aka Addison Noble

  • I live in Jacksonville
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Agender
Addison Noble
FF8 Cerberus
A.K.A Addy
HP 7,850
Race L'Cie
Hometown Deling City, Galbadia
Primary Roles Commando, Ravager, Synergist
Age 17
Height 188cm
Birthday 21/02/1997
Weapons Gunblades, Crossbows
Ultimate Weapon Pistole Tribus/Aestus
Eidolon Cerberus
GFs Shiva, Alexander, Doomtrain
Exclusive Skill Stardust Arc
Final Fantasy Wiki Character

About MeEdit

Hi! My name is Addison Noble, or ElSpaceHeart. I'm a seventeen year old northeast Floridian. I live in the largest city in the contiguous forty-eight states, Jacksonville, which is surprisingly boring considering it's size. I'm interested in studying zoology and programming, though my interest does not necessarily equate to any real knowledge. I'm quite the procrastinator.

If I had to take any label, it'd probably be some sort of nerd or hipster. I play too many video games, a good chunk of them being RPGs, I watch Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, and various anime, and my favourite bands are Death Cab for Cutie, Stars, and Oasis. I read a little, though I can't really say it's too much of a hobby. My favourite book would be The Count of Monte Cristo.

Sigh. Final Fantasy is really close to my heart, FFVIII was literally the first game I played when I was four. I never really understood the story until a few years later, but by the time I was six, my uncle was actually asking me for help. Funny, considering how I remember playing it when I was four, mindlessly hacking away at a T-Rexaur, thinking the amount of damage dealt was how much health it had left. I played and finished VII, IX, and X afterwards and all before I was ten, so you can see why I hold them so dear.

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