant the lives of the heroes. Was he really a villain? It's hard to say.

The locations you visit, the world map, the people you encounter along the way... and that creepy airship that Garland pilots. Everything about it was so well thought out. Well, except for one thing. Yeah, I'm talking about Necron. Not too sure what Sqaure was thinking when they put him in... but he made for one hell of a final boss, I'll give him that much. Anyway, to make a long story short, if you haven't played this game yet go out and buy it RIGHT NOW.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Final Fantasy IV is, in my opinion, the best of the SNES era Final Fantasies. From the brilliant characters, the unqiue locations, story, breathtaking music and awesome final battle, there's just little that this game does wrong. The story is that Cecil Harvey, a dark Knight from the Kingdom of Baron, begins to doubt his unwavering loyalty to his King after being ordered to take the Water Crystal by force and kill the people of Mysidia. After disobeying the King, he is fired as the leader of the Red Wings (an elite military airforce) and the mysterious Golbez takes his place. The rest of the story is trying to stop Golbez from obtaining the remaining crystals and using them to unlock a dark and ancient power sealed in the core of the moon.

The characters all have their good points and their flaws. Cecil is the epitome of a hero. You honestly believe him when he sets out to become a better person. The love of his life, Rosa, is there for him no matter what. She helps Cecil through all his hardships throughout the game. The awesomely cool Kain Highwind, who is an antagonist for a fair amount of the game, is a tough-as-nails Dragoon and Cecil's old ally. Yang Fang Leiden is the master of the Monks of Fabul who gained my affection when he risked his life to stop the cannons of the Tower of Babil from destroying the Dwarven Kingdom. Then you have Edge, Prince of Eblan, and Summoner Rydia. Palom and Porom are two young twins skilled in the art of magic. These two are annoying for the most part, but you don't have to put up with them long. Edward is a cowardly Prince who is more or less useless in battle, but you have to feel sorry for him. Then there's Cid. He's pretty annoying, but again, he's hardly in the story so you don't have to bother.

But the best thing about it? The sinister villain, Golbez. I won't ruin it for you if you don't know, but he and Cecil have a lot more in common than they may think. You really have to play the game for it. All in all, this was probably Square's first masterpiece in terms of the Final Fantasy series. If you enjoyed Final Fantasy IX then go out and play this.

Final Fantasy X[]

This game pleasantly surprised me. I'd heard many a good thing about it, but I was afraid it was going to fall into the category of overhyped games. FFX perfected the turn-based battle system. There's no more awkward moments where you wait for your bar to fill, or when your enemy would get several turns in without you even doing anything. The characters were more or less well thought out, and had some of the coolest designs in the series. Lulu, Auron and Seymour were easily my favourite characters, and to a lesser extent, Jecht. This game had that real Final Fantasy feel... the music was amazing too, especially A Fleeting Dream, the Mount Gagazet theme and Tidus' Theme. I know Seymour gets a lot of flak as a villain. I will admit, when I first saw him the ridiculous hairdo and silly voice made it hard to take him seriously. But this guy was evil... I understand that Spira is in a seemingly endless cycle of death, but only a villain could think that by becoming that which causes the suffering he could end it. And come on, you have to admit that when the airship entered Sin and the massive vision of Seymour appeared, that was pretty cool.

I will admit that the final boss was sort of... unexpected. When you think of the forefather of the corrupt Yevonite religion, you don't expect him to be a giant blob. But despite what little character we're given, we still have a pretty cool antagonist - a fractured mind, endlessly dreaming up an existence where his world still lives. A tragic character who can no longer control himself or see the suffering he's causing to the Fayth and the people of Spira. This parasite hiding behind a suit of armour, clinging onto a reality that died long ago. Very few games can give a villain that little screen time or personality and still make a great character out of it. This game is, in my opinion, the last true Final Fantasy and a great send off to the SquareSoft era. I would recommend this to any Final Fantasy fan, new or old.


The main series is, for the most part, great. But then there are the money-milking spin-offs. Some are good. Others? Well... let's just say you're better off not wasting your time on them

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within[]

It's been a long, long time since I saw this movie. But from what I remember of it, I don't really have any motivation to go back and watch it again. I'm not too sure what they were going for when they made this film, but it's hardly Final Fantasy. It's more akin to, say... a cheap Science Fiction film. But, hey, if you're into special effects, the CG is impressive considering when it was made.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited[]

I watched this as a child with my older sister. From what I remember (which is the main plot) it wasn't all that bad. It had chocobos, it had an alright story, some cool characters and it wasn't too serious. That's not to say that if I were to watch it again, I'd like it. Hell, I was a kid when I saw it so if I liked it then I'd probably be bored of it now. Who's to say?

Chocobo Racing[]

This was freakin' awesome. Seriously, I still think this game is great. Who doesn't want to race around Final Fantasy levels as a cute little Chocobo while 8-bit classic Final Fantasy music plays in the background? I wish they'd put this on the PSN or something, it's just too good.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Dissidia... who would have thought a game where you put a bunch of Final Fantasy characters into a small arena and make them brawl would be so fun? Well, I thought it was fun. Especially getting new costumes, seeing old characters in 3D graphics, and laughing at Exdeath every time he attempted to be serious. Yeah, it was good, if not slightly limited in terms of characters. And the best thing about it is that it gave the old games some exposure.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Basically what I said about Dissidia, but now with Kain Highwind. You know you've got a winning formula right there. Well, except for the unbelievably long boss battle with Feral Chaos which caused me to sit back with Golbez, spamming Genesis Rock while listening to Billy Joel on my iPod. Well, it took long enough but I kicked his sorry ass.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

This was alright. Kind of fun to play, the DMW interrupted battles a bit too frequently for my liking but otherwise it was enjoyable. Genesis was an alright villain, but he could have at least bought his own pair of clothes. Talk about idol worship. I do think that they should have kept him out of the main story, as the whole Nibelheim Incident was a lot better without him. But eh, not much I can do about it.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children[]

Oh god... at least Final Fantasy XIII had Sazh and Vanille. This has nothing about it I even remotely enjoyed. I don't know what possessed me to sit through this movie, but it was not worth it. They reverted Cloud back to his bitchy emo self, despite the fact that the original game rectified that. They brought back Sephiroth despite the fact that he was DEAD in the original (memories coming to life? That's the best you can come up with??) Eh, it's not even worth my time typing about it. I also saw Last Order, but I'll be damned if I can remember much of it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals[]

I can't say I've ever finished Final Fantasy V (made it as far as the Wind Crystal being destroyed), but I rather enjoyed this anime sequel. Much like the game it was based off, LotC doesn't take itself seriously and often gets it right. The characters were great; Prettz is one of the most genuinely likeable heroes, and Rouge has some of the most hilarious lines ("If we lived on the bottom, don't you think we would have fallen off by now!?"). Overall, pleasantly surprised, gives me motivation to finish FFV, and worth a look. A few issues were that Linaly seriously needs to put on a pair of pants or something, and the attempts at correcting V's translation errors are poorly done (Exdeath is not Exodes, it's Exodus... thought that was fairly obvious -__-)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Friend of mine got this and let me borrow it. Luckily the game is extremely short and I finished it within a few days. I loved it! The game is really only for people who are fans of Uematsu's music (which, logically speaking, is every Final Fantasy fan), considering it doesn't have much in terms of story. Graphics were utterly adorable, gameplay was fun, musical arrangements sounded fantastic, and travelling around locations like Mt. Gulg, the Northern Crater or Zanarkand while battling classic bosses such as Jenova Synthesis and Safer-Sephiroth, Xande, Ozma, or the Elemental Archfiends was really enjoyable. I'd recommend it to veteran fans of the series, considering the nostalgia is the most enjoyable part about it.

That's basically my views on the series and it's spin offs. I'm sure theres stuff I've forgotten to mention in there, but it's hardly important. Now, my hand is cramping so I'm just going to stick some userboxes and pictures in here...


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