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"It's not that i don't pay attention,i just lack the drive to care."[]


A.K.A. Elxia Weapon gunblade,masamune,keyblade Birthplace Kansas(yeah i know,sucks) Date of Birth 1995,feb 20th Age 14 Height 5'6(i think) Blood type don't know (dont really care either) Limit Break: shattered hearts


Im highly sarcastic,competitive to a fault,childish,slightly arrogant,cold if i dont like you,friendly,uncaring,heartlessand hell of a lot of fun to be around.(unless your a prep, if so get off my page.NOW.)

random thanks[]

"Got it Memorized?" -Axel kingdom hearts 2

I gota to thank my parents because with out them i won't be born.

Also, i thank sqaure-enix for making kingdom hearts 2(press triangle to win!) And finally,Drake ClawFang and BlueHighwind for the ff7 walkthroughs, without them i would have passed up many good treasures and shit and would wasted all my gil at Gold saucer(thank you boys!)

My Loves and Hates[]


FF7,KIngdom Hearts,Crash Banicoot,Sonic 1-3,Shadow the Hedgehog(cause i can shoot things),Tomb raider,Guilty Gear,Assassin's Creed,Halo 2(and only 2),SSMB:melee,soul cailbur 4 (tira all the way!),all lengend of zeldas unless there on the ds,Rockband,Gutiar Hero 3,Monster Hunter Freedom unite(why i didn't return my psp),advance wars GBA verison.many others i cant remember.

HATES(games) -its take alot for me to hate a game,i usually can find one good thing about it and that includes Mario party!Keep that in mind cause the ones im about to listed games are broken to ponit where the creators should be shot a point blank range and sent to hell to play there god awfull games for all eternity.-

final fantasy X-2,any game having to with Barbie,any game dealing with a movie,cooking mama,Advance wars DS verison,Band Hero,Any sonic games where there are more than sonic,tails,and knuckles,any sonic game made after the 1990s,any direct sequel to a final fantasy game(like x-2) excuding criss core,Bakagun or whatever its called(bad rip off YUGI-Oh and pokemon),Any non card verison of Yugi-Oh,Any pokemon after silver,Yugi-oh 5d's (having a card duel while driving?thats the best you could come up with?)FF8 minus squall ( thank you The Spoony One you save me ten bucks and 3 hours of waiting for the playstation network to load it on my memory stick)um.... i cant think of any more at the moment. LOVES(other stuff) Death Note,Code Geass,Inuyasha(end the mother fucking series. gosh! the manga ended a fucking year ago!),spicy food,Yugi-oh the orignal,The nightmare before cristmas,hottopic(the only place that sell KH2 gear!),Books,Eragon(come out with the damn 4th book all ready dude!You don't work for fucking blizzard alright!),Princess Diaries (books and don't ask why either cause i dont even know)Naruto,Sephiroth(bite me),Advent children,Anastasia,Aladdin,Hercules,Batman.Rock.

HATES(other stuff) the ending to ff x-2,any disney movie (excluding leo and stitch)after 2000.preps,Carmel popcorn,spiders(real ones only),techno(excluding freeze pop)any kind.Rap.Pop.Sissy ass bull shit that calls its self rock( best ex.Scars Papa Roach).The psp Go (really sony?Do you actually think ill buy it after you took out the umd's and then on top of that you cant even play games that came out before.Really?")

other pages[]

The only other page i have at the moment is my fanfic on [] where i write a lovely little Vincent Valentine Fic called (in complete irony and laziness) Valentine.

I have a youtube account but no videos at the moment so when i acutally put stuff on it ill listed it.

my christmas and my parents inability to pick an RPG[]

First off im not picking on my parents, they tried ,they really did, but this was to funny to leave off my wiki. - earlier today- Mom: You know...if you don't like the game you can return it tomorrow. i don't really care Dad:It was the only "rpg" I saw (note that they went to gamestop) Me:(shocked that they figure it out so quickly)W-what are you talking about i love naruto shippuden! Mom:(roll eyes):your lying. Me:(busted out cold)Its not that i don't like it just... don't want it Mom:I knew it when i saw your face. Me:(is it that noctible?) Oh...Ok .(changing the subject) You know if you would got tekken we both could play dad,that is if you got psp (laugh)which probaly- Dad: Won't Happen,I stick with games where A is A and B is B thank you Me:(sweat-drop)of course dad.(this is why just asked for gift cards)

Yeah its funnier in person however let the record show my dad only plays computer games and sonic and my mom only plays Mrs.Pacman. So i really don't expect them to pick a good rpg for me.(im just glad was a movie racing game like last time)



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