Hi everyone! You can call me Cla.

I will mostly work on Final Fantasy Type-0 pages here. Outside of Wikia, I have a translation project for both of the Type-0 novels underway (though the progress moves at a glaaaacial pace, because work is robbing me of all my waking hours, uh...I'm sorry).

I speak a few languages but English is not my first language so if you spot any mistakes please feel free to let me know.

And if you must know, my favourite Final Fantasy character is Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 (which I'm obsessed with, if you haven't realised it by now). I also love my spunky girl Sice, Class Zero's onee-chan Seven, the ultra-gorgeous Farron sisters, cheeky Lumina and sometimes-a-pain-in-the-y'know-what-but-most-of-the-times-absolutely-delightful Hope because I (evidently) looove pretty things.

PS: I'm always up for a chat, so long as you don't mind the digression and ditziness and everything else in between :D

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